The White Stripes and the hives

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i still listen to the white strips they got good shit like seven nation army and etc but i havent heard ne thing about the hives since there first hit they made like a year ago

those type of bands were just a fad and in fads only a few bands can actully stand out the majority of them you will polly never hear from again

The Hives album was pretty good and the White Stripes have been around for ages loserib.

i think white stripes are the only stand out but if you look at the way it worked a bunch of bands starting catching on that had the same sound ie the white stripes the hives the strokes and bands like that
but you dont hear about the majority of them anymore nd thats wht i meant by fad not by how long they have been around just how long they got any notice


I liked both the last White Stripes albums a lot and I'm looking forward to getting the new Strokes too. cool

the strokes and the white strips are all right just to me it dont seem like they put that much effort in to their playing the music sounds just real basic to me

Hmmmm not the biggest fan of the Hives...

But white stripes are a very good band...its a shame about reading sad

I really wanted to see them

I don't like the hive but the White stripes are pretty good.I think the white stripes and the strokes could be around for a while.

To be honest im more of a Hives fan they have really catchy songs and dont take themsleves to seriously,there album (Your New Favourite Band) is a must for anyone who wants something that bit alternative from your average run of the mill rock. As for The White Stripes when i first heard them i wasn't overly impressed (thats not too say i didn't like them) but when they returned with there 'Elephant' album my perception on them changed immensley.

Has anyone else heard of The Music, they're a great British band with a similar indie sound. Can't wait for a second album from them.

I heard of The Music.They're ok but i don't listen to them that much.

Have you got their album? Its still one of my fave albums at the moment.

The White stripes rule!!

Yes, they do indeed. big grin

i like white stripes.

The White Stripes will be in there for a while. And if not, they had a really good run, I'll tell you that.

I feel bad for Meg though, they had to cancel the rest of their tour because she's been having really bad anxiety attacks apparently.

The only CD I didn't like as much was Get Behind Me, Satan, because they had a bit too many slow songs for me, and it was just so different, but still good.

White Blood Cells is probably my favorite however.

The first song I ever learned on my bass, was Seven Nation Army. happy

I'm sure there's already a thread for The White Stripes that wasn't 4 years old ermm

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