witchking in armor (major spoiler, watch out)

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well this is from theonering.net and looking at it, it looks like it is from the trailer for ROTK when the green beam shoots up from minus morgul. i paused the trailer to see if i could get a sneek peak, but it was too small. someone though has gone out and done a much better job of getting a look at who was on the fell beast. what do you think of the armor?

wait, was the witchking behing the green light or was it a reflection, wow how is the heck did u figure that out?

cool! witch king, witch king! la la la la la!

sweet pick

Its not what i expected but that looks awesome!

that is DEFINETLY something id hate to wake up to seeing...that looks soo freaking scary!! But wicked pic...majorly wicked pic...oooo excitement!!!!

That's so cute big grin

truthfully i dont really like the way the helm looks. it looks like a hood or something. i have a pic of a different helm they were going to use but i heard they decided it looked too much like saurons so they changed it.

El Toro De Brah
are you gonna show us that pic or what.... mad

please embarrasment

it's on the first opst on the tread

Thanks for the pic m8, seen it though. Yes, he looks as mean as I expected (which is a veeeery good thing).

Also, I am in no way being prejudice or anything, but all you woman saying "aaaw he's so cute" or "awww isn't he adorable" STFU! Pathetic!

I think only one person said that, sifer.

I agree, though, the witch King isn't ment to be "cute", It is pathetic.

Anyhoo.. It's a cool pic.. smile I can't wait!! weeee

*get's excited*


Can't wait till he gets stabbed in the face - LOL

Wow THANKS great pic!!

Obviously they changed it a lot, first it rather looked like saurons armor in the Last Alliance...

Indeed it did...Saw it from a pic of the toy ages back smile

Extremely cool...Wow, you must have gone through crap to get it. now I'm REALLY hyped to see the movie!

I like it!!!!!! It looks like a huge ghostly mouth! Gives me the creeps!!!!!!!!!http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/fear.gif

Weird armour....

Here is another image of the witchking I've found. Creepy as HELL!

Pretty cool, huh?

very, very cool

nazgulinthedark will love you so much, he will want your babies lol

its my current wallpaper

Ok, confused here, and that's probably just 'cause I haven't read the books in a while.

I thought the witch king went up against Eowyn, NOT Gandalf

he goes up against gandalf first remember he says somethinglike "doust thoust not know you cannot defeat me old man, die now and curse in vain

this is either right before he fight eowyn or when faramirs men fight him outside minas tirith, and gandalf saves the day

ahh, ok. Gotcha.

its right before eowyn does because if it was when faramirs men fight him, pippin wouldnt be there as he is with beregond

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