school rules

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what r some of ur school rules that only ur school has here r some dumb ones that mine has every student has to have a ID. card on above the waste with there picture on it and shit then if u dont have it u get a detetion then =the guys cant wear errings for some gay ass reason cause it is gang affilated and our school is in a subburb that is decently rich but the other kids come from other towns that r bad. also no cell phones or head phones/cd players what about u guys got ne dumb ass rules like these

ooo and school sucks the thread is about school having rules not school rules cause it is far from ruling ne thing except bordum

were not allowed to take our jumpers off!HOW CRAP IS THAT?

we have uniforms,(skirt and polo shirt) and the skirts are not allowed to be more than 2 inches above the knee.

what is a jumper?????

i think its a skirt w/ little strap things to hold it up or something

got ya a jumper i like th sound of that that sounds even better when it is said in this sentence

The hottie school girl left her jumper on my bedroom floor last night. laughing out loud

we got uniforms
red polo shirt, kacki pants
o and we have this one admisitator, that is a complete b*tch
she drives around in a golf cart cuz she is too fat to walk and yells at u if ur uniform is not perfect,

we couldn't wear bandanas in the dew rag style supposedly

but every Friday the football players were wearing them, so when my friend Ronette decides to wear one cuz she put her hair in a bunch of tiny little braids they told her she had to take it off or go home. well, she asked how come the football players could wear their bandanas, but she couldn't wear hers and they acted like they had no idea what she was talking about, so she went to the school kitchen and told her mom, who was a cook there that she was going home. her mom was totally cool about it cuz it was our [email protected] principal and this idiot 9th grade history teahcer who were focusing on her, but not bothering the football players when they wore the bandanas.

we arent allowed to wear baseball caps but all other hats is ok (load of rubbish)
we have a uniform to white shirt, tie, black trousers and or skirt and black shoes (but everyone wears trainers)
you're not allowed to wait on friends after tutor you have to go straight to class otherwise your name goes in slobberjaws bloody book.
I would love to put his name in that bloody book.
if you hug or kiss ur b/f or g/f your told off.

our head teachers and @$$ hole.
Lanark Grammar School "where pupils come first" AYE F**KING RIGHT!!

oh and you HAVE to be christian. You are forced to believe in it unless your like jewish or sihk (sp?)
if you dont have a certain religion, then christianity is forced into you. and you HAVE TO TAKE re until fifth's "the law!"
dont get me wrong nothing against christians its just unfair that they try to force it into you. if you dont believe it then you dont!
bloody slobberjaws

i wish we could wear hats we cant wear ne thing in my school unless for a religon deal wich is tottally gay

*background music "Rock And Roll High School - The Ramones*

cheers mate!!

well we didn't have too many dumb rules so that was pretty cool and

for everyone who was wondering a jumper is a word the british use for a sweater

you think your school ruoles are silly! listen to mine!
1.The overall ethos of the school is one of respect for others, and of service. Evrything that we do must be in this context.
2.All girls are expexted to maintain a credibatle standard of behavious and should listen to teachers, non teaching staff and other students and encourage others in learning.
3.No girl below year 10 may eat in a form room.
4.Years 7,8,9 are expected to be outside at break and lunchtimes.
5.Girls must not opn or close a window unless specifically requested to by a member of staff.
6. Interfere with the heating system
7.Play on the steps between the two old houses
8.Girls must not hold a protest/demonstration outide the headmistress's office.
9.Girls must not talk to members of the opposite sex around the outside of the school.
10.Girls must not throw things from the windows at passing cars/pedestrians.
11. Girls must attempt to climb the netball goals.

and that's only a fewof the less crazy ones!!!1

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