If Tired Hiker ruled the world

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everyone would take classes in school to become a funny smart ass.
everyone will be having witty things to say even in the sleepeek!
most of the population will spend most of its time on the computer making many countless people around the world laugh.
every one would have three personalitys such as a grey personality a white personality and a tied personality,

IF tired hiker ruled the world this place would be a giant ORGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laughing out loud and only fine chicks like linds and boonie and silver tears hehehehe

if tired hiker ruled the world would totally rock rock

if he ruled the world it would be dazed and confused

yeah,but still really cool!lolxnow if i ruled it would be a very weird place to be

Tied Hiker
I do rule the world, it's just most people don't realize it yet. roll eyes (sarcastic)

laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud

The world would be a scary place.

i would leave this world stick out tongue

i would be the next world rulers due to inheritance! eek!

A lot of stuff would be on fire.

*In a "my mind is being controlled by Tired Hiker" zomby kinda voice* If Tired Hiker ruled the world, we would all be better off..........*snaps out of it* RUN!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! HE DOES HIDEOUS THINGS TO ME!!! HE MAKES ME LISTEN TO GOSPEL MUSIC!!!! RUN!

go dad!

...the world would end quickly and loudly

fiery petrol would rain from the sky. cars would explode when driven slower than the speed limit. looting would be complusory... not just normal.

Canadian Moose
If someone named Tired Hiker ruled the world, I would have to think then that a moose could be a sex god.

If Tired Hiker ruled the world, he'd probably slaughter all children that didn't have more than 1 thumb per hand.

We all know his world domination plot to rule the world by being the only person with fingers instead of all thumbs.


Canadian Moose
Anyways, just who the F**k is Tired Hiker?

he's a member on this site. One that hasn't been around for a mere month.

You should scroll up...he posted in this thread.

that is actually a hard question to even begin answering. tired hiker is... errr... some guy. called preston. and hes mad. and has bad taste. and seems to wear dresses.

my daddy!

Canadian Moose
Hmmm..I see. Thanks. And now there is talk of Tired Hiker world domination...

What a world we live in.

Canadian Moose
Your Daddy... confused


Canadian Moose
How...bizarre. Is that in a ''familial way" or as in,

(tiredHiker) You, Korri, who's your daddy

(Korri) You are!

Mr Zero
"if...." ?

eek! oh ya!!

Tired Hiker
I leave my world to Korri, my daughter, when I pass on to the yonder world! big grin

The bIg lebouwski(Sp? Sry TH if I disgraced teh sacred name) would be shown on ever channel all the time.

Tired Hiker
OMG, I finally bought The Big Lebowski since I no longer live with my housemate who owned it. big grin

I think I will go find that thread about The Big Lebowski that used to be in The Pad! eek!


I haven't seen that movie though......................

Is appropriate for parental consuption or will I have to see it independantly??

Tired Hiker
There are more 'F-bombs' in Big Lebowski than any other movie I can think of, so you might want to watch it independantly. My buddies and I played a drinking game one time where we had to drink every time they said the F-word, and it was way too hard, so we changed it to every time they say Lebowski, and it was still way too hard. We got smashed. laughing out loud

I thought he already did rule the world... confused

if he did we'd be fuked laughing out loud

Tired Hiker
No, we'd all be getting laid right now! big grin

i like him!! all hail TH notworthy

why is there so many threads about him

Tired Hiker
Because I'm an attention whore and people keep feeding the demon. smile

you already think a moose is a sex god!!!!

Agent Elrond
If TH ruled the world, it would rock, but would have uttter chaos

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