Favourite book

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What is your favourite book?

1. The Hobbit
2. The Fellowship of the Ring
3. The Two Towers
4. The Return of the King
5. The Appendices
6. Silmarillion
7. Unfinished Tales

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Should have been a poll

Okay, but for my part, I have only read LOTR and parts of the Hobbit



I read all of it and those are all great but if I have to choose only one, I think Silmarillion. It just felt so surreal while I was reading it and I can't imagine how much of a genius Tolkien was for coming up with everything that are in that book.

But "The Lord of the Rings" books should still have an honorary mention for me. smile

johnnys#1 fan
I'm just starting LOTR books but so far I really like the two towers

As this thread doesn't seem to be ignored anyway, I'll give my opinion too.
I like the Appendices very much, I think the tale of Aragorn and Arwen is so beautiful, it still makes me cry. Too bad it's only so short.

The Lays of Beleriand

The Silmarillion


Unfinished Tales

Not in the right order I think... o I just could name all books of Tolkien as my fav Tolkien-books smile

Lord of the Rings (it is 1 book - albeit a f00kin' big one split up into smaller parts).

how is The Appendices a book?
i thought it's part of the return of the king.
and that's my fav book. i think it's the most exciting and captivating of the three books.
the silmarillion, althought a great book, was a bit complicating and hard to read.

Lady Ellie
Return of the king is also my fav. I've never read the silmarillion. I'm sure it is cool, but I think it's too complicated for me.



ROTK and Appendices big grin

Well, the Appendices aren't really a book no, it's one book together with FotR, tTT and RotK, but I split it up, so there was a bit of a choice.

all the LOTR's books, Hobbit and Silmarillion...

Difficult to say what's my fav as theyre all so good... but I still think it's the Lays of Beleriand.

Lays of Beleriand?

Hmmmm.....Two Towers, and The Return of the King.

u asked a question on lays of beriland??
uh the actual history of middle earth is made up of 12 books
1.The book of lost tales part 1
2.The book of lost tales, part 2
3. The lays of Beleriand
4. The shaping of middle earth
5. The lost road and other writings
6. The return of the Shadow
7. The treason of Isenguard
8. The War of the ring
9. Sauron Defeated
10. Morgoth's Ring
11. The war of the jewels
12. The peoples of middle earth.

and i still have to read them............i'll do that when the semester is done

I think the Lord of the Rings books get better as they go. The Hobbit isn't too bad.

The Silmarillion, though... it puts me to sleep faster than... uhh, something that would put me to sleep fast.

isn't the silmarillion kind of like a condensed verson of the whole history of middle earth
i've only read some parts of the books, but they seem to be repeated and the same as silmarillion, just with more information and some writing from christopher about the his father unfinished writing. is that right?

It is basically a condensed history of middle earth, yes. A few of the chapters are okay, but a lot of it reads like the Old Testament.

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