JP3(no spoilers)

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JP3 is out already right? I wont be able to see it untill Tuesday or Wednesday, I've been reading reviews online and to my suprise the word on the movie is good, so has anyone see it yet?

The reviews I have seen killed it. Said it was a poor story and so on. I never cared too much for the other JP movies either, never been a big Chricton fan myself.

I saw it and really liked it. Don't go in expecting a great story or plot line. If you go in just wanting to see cool dinosaurs and amazing special effects then you'll walk away happy. Its not the first one, but it is better than the Lost World.

That's all I wanna see.

I was supposed to see it last night but the movie house had an electrical fire. sad

JP3 lacked the tension of the first jurassic park. I got the impression that the editor just couldn't wait to get to the dinosaurs!Build up went out the window. Great special effects but that does not make a good film I'm afraid. Still not as nasty as Tomb Raider or the Mummy Returns. At least this had a reasonable storyline and script.

Liked TR, didn't enjoy MR

It was OK, better then part 2 but no where near as good as part 1. Special effects were awesome!

I dont know, maybe my audience was a little dead( but they really Cheered for the Spidey Trailer) but this JP was NOT better than the first, NOT better than Part 2, but still was it's own movie.

Why I liked it, hey man, I was totally in it to see the pterdons, And they really flew. The Spino was a Real dissapointment to me.

What was wrong with this JP: NO suspense. The suspence did not live up to EITHER of the Jp movies, and that's what I go see jp for. And im not dumbing down the the cgi, Im not tired of seeing the Dinos run around at all, I still want one more JP. It's just that JP3 does'nt bring the scare of the first 2. Why? Well w/o spoiling it fo you, I'll just say, the give the spino the treatment they gave the T-Rex. And basically, they put this new Dino in as the new bully on the block, but the never hyped him up like they did the T-Rex, in the first 2.

When I think of the1st 2 Jp's, I remeber being scared, and the audience being extreemly frightened in certain scenes. When I go see Scream1,2,3 or these other "scare movies" recently, I easily remeber being scared much more by the Lost World and JP1.

And to defend JP2:TLW: besides it's not so appealing scrpit, it did more than a great job showcasing the Dinos, GREAT suspense(Like the glass scene, It did'nt even have any DINOS in the scene, now THATS great suspence) More Raptor attacks, and a Great T-Rex Double Team. It's only mistake was probably the ending. But the script worked better than JP3 because there was alot of people you did'nt care about, so this introduces more Dino attacks.

That's another reason I go see JP movies, to see alot of people getting eaten by Dino's. JP3's Story hinders the number that can get eaten. Also Joe johnston is ok, but he could not mimic Spielbergs mastery of Suspense.

But Like I said Part 3 was worth my 19.00 dollars.

Miles Prower
*did not like the 3rd one much* o.o;

I actually thought the 3rd JP movie was the best. Even though the plot kinda sucked it definetely was the most fast paced movie so far, and the effects were frickin awesome!

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