*Sigh* I Hate Rain!!

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Alright sometimes rain is nice and junk but I hate it when it comes at the wrong time!!

Like today for example...........
Toronto has been getting alot of rain for the past few weeks for some strange reason but anyways today when i woke up it was a beautiful sunny day.......then at school storm clouds appeared out of nowhere miffed and me and my friends went to the mall after school and it wasn't raining or anything.........
We walked around the mall for like 2 hours or something and then when we were leaving we went outside and it's f*in pouring rain mad

We called our rides to come get us since we couldn't walk home............
and while waiting for these rides we got completely soaked mad
I'm so pissed cuz now im soaking wet and cold messed
And even after i changed into warm PJs im still freezing sad

Although i like rain like warm rain when u have nowhere to go and such........or kissing under a lamp post in the rain thats alright.......but its been raining so wet these past few weeks im always cold sad

hehe, never visit belgium then, always cold and rainy here big grin

reminds me of a saying I have:
could be worse ... could be raining big grin
in this case, it did! big grin

messed *shudders at thought of more rain*
i need to go find someone to warm me up shifty

Rain is boring. The wind blew my sunglasses off the picnic table and they broke... second pair this week!!!

I like rain messed
probably because I grow up with it

You're weird, yerss...

yes he is messed
*covers self in numerous blankets*
although i like rain at certain times wink

as long as it aint cold rain is cool

I'm not weird! mad
I'm special happy

u keep telling urself that wink

I do that all the time, just no one cares sad

I LOVE RAIN on WEEKEND because that means it stays dark till like 1 in the afternoon and i can sleeep

damn sun waking me up!

i like rain sumtimes but not today........im still all wet shifty

Starts singin missy elliot song **i cant stand the rain**

well im officially happy again happy
i took a hot bubble bath and am now all warm and snuggly happy

sad my house is cold brrrrr **shivers**

its rainin here 2

Captain REX
Poor Irene...

yes poor me wink shifty at least im warm for now angel

i like rain,
but i live in couthern california so any rain washes away the polution and crap, also it makes it cool, and not hot and dry like it has been here.

Me to i love the rain, it relaxes me.

i love the rain but the barametric pressure effects my scars and makes me hurt alot


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