Narsil Reforged

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I found it so cool when they show Arathorn being given Narsil and drawing it who agrees!

aaaaa, its aragorn, but ya its pretty cool

yeh its cool..........u dumbass its aragorn not arathorn,,,,,arathorn is his father. i hope u dont call urself a fan

ouch that was harsh


I was pissed off that they didn't show it in the FotR..

Aparently it's gonna be shown being reforged in RotK.

yea i thought they should have had it in fotr like in the books...but iguess it makes more sense or something blink
my friend owns "the shards of narsil" hehe its cool

I agree, it's beautiful! thumb up

I admit i got the name wrong but where did u get such a good pic of the sword. Its cool. Hope they put it in the museum after the film

At least they showed Elrond giving the sword to Aragorn in FotK Extended Edition. I was VERY happy after that... happy

I REALLY want that sword, and hopefully will be ordering it soon.

Cut some Orc's head off big grin

Oh and CandyKorn: It is definately being shown in ROTK. Have you watched the trailer? If not, go watch, fly you f... smile

Cool inscription cool but erm a bit boring, compared to the ones in the other swords. Strange, it's two different languages... one Quenya one Sindarin. Why didnt the smiths do the new one in Quenya too??

The scene in the trailer is great smile

Ya, Elrond giving Aragorn the sword was really cool, because really Elrond kept it as a keep sake for Aragorn because Elrond foresaw that Aragorn had to become King one day.

Elrond has the shards of Narsil reforged and after giving it to Aragorn, Aragorn named it Anduril. The inscriptions on the sword were carved to help Aragorn in battle, to have the strenght of the elves fight with him, it's either Quenya or Sindarin.

The sword picture above looks as though it's inscripted with a language of the Dwarves for some reason, I can't tell. confused

rigwraith sowrds are betterer


see, they're betterer

I was wondering about that though: is it a flashback explaining about the reforging, or is it happening in the third film (i.e actually happening in that time and place)???

Because (and I am going to feel so stupid if I'm wrong!) Aragorn was given this sword before he set off on the quest was he not?...

Hope it's a 'flashback', if not, oh well, I'll live big grin

hmm maybe one of elrond sons brings it to him

But in the book he had it before yes

Elrond himself brings it to him in ROTK. In the movies, Narsil is used to symbolize that he accepts his kingliness, so the sword is given to him at the end, as opposed to the beginning.

aah FFS why do they always have to drag everyone in there

seriously if I see galadriel in ROTK I will kick someone

In the 3rd film, Elrond comes to Gondor along with Arwen I think, and gives Aragorn the reforged Narsil before his big battle, and so Aragorn goes and renames it Anduril. I believe..

cool, but the ringwraith swords are still better whistle

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