coolest car u have ever been in

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lets see i have been in a ferrir 550 maronella, thats my best car i have ever bene in what bout u gusy and how fast have u ever gone in a car driving it i have gone 95 mph and that was with a permit big grin and ym mother eek!

i've always wanted one o those real expensive cars

well it aint a VOLVO thats for sure

narcil 3000GT (aka dodge stealth)

been 95mph on the back of a bike with my dad.Honda Fireblade.That was decent.

F1 car, a *shivers* ferrari of 1995 or so which belonged to Gerhard Berger smile

lambergini diablo

dodge viper.......aston martin.........and a ferrarri enzo big grin

I've been on a Porsche boxter, a Bentley, a Rolls Royce and a Hummer.

i OWN a 2004 monte carlo ls. it is black wit flames and f uckin awesome

Speed is good, speed is wise.

a modifeied Celica and a modified Honda Prelude.

oo yeah my buddy owned a hummer for a lil bit it was worth 177,000 $ that was a cool car also been in a porshe and silver tears wow u rock a enzo ferrir that is a 6 15,000$ car not to mention can go up to 215 miles per hour with 600 horses in it eek! fast but ne way pretty nice cars we r talking about and treehugginjane u r nuts girl wow that is cray doing that

I test drove one of these and it was one bad MF er!!

I had a Toyota celica and is was pretty tight,couldnt afford it in the city and had to trade it in,now I am driving a 2001 concord pretty much like night and day with the car selection huh?

The coolest car I've ever been in is a 1985 Vet big grin might not be to coll to you, but it's cool for me.... big grin

badkittykitty thats sounds pretty damned cool to me wink

Rogue Jedi
'77 corvette, black with t tops.

you need to check out my concord wink

*say quietly and quickly*190mph in a ferrari 575 and 206mph in a SL55 AMG. and oh course my srt-4.Lets have an SRT party.

SRT-4 party video

oh and how could i forget my friends car

Tied Hiker
Had to be at burning man. I took a ride out into the desert on a double decker outdoor boatlike desert bus. It was amazing.

heres the picture here

i rode in a bins before, not much else.

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