A few matrix theories....

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#1. The Neo-Smith Relationship. I think this will be revealed to a much greater extent about 'the connection' that is talked about by Agent Smith. Smith seems to believe that if he takes over neo or kills neo, he will become completly free, but its quite the opposite, in the first movie, neo 'inftected' smith, allowing him to go free of the matrix controls and use the full extent of the agent's powers (i.e. taking over people) except with no limitations (i.e only being alive one instance at a time). To put this in java programming terms, Smith is a super class and is able to extend himself onto other classes (people, programs, whatever). Smith will begin to take over several powerful control programs (i.e. the oracle for sure, maybe the architecht as well). However, once Neo is defeated, all the smiths will suddenly drop dead. Control of the matrix will be over, and people will be able to choose freedom over bondage. The Catch? Very few will choose freedom.

#2. The Train- If you look at the train in the matrix, i belive its something like the construct that the human's use. I.e. a way to insert programs if different parts of the matrix. However, i think the train operates under the control of the machines rather than the backdoors, which seem to be a passage way for renegade programs, the train is probably a lightning fast way to transport programs where the machines want them, i.e a place 'between this world and the machine world' The person that neo is fighting is probably the 'train bouncer' a program that only allows authorized programs to enter and exit the train. I think the train will probably play an important role

#3. The Oracle- If you played 'enter the matrix' and got the scene with the new oracle, you may remember that she said something of her old body dying and having to sacrifice it so an important child could be born. I believe the child is the daughter of the bearded guy (seen at the mirovingian's place walking away from the table) and will guide neo through what the train is for and how he can use it.

#4. Neo being able to stop the machines. I think this goes back to the Smith and Neo connection. Note that Bane is the only survivor. How did the machines know not to kill him? My guess is that Smith has infected the architecht and has some reign of control over the machines and sentinals now. And since smith controls the machines....well, Neo can control the machines.

#5. The Blindfold. This is a pure guess. However, i'm willing to bet with his inherent connetion with smith he can 'see' and 'feel' the machines. However, and like i said, this is a guess, i think if he physically 'sees' the machines and then 'feels' the machines at the same time, its sensory overload and sends him into, well, a coma.

how about the train is a packet....and it travels from one address to the next, picking up people and info and transferring it.

sounds interesting

The Omega

The matrix operates in wireless mode...i.e. broadcast depth...so it is conceivable that the machines have modified Neo or he has aquired the ability to broadcast at a level like the machines, thus being able to communicate with them...Neo has become one with the machine's matrix, if you assume that the machines work on a singular or grouped conscience thing...

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