He What....!

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confused Ok my boss made a pass at me today!!We were on alone today from 2 till 9 and he told me how good i looked and i was like thanks and hes was like "No really Femi, you look beautiful" mean while putting his hand on my back embarrasment then later he got really defensive when one of my guy friends asked for my number because he had lost it, he was like "You shouldnt be givin your number out to guys so easily guys llike him take advantage of girls like you" and i was like dude chill hes a nice kid ive known him for a while. The other thing that weirded me out is he has me scheduled for all the same hours as hes working which is really weird because hes never done that before, and alot of the time hes just has me and him on!confused i dont mind because hes freakin hott but i mean i feel guilty because hes married and his wife just had a baby

Maybe you're getting a little ahead of yourself here..he may just be looking out for your best interests and giving you genuine compliments.

he what! are you serious. you should really report him. where do you work anyways;

Bespin Bart
Though, I would just say, "Lookin good today!" rather than take you aside.

roll eyes (sarcastic) i sure hope so but theres lots of other little things that he does that are just kinda weird to me, like i mean i guess i think of him as a friend but he called me one night on the phone and i thought he was gunna ask me to cover or somethin but he just ended up talkin to me, and another time he said we should hang out, i dunno that just kind makes me wonder ya kno, i mean what kinda "hanging out" did he wanna do

it sounds like sexual harassment to me messed

no expression eh i dont kno it doesnt bug me because i mean when i first started there he wasnt married so i used to hit on him all the time. so maybe he finally got the hint confused i dunno i just find it all really weird, but it doesnt really make me uncomfortable

If it doesn't make you uncomfortable, why have you asked us for our opinion? I think you are a bit uncomfortable with it after all, especially since he's now married with a wife, but since you have to work with him you want to make yourself feel like the situation doesn't have the potential to become problematic.

..and it will you know,I just wrote about this in another thread,my boss hit on last week and I walked out of his office pissed,the only thing he had to say was "your cute when your mad" I laughed it off but i feel weird around him

No i really dont feel uncomfortable around him i work with him every day and i mean i like him but i dont think id ever go ne further than friendly gestures with him because hes married, but i didnt really want ne ones opinion, just wanted to see if ne one else had a boss like that

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