How many people dou have on ur buddy list and who r they?

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hey guys,
just wondering how many ppl u have on ur buddy list and who dey r mine r:
Lindsistightk and many more!......

ive got fallin angel, boprecruit_16, jixquillian, the force, and bkk

i got to many to write out but ur on there bro so thats all that counts but my top buddies on the site r pablo kidrock, crash overload, fie, backfire, big bad bike 2 and tired hiker, and rages, and fire and for girls linds irene MKS BKK and miss elfy

thanks De i forgot 2 mention tied/tired hiker!

yo slayer, put before the url without the spaces and after it (again without spaces) it will amke the image appear in your sig

Damn I have a lot of people on my buddy list, here they are:

Chris aka Backfire349
Chrissy aka BadKittyKitty
Alycia aka Booniae
Jordan aka Captain_REX
Kosta aka Celsius
Gary aka Deniro
Max aka DemonicGambit
Jess aka DemonicGambit-2 (yes this used to be Max, but it's his sis now)
Alysen aka GroundedAgain
JP aka J_to_the_P
Ken aka LanceWindu
Chanel aka Nivvy
Pablo aka Pablo007
Dana aka Shadow_Angel
Preston aka Tied/TiredHiker

Oh man, I hope that is everyone, but I'm honestly not sure............

wow i love that you used everyones real name,thats awesome..and thanks everyone,i love being you cool ppl's buddy!!

OMG I forgot RJ!!! But I don't even know his real name erm

I kinda have this thing where if I don't know the person's real name, then I must not be very good friends with them.............

k where have u been Linds? Sorry about msn messenger my friend said that

I cleaned out my MSN account, it was getting way to hectic. If I haven't been on for awhile on your buddylist then that is probly because I deleted you not recognizing the e-mail address. sorry erm

no i'm sorry my friend knew my p.word and called u an ugly s**t

He did???? confused huh


Ummmm.........are you sure it was me??? lol are you sure I was even the one on my account??? Cause if I had been there when he said that I would have just laughed and been like "Right back at ya babe wink"

u where away i think

Oh I c, well it's no big deal, although it is kinda hard to believe that it was your friend roll eyes (sarcastic) Most people don't let their friends know their pass words, but to each their own.

But anyways, back on subject...........

I forgot a few people:

ObieTrice26 and Stovenutts, but they never get on anymore

i didn't give it 2 him he sighned in on my account once 2 get his gf's address when i was making a sh*t

making a sh*t...Ive never heard that

cool i'm original! big grin

I just copied this from mine...

DeNiro PM X
J_To_The_P PM X
LanceWindu PM X
slayer PM X
BackFire349 PM X
Baylin PM X
Bhang PM X
Captain REX PM X
ChinaNiki PM X
diegocala PM X
FallingBlue PM X
GroundedAgain PM X
h0ck3yh0rr0r PM X
julibug PM X
LindsIsTightK PM X
pablo007 PM X
ragesRemorse PM X
Rogue Jedi PM X
Tex PM X
Tied Hiker PM X
Tired Hiker PM X

...its funny I never pmed tex,i put him in here 'cause i want to see if he ever comes on with out being invisible lol

I don't have a buddy list. If i want to message someone i just click on their name from a forum.

My buddy list only has Nivvy on it, but there are a ton of people I search for whenever I sign on.

see I did do that,but this way i can see if they are on with out looking at all the names,sometimes this place is crazy with ppl!

shhh i thought i'm the only person that didn't have a buddy list... wink

cheers mate!!

coz i just post my message on forum and if wanna say something private just pm them...... smile

cheers mate!!

I am newbie here, no one on my buddy list yet. Hope some day I will have lots of people in it cool

I dont think i have ne one on mine, just Paola and some ppl that i dunno and i dunt remember putting them on there

see i used like I said tonight there was like I dunno 50 people here and I can look at my list and see if someone on my list is here...I see there is some more ppl here I need on my list now!! stick out tongue

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