black riders, on horses or dragons?

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I think (for some reason) that the nazgul are far more scarier when they are on horses than dragons, what do you think?

YES!! they are freaky on horses!!! they are VERY scary on horses...the thought of having those coming after you on horses gives a eery feeling

I agree. I think it's because horses are real and make the terror feel more real, while dragon's are not and remind that it's just a fantasy.

exactly! *shivers at the thought of a wraith coming after me on a horse*

hehe "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? those wraiths are still out there!!!"-sam

yup i agree, and the sound of hoofs coming towards you, the horses breath wile they run, and there roar (thats whats its called) messed RUN

thats scary for me because the horses are like dead and bleeding and they have pins and nails in their hooves which is so sad and there is like blood dripping from them sad thats sad

i agree that they are much scarier on horses, but i beleive that it is because on horses we can equate them to something real. we all know what a horse sounds and looks like, plus we can imagine being run down by one (remember Ichabod Crane). as for dragons, they are imaginary so there isnt that elimant of realism.

i dunno in the book the dragons creeped me out more...dont ask why...but in the movie definetly the horses....ewww they gave me the chills

It made the Arwen chase exciting though... and when Arwen so memorably said "If you want him, then come and claim him". Cool!

Yes I agree with you... far scarier (and far better) on horses.

When they fly, they're kinda far away, far too far... but I think that'll change on Pelennor.

Yeap they aren't so scarier in air because they are so far...But if they were flying on horses i think i would prefer to fight a flying nazgul on horse than a flying nazgul on "dragon".

Just a doubt???? Are you all sure that they are flying on dragons? But what kin of dragons? The last dragon on middle-earth was smaug killed by Bard in Bilbo's quest years ago (Hobbit).

I call the flyers "nazgul" and the fallen human kings who fly on nazguls or walk in middle-earth by horse I call ring specters.

It is a doubt I always had. I remember read that Nazguls and ring specters are not the same. The first ones are the flyers who are mounted by the ring specters.

Can you explain me that?

They are no dragons, but because it's shorter they're called so... they are like a kind of dinosaurs (forgot the name...)... Tolkien just called them "flying beasts" or something like that.

Ring specters? Cant remember that name...
I just think that there are the Nazgul (or Ringwraiths), and if they don't want to walk, they ride on horses or, later, on this Fell Beasts.

What do you think Nazgul are?

There were most probably only two (great) dragons who survived the War of Wrath - Scatha and Smaug.
Sauron breeded the flying things, I think - but maybe he used smaller dragons.

well tolkien called them fell beasts, but other then that i have no clue what they are.

i think their kool on both but maybe slightly scary on horses

I don't know what kind of monsters they are but they are not dragons for sure. Maybe "small dragons" as Exa says

I think there is a little confusion about nazguls and the Ringwraiths in Tolkien books.

oooo i loved the whole ringwraiths and arwen chase, that was exciting!!! And then strongly saying "if you want him, come and claim him!" Arwen rocks in my book! hahaha

I would be scared outta my wits if there was a ringwraith coming after me on a horse...the horses looked scary and it just made the ringwraiths scarier, and plus the screaming sounds they make are even more scarier!!!

I think they're scarrier on Fell Beasts than on horses. If you doubt it then wait 'till we all watch ROTK. By the looks on the trailer, they're gonna scare the wits outta ya.

how scary for arwen she had all nine of them chasing after her, and their screams are so creepy, I totally agree with exa because they are closer on horses than the flying things.

Oh yes they're really creepy at the beginning of the trailer over Minas Tirith... I loved that scene...
But I didnt like them so much in TT - except for the ones in the very end flyin somewhere on the sky.
The rest were a bit strange and surreal... didnt like that so much.

They are indeed called Fell Beasts and there are only 9 of them in Middle Earth. They were created for one purpose smile

According to Tolkien's descriptions, they somehow ressembled to pterodactyl;
Really, only 9? Cool 8) I always thought there were more.

yes only nine, hence the reason arwen says "there are five wraiths behind you, where the other four are I do not know", and why Saruman says, "the nine" lol

Nah I dont mean the Nazgul (of course they're nine lol) but I mean the Fell Beasts.
I thought there'd be more.

oh I see, yeah I dodn't really think about them, maybe there are more but the nine with he wraiths are just nine evil ones?

... these creatures are very old and Sauron had the idea to use them for the Ringwraiths.

Also an interesting idea *confused*

hey hey, do u like my new avater, it totally goes with the name aniron,

anyway back to the subjest, lets just agree to disagree over something we have neither agreed or disagreed about lol

good idea smile that couldntve been said better big grin

So, no one seems to know where they come from, right?

I like the story of the black horses... stolen from Rohan...

cool that sounds spooky/hitorical what is it?


OH NO, the mighty aniron will save all animals in middle-earth

(sorry I love animals)

poor horses, but whats wrong with black horses, I guess Sauron decided that he needed style lol but why are white horses always good, u never see skewball or grey, just brown and white *sigh*

Yes me too smile *hugs cat**rescues all the poor wargs and wolves*

Yes style that's it big grin big grin

White horses are always good cuz horses are generally always good smile

Thats sad about the film cuz they really just had brown and some white horses...
In the book, a lot of them are grey (like Arwens I think... or was it Galadriel's?).
I think it's stupid that Hasufel was brown cuz the name means "greycoat" or something like that...
*also sigh*

Poor horse sad

lol yeah bring the grey horses (my auntie has horses talk about lucky, i used to try and save my money for one wen i was younger but failed)

I LOVE CATS I wish my cat was still alive *sniff* he died when he was 1 (poor spike)

RIP spike...

Me too big grin

I love that saddlethings of the horses (sorry dunno what its called) looks amazing

If I had a 'fell beast,' I'd trade it for the horse any day.

But the fell beasts are far more useful for the Wraiths as they can fly... and Nazgul absolutely fear water, so that's quite practical big grin

Horses are better for working secretly - everybody feels if a fell beast flies over him.

well said... i'm going for your reason


*also agrees*

@nazgul hello smile if you want more greetings, start a thread in the welcome-forums smile

why are the wraiths scared of water?

Water is the realm of Ulmo, one of the few Ainur who really seem to care about Middle-earth...
And in the water, there are (it is said) still sounds of the Song of the Ainur, and elves love listening to it... hm, water is always connected to Good, being innocent and things like that.

thank you for that (non sarcasm btw) i didn't know that and people always ask me... now i'll be able to sound like the tolkien geek that i am

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the horses were pretty cool, but i like the dragon's more. look cool and the way they fly! plus, the nazgul can see more of the land.

good point. I wonder how good the fell beasts eye sight is?

even if they can see alot more from the sky, hobbits on the ground can see them easier in the skay than blending in to trees and stuff.

I think they cant see that well, like their masters; but I'm not sure.

after they were taken away by the water outside rivendell (by the greatest person -arwen-) what did they do? did they get out all soaking wet shaking their hands and saying "oh man I'm soaked, well, its a long walk to mordor" or were they magically sent back for the fell beasts?

think about it

I think it's somehow like that thing Sauron mentioned... they "rests" fly into the endless dark of Saurons shadows, where they kinda rebuild a bit of their strength - perhaps a bit like Tolkien described the death of Saruman: an evil breath flows away, not really existing, but there... I dont think they have to walk to Mordor lol big grin
interesting question.


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