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Cemetry Slut
Has any1 seen 1 b4? i dunno if i believe in em cuz i havn't seen 1 b4 so i'm wondering if u guys has seen 1 b4

my bro has one in his house I think eek!

I haven't seen one (i don't think) but i certainley believe in them im fascinated by them (hence my name elemental entity),i live in a town full of paranormal history hence my intrest.

Rogue Jedi
i believe in spirits, not ghosts.

Tied Hiker
I saw my gradfather sitting in a rocking chair one time when I stayed at my deceased grandparents house for a family reunion. It was scary at first, but then I realized that he just wanted to be with us, so I sort of nodded to him and then went to bed.

Rogue Jedi

Cemetry Slut
i think my gran has a ghost in her house i won't sleep there

Rogue Jedi
whats it gonna do to you?

it will consume you and then you will go to hell and be tortured for all eternity smokin' I dunno laughing out loud

Rogue Jedi
whatever....i aint afraid of no ghosts.

I believe in ghosts, and i hope to encounter one someday, i think they are fascinating phemomenon.

Tied Hiker
I do believe that I believe in ghosts, but I also believe that I did. Encounter a ghost that is. I think the ghost I encountered was related to my old family.

Cemetry Slut
well if i'm asleep it might touch my leg or something and watch me.

My gran woz asleep 1night and she said that there woz a bloke that stood outside her door and that he walked over to her and smiled and that he touched her leg and sat down looking at her. She tried shouting my grandad but she culdn't shout him properly cuz of her words wuldn't come out properly and my grandad went up 2 her and the bloke(ghost) went and my gran told my grandad and he went to bed. Thats all i know from wot my gran told me. eek! i dunno though

One of our houses is renound for it's hallway, seeing as everyone seems to get the feeling, someone is watching them from the end of the hallway.

I've had some freaky ghost encounters, but I've never actually seen one.

Tied Hiker
Ghosts are no joke.

Cemetry Slut
well my dad woke up 1 night and thought that he saw my older brother go downstaires and when they were both up my dad asked my bro if he went downstaires in the middle of the night and my older brother said no i woz in bed. So i dunno really and my mum sais she saw our living room door open on it's own while i woz upstaires my other bro,n my older bro at work, my parents the cat downstaires she said she saw it actually swung open. And our cat looked up and ran off.,

Animales can be Ghost detectors,

Cats will hiss at the Ghost,
Dogs will wimper and try to get out of the room
Snakes will Coil up but act defencive towards the ghost
And rats and mice don't do anything.

Sometimes there are still ghost in the Trenches in France. They still fight, after they are dead. Sad.

Also I herd this crazy story about a badger that could talk, and he was the rencarnation of some other person. That was cool.

One of my friends has a ghost in her house, i didn't believe her at first, i was round there watching tv and got a shiver, you know tingling spine. She didn't even look at me and just said 'don't worry he only walked past you' Quite freaky, it happened a few times, she seems to sense them all over the place. She's got 5 Yr old twin boys and never mentioned the ghost guy to them, then one days she says 'right time to go shopping' her little boy turns round and says 'mummy, is the man coming too?' Freaky!!! Guess kids are more susceptible to sensing them to. She's moving house soon and is actually upset about leaving the ghost guy there! sad

i saw my one of my dogs after it died on the end of my bed

and my aunt has an old lady ghost that turns off the tv when she doesn't want to hear it anymore

well i encounter it few time before... and to be honest it's really freak you out...
cheers mate!!

I've seen one yes. It was durning the day.

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