Celebrian's departion

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Okay, so after she was tortured and posioned and etc... Her sons rescued her, and after Elrond healed her, she just decided to leave.... why did she leave, i mean wasn't she happy that she was saved, and like why didn't elrond go with her? confused

woah what in the bloody blazes are you talking about? fill me in...im lost! LMAO

i believe she left because she was too ill to live and would have eventually died..............this way she did not have to............send a pm to mormegil or exa............they know so much about this stuff


thanks people, and i'm sorry to Elijah's girl that i confused u because i think i confused myself, but now i'm good, but what a wonderful mother to leave her family!, haha, lol roll eyes (sarcastic)

As shadowy_blue said, she "lost her delight" - she just was sick of seeing all the people die (but she wouldntve died herself as she's an elf... Elrond healed her totally) and so much she loved just faded away

Fair enough.

Those Elves really have been through alot!

well elrond healed her much like he healed frodo, but frodo carried the pain with him the rest of his life as i am sure she did. maybe for her it wasnt physical pain though and as others suggested maybe it was emotional pain, pain for the state of middle earth, pain for their losses, and heck who wouldnt want to go live in "heaven". the sad thing is she never got to see any of her children again.

yeah really, but i guess i see why celebrian left, but like when they sail away from Gray Havens can they ever come back to like visit Middle Earth again or is it like "it". I'm too lazy to go upstairs and look in the appendixs, i am soooo lazy... cool

does anyone have any fan art of celebrian..... does arwen look like her, or does she look like galadriel.... or celeborn, lol, if you have any could u post it... i'd like to know what she looks like...

hhhhmmmmmmmmmmm you know that is one good question!!!!
* fini goes in search of celebrian's pic*

heck, i have nothing else to do, i'll do that too...

once you go to valinor you are there for good. there are exceptions though. the noldor returned to middle earth, though they were cursed in part for doing so, and depending on what of tolkiens work you hold as true glorfindel also returned. but pretty much no, you cant return.

OMG, i was just looking for pictures on celebrian, so i typed in celebrian in google, and one site, which i didn't even go to had made up some story up about orcs raping her, god i hate people who makes everything like that even lotr a disgusting mess... sick miffed mad

I think I have read in one of the books, I can't remember if it's the Appendices, or Unfinished Tales or Silmarillion or Book of Lost Tales..can't remember, but I think I've read that once you go to Havens, you can never come back to Middle-Earth again, or is it in Valinor? Can't remember but yeah.. (my mind is too jumbled) stick out tongue

'Nyways, here are the pics:

Luthien - Arwen's great, great, great, grandmother (paternal side)

Galadriel - Arwen's grandmother (maternal side)

Celebrian - Arwen's mother


big grin

Here's another pics:



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