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Stuart Larkins
Hey we all have a star wars episode III trailer in mind, but what is it, what do you want to see, share your imagination with us eager listeners. Here is mine.

We hear darth vader breathing
we see the silloette of a person looking down
we hear vader breathing
we see the silloette light up slowly background remains black
we hear vader breathing
then a voice over saying the following with text
"A Jedi knows not anger"
we hear vader breathing
then we hear voice over of Anakin
we hear vader breathing
we hear Vader breathing
we then see the site of anakin with long hair and in his suit, start to slowly look up with an mad look in his eye
vader breathing
then voiceover and text
"A Jedi knows not hatred"
vader breathing
then Anakin saying
"Mom, stay with me mom" we hear a short pause and the sound of a lghtsabre.
vader breathing
then anakin saying "I killed them, I killed all of them, I slaughtered them like animals. I hate them!"
vader breathing
then we watch and it pulls out and Anakin slowly walks towards us
vader breathing
then the text and voice over
"A Jedi Knows not fear"
Then vader breathing
Then Yoda saying
"I sense much fear in you"
and then Obi-Wan saying
"That boy is trouble, they all sense it why don't you?"
vader breathing
and than Anakin walking towards us still
vader breathing
then voice over and text
"A Jedi knows not love"
Anakin stops
vader breathing
Padme saying
"Are Jedis allowed to love"
then anakin "I guess Jedi's are encouraged to love"
then Anakin "we can keep it a secret"
then padme "we'd be living a lie"
then padme "I love you Anakin"
Vader breathing
then we go back to Anakin now standing there
Vader breathing
we watch as a lightsabre is set, it is bright red
vader breathing
and we hear Darth Sideious in the background, "Destory them all"
Vader Breathing
and Anakin standing there looking at us looking evil says something to defy all that is good in a Jedi, not sure yet what, then answers
"As you wish, my master" and then he slices at the screen (like when he killed the tuskin raider)
then the title appears STAR WARS EPISODE III and whatever the name will be
then it goes back and the background is black and we hear vader breathing
the background turns blue and dark, as another lightsabre is set, and then we see a sillouette of the new mechanical Vader but we can't see what he looks like jus the lightsaber and his outlining, and the shimmering of his armor, and then we hear darth Sidious laugh evily.

what do you think?
and with that

Stuart Larkins
I'm looking for a teaser actually not a trailer, mine was a teaser, sorry.

Still good though thumb up

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