Best ways to piss fast food workers off!!

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Haven't you ever had the urge to loose control when ordering that burrito or burger and drink combo?

1. Ask for last months specials.

2. Place your order in three different languages if you don't know any, make them up.

3. When they repeat your order totally change it. Repeat as desired.

4. Order a whopper from McDonalds, when they say they don't have whoppers insist that they do. If they still argue demand to see a manager then when you talk to them order a normal meal and say i don't know what's up with kids these days.

5. Go to any burger joint and order Chinese.

6. When ordering in the drive through, ask if its happy hour on draft beer.

7. In summer turn stereo up full volume to Christmas music while ordering in drive through.

8. Drive in the drive through, park, then go inside and order.

9. Go through the drive through in reverse, again.

10. Wait for the busiest time of day, after paying get out of car, get jack out of trunk and proceed to rotate tires.

11. Check oil in drive through, possibly touch up the windscreen with some glass cleaner.

12. Walk up to drive through window with hands in the air like your holding onto a steering wheel.

13. Go through drive through and ask for directions to the place you're at.

14. Go through drive through naked, excluding the rabbit slippers of course!

15. Go inside and ask in a load voice if they got rid of the Ebola problems they've been having

16. Argue with your passenger (that's not there) and continue until you pay.

17. When they ask if that will be all tell them to hold on, your dog won't make up his mind.

18. After eating half your meal return it and say you got the wrong thing and ask for a refund.

19. As you're pulling away and they say "Have a nice day!" (with that retarded smile) put the car in reverse and ask them what the hell that's supposed to mean.

20. Order something from one fast food place then go to another drive through when they give you your food take one bite and say "No thank you
this tastes better (pointing to bag from other place), may i have my money back."

21. Play name that tune with person taking the order.

22. Pretend your deaf and order in sign language.

23. Go through Taco Bell order the 7 layer burrito. When they repeat your order ask if each layer of the burrito is sold separately.

24. When they ask how you are today proceed by telling them about your diarrhea problems, most likely due to the burger you bought from them yesterday and the day before that.

25. Go through a drive through after they tell you to pull to the window drive past it and go inside to get your order.

go through the drive thru and ask for one of everthang and then when they reapeat yo orda go "you actually thought i was serious?? were you calling me fat?? well humph i can just go to the burga joint down da street and maybe they wont call me fat!!!!!!!!!"

I love this

i do too laughing out loud
i work at a restaurant and people actually ask me can i have a hamburger with cheese huh its like hello can u say cheesburger stick out tongue

yea ask for a cheeseburger but say"oh could you please hold the chees"

or go wats the topping of the fudge sundae mad grrr that pisses me offstick out tongue

so silva-wat r da toppins on the fudge sundae???????

watever the people in the back feel like adding whistle

onion rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ketchup can ketchup pass as strawberry toppin???

maybe shifty

I bet I'll get yelled at, for reviving this topic...But...

You: 'I want a double chesse burger, without the double!'
Person taking your order: 'So, you want a cheese burger?'
You: 'No! I want a double chesse burger, without the double!'

there has been alot of thread bumping latly...this is thread ace! wink

Take a crap in the middle of the fast food place, point to the crap and say " this is what your food tastes like " confused

or crap in the wrapper and return it


lil bitchiness
laughing out loud nice.

laughing out loud actually if you return a crap sandwich...I think you better run away.

Me and a few friends have actually done this kida stuff. Me and my friend do the most kick ass Arnie impersonation, so we went through the drive through and ordered stuff in Arnie voice, the attendan has tears from laughter. Then we went through a McD's drivethrough and ordered 3 buckets of raw chicken and a cow head, I think we scared the attendant cuz she didnt answer for like a minute.

Horrible monsters! nono

Working fast food is hard and unappreciative enough!
The last thing those people need is you fiends giving them the breeze! schmoll

I hope you all have fun practicing those and getting a big glob of mucas in your meals.

I try to be as kind as possible to the people working in the fast food service.

laughing out loud arnies voice laughing out loud oh boy

Silver Stardust
Walking through the drivethru's always fun, it doesn't piss the people off but it sure confuses them...

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