what music do ur parents listen to that u like

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i like jimi hendrix i luv him actully he is greta my dad listens to him umm i like the beatels my mom listens to them alan jackson is cool i like some of his shit he makes some good music dad listens to him and then eric clapton he is really good my dad listens to him once in like forever

Led Zeppelin.....

Im hoping for themto reform and tour soon *fingers crossed* big grin

zeppelin and jimi are amazing.

my parents listened to everything...motown, fun oldies, funk, disco, classic rock, salsa, pop, soul, retro... i grew up listening to everything. plus, my dad is a musician, so i remember having all the albums.

so they liked pretty much liked it all and still do.
which i is why i do as well. the ones that stick out the most are

fleetwood mac
earth, wind, and fire
the stones
average white band
tower of power

My mom loves Rob Zombie.

My parents loved the old motown and Doo-Wop bands. Ya know the Del-Vikings, James Brown, Marvin & Tammy, early funk stuff, and jazz. Thats like all I listened to growing up.

my mom listens to Tupac and Big L with me. smile

I am the parent. laughing out loud

But I do like some of the stuff my mom listens to, though: Norah Jones, Harry Connick Jr., & pretty much any jazz.

My parents are from Jamaica and grew up listening to Bob Marley, and i like his stuff too(as do most people)


Depeche Mode
David Bowie
Culture Club
and i turned them on to
The Cruxshadows

all i know of right this sec

killer i love your sig.
my parents like queen who totally rock.
queen that is,not my parents.

laughing out loud


i never really liked my parents music it's all stuff like bueno vista social club but my sister who is loads older than me, had great music! smile
like the rolling stones

I wish I had been raised on Buena Vista.

i love my dad's bands - david gray, U2, Jimi Hendrix, Sex Pistols, Beatles......but i can't stand any of my mum's stuff......STING and the police and the Bee gees *shudders*

I din't like any of the music my mother listened to

Love it! Got it!

I like both of your parent's musical selections! big grin

gotta get rich
my dad listens to the red hot chili peppers and foo fighters and basically any white rock, but my mom listens to real black pride music like aretha franklin and that shaft guy....isiah sumthin....i 4get his name

my parents both like country, but i like hip hop and r an b.

My mom loves Elvis, and I have to say, he trully is the king!

queen-thats about it.

The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, KISS, Styx, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Kansas, Black Sabbath, Guns n Roses, Simon and Garfunkel

Everything my parents like I love, but unfortunately it is not the other way around!

Bon Jovi

My parents listen to a lot of oldies from the 60's and 70's. I personally love Queen and think they are one of the greatest bands of all time. I also think that The Eagles and Punk Floyd have some awesome songs.

eminem and jimy hendrix

My mom listens to almost anything Rock. Here's what I can remmeber that we both like...

Alice Cooper
The Who
The Beatles
Three Dog Night
Meat Loaf
Ted Nugent
REO Speedwagon
The Eagles
Kid Rock
BackStreet Boys
Avril Lavigne
Bon Jovi
Jimmi Hendrix
Pink Floyd
Led Zepplin
Jim Croce
Black Sabbath
Simon and Garfunkel

And I can't think of anything else confused but, I know there's more confused

The Clash, The Jam, Jefferson airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Madness, The Specials, Sex Pistols.

My dad listens to alot of Indie aswell, like The Libertines, The Strokes, Razorlight, Interpol.... hes got pretty decent music taste i have to admit

oh, theres loads ive just realised lol...

The Buzzcocks, Eastern lane, The Ramones, British sea power, Fiery furnaces, Gary numan

my dad actually listens to pretty much also the less-heavy stuff i listen to...

maroon 5, keane, u2, scissor sisters


The Beatles
BB King
Curtis Mayfield
Jimi Hendrix
The Rolling Stones
Marvin Gaye
There may be more...

Kate xx

Jesus, where to start. Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, The Who, Deep Purple, Metallica, Joy Division, RHCP, Nine Inch Nails, Magazine, Pink Floyd, Alice In Chains, Small Faces, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Pixies, Jane's Addiction, Rage Against The Machine, Eels, Nirvana...

I like pretty much everything my dad likes come to think of it. Except for Iron Maiden & Guns N Roses.

Afro Cheese
Mostly classic rock: the beatles, queen, crosy stills, creedance clearwater revival, styx, simon and garfunkal, hendrix, carlos santana, blind faith, eric burton & the animals, the doors, rolling stones, doobie brothers, grateful dead, ect.

But my stepdad likes mostly hard rock/heavy metal like black sabbath, zepplin, lynard skynard, ac/dc, metallica, iron maiden, guns and roses, judas priest, ect.

And my real dad likes some of the newer alternative rock or whatever you wanna call it: incubus, soundgarden, red hot chili peppers, foo fighters, and sublime.

Darth Revan
Pretty much any blues or surf guitarist... And Willie Nelson no expression

Most of the stuff i am in2.
Damien rice
Tom McRae
Crowded house
Turin Brakes
The innocence mission
there the reason im in2 all that they used to take my drummin and to trace festivals and stuff. happy

i like some of the stuff me mam does-
guns n roses
a lot of 80's electronic bands i cant remember the name of lol >.<

unfortunately for me, she likes stuff like busted and big brovas. As for the other way round, i think im slowly corrupting her lol. without knowing it, she was singing wait and bleed when it came on kerrang and shes starting to like rammstein.

Silver Stardust
Being as I grew up listening to my mom's music, it's obviously where much of my musical tastes came from happy let's list the stuff my mom and I both like...or at least some of it...

Nirvana, RHCP, RATM, Tool, Ramones, System of a Down, Foo Fighters, Incubus, APC, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Jane's Addiction, Green Day, the Offspring, Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, Alice Cooper, Radiohead, Rob Zombie...

Bob Dylan

Dire Straits,Sex Pistols and David Bowie

Most everything except for hip hop

Led Zeppelin, Queen, Gary Jules, Yes

matchbox twenty, travis, maroon 5, transplanet, sting, offspring, rem, counting crows, killers, snow patrol, five for fighting. my parents crack out some right tunes!

Maroon 5 and Franz Ferdinand as well

i went to see maroon5 with t'old me and dad, it was ace embarrasment !

you went to see moron5? sad

Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
The Beatles
Rolling Stones
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Bob Dylan
The Eagles
Billy Joel
Counting Crows
and many others...

My dad listens to sabbath, maiden he also likes manson smile

hell yeah they rocked! i have seen them before whe nthey were a support band ages ago before they were famous! they rocked then as well!

My dad likes ZZ Top and I love that band

Chaka Kahn
Curtis Mayfield
George Clinton
Peobe Snow embarrasment

i like almost everything my dad likes.like...ac/dc.zepplin.hendrix.well yea and a lot more.i like somethings my mom listens to.and i like some of the music my grandparents listen to.elvis,buddy holly so on.i like a lot of 70s/80s bands.and some 50s.so its cool to have older people who like it too.

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