Post your most Imaginative Star Wars Episode III teaser!

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Stuart Larkins
Hey we all have a star wars episode III teaser in mind, but what is it, what do you want to see, share your imagination with us eager listeners. Here is mine.

We hear darth vader breathing
we see the silloette of a person looking down
we hear vader breathing
we see the silloette light up slowly background remains black
we hear vader breathing
then a voice over saying the following with text
"A Jedi knows not anger"
we hear vader breathing
then we hear voice over of Anakin
we hear vader breathing
we hear Vader breathing
we then see the site of anakin with long hair and in his suit, start to slowly look up with an mad look in his eye
vader breathing
then voiceover and text
"A Jedi knows not hatred"
vader breathing
then Anakin saying
"Mom, stay with me mom" we hear a short pause and the sound of a lghtsabre.
vader breathing
then anakin saying "I killed them, I killed all of them, I slaughtered them like animals. I hate them!"
vader breathing
then we watch and it pulls out and Anakin slowly walks towards us
vader breathing
then the text and voice over
"A Jedi Knows not fear"
Then vader breathing
Then Yoda saying
"I sense much fear in you"
and then Obi-Wan saying
"That boy is trouble, they all sense it why don't you?"
vader breathing
and than Anakin walking towards us still
vader breathing
then voice over and text
"A Jedi knows not love"
Anakin stops
vader breathing
Padme saying
"Are Jedis allowed to love"
then anakin "I guess Jedi's are encouraged to love"
then Anakin "we can keep it a secret"
then padme "we'd be living a lie"
then padme "I love you Anakin"
Vader breathing
then we go back to Anakin now standing there
Vader breathing
we watch as a lightsabre is set, it is bright red
vader breathing
and we hear Darth Sideious in the background, "Destory them all"
Vader Breathing
and Anakin standing there looking at us looking evil says something to defy all that is good in a Jedi, not sure yet what, then answers
"As you wish, my master" and then he slices at the screen (like when he killed the tuskin raider)
then the title appears STAR WARS EPISODE III and whatever the name will be
then it goes back and the background is black and we hear vader breathing
the background turns blue and dark, as another lightsabre is set, and then we see a sillouette of the new mechanical Vader but we can't see what he looks like jus the lightsaber and his outlining, and the shimmering of his armor, and then we hear darth Sidious laugh evily.

what do you think?
and with that

man, that's pretty good!

I want to hear the imperial march but with a really slow start, like how it builds on the ESB soundtrack just before the battle of hoth, and a picture of yoda looking pensive, then another few notes and a picture of Obi-wan lowering his head in defeat, more music, padme, crying, clinging to anakin like shes pleading up at him, but his eyes are focused past her with a cold stare, more music, some a shot without too much sound clones marching and preping for battle, then the music builds to right before the full march starts followed by a picture of Palpatine with the sickest, more evil grin on his face you've ever seen. then the full march starts, and we just get bombarded with images of jedi fighting clones, a shot or two of anakin and mace (just enough to let you know what happens there without completely ruining it), Obi-wan fighting the new villian, then black and just Vader's slow breathing, and a quick image of anakin igniting his saber, followed by a quick cut to obi-wan igniting his, a shot of the swords clashing and sparks flying that blinds us and a big flash that dies down to the title card of III. followed by black and Obi-wan's voice, "you cannot escape your destiny..."

OoOoOh...I'm getting goosebumps!! These are REALLY good!!
Stuart; I liked how you incorporated Vader breathing and also excerpts from the whole "A Jedi Shall Not Know Anger, Nor Hatred, Nor Love.." thumb up

mephisto; The build up with the music would sound SOOO good!! I can almost hear it now!! And the quick shots of all the characters and that--really really cool!! thumb up

I have 2 trailer thingies I did through Powerpoint. They aren't very good, like there isn't any music or anything...just text and pictures but I can't post it...

WOW! Both you you guys have great ideas, I can't wait to see what Lucas hits us with...I would like to see a slight combo of what you two have said, I like the images you both mentioned , and as the images flash the imperial march builds up, and I think Stuart's ending (from the time we see the red saber set) would be the most incredible teaser ever! Even someone who knows nothing of Star Wars would get goosebumps from that.

EXACTLY KOkid thumb up happy

excuse me but I'm female.. southern at that
so whats that old saying ...Southern women are bred to keep their expatiations low.... so my teaser would go like this
The shot is a close up of Anakins face, it pans wider and there is Anakin without his shirt on .. broad shouldered.. sweating, his hair is damp. He is slowly rising from the bed. In a softer light we see Padme still lying on the bed.
Sorry darlins but thats all the teaser I'd need. Excuse me while I go take a shower... mercy!

Rogue Jedi
finti and i as the only jedi that escape the purge besides obi and yoda.

Someone annoys Anikin, who throws a bit of a wobbler and goes arround killing everyone, he gets tired and falls in some lava, Darth Sidious gets him out and fits him up in his cool suit and tells him "either you do as I say or Ill turn your bloody suit of young man". Sidious sends his new apprentice all over the place killing folk, an epic battle with a cloned Darth maul, a Luke skywalker from the future appears though a black hole and does battle with Vader also and just before he dies get steleported back to the future. While yoda give Anikin a lecture on what a bad boy he is and the dangers of the dark side he gets hit so hard by a now mega strong anikin thats he lands in a swamp on some jungle like planet where he hides shit scared and feeling guilty because its all his fault anyway.

Just as Palpatine and Vader nearly reach thier goal of Universe domination, Neo appears and does battle with them, neo manages to punch em both into a telephone exchange, then Sidious Vader and Neo wake up in a Computer games Expo and recomend the new Virtual reality headset brain implant.

BOB Yup its me
Ok, here's my thoughts.

It starts with Palpatine (Or Clone general outside of the Jedi Order) odering the killing of all Jedi over the Clones and what have you, and then we open up into a fight scence with Anakin/Yoda/Mace/Obi-Wan fighting off hostile clones and even a Wookie bashing a Clone. From there, we open up on Padme and Anakin talking to Padme crying and saying they love each other then it flashes over to Obi-Wan's and Anakin's infamous fight and Padme tries to interfere and Obi_wan hits hi. It then fades in to a shadow of Vader and his saber and he ignites it and the SW EP. III logo comes up and then release date and then its over after the rating info.

Then again that would be overkill.

Nah, that sounds alright BOP...thumb up happy

Stuart Larkins
Life is a house, girl he likes HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eek! SPECIALLY THAT SCENE...

Stuart Larkins
Hmmmm confused must be AWESOME to be smokin' smokin' <-- HIGH all the time cool

Stuart Larkins
you do know I'm saying the GIRL IS HOT and not him. Just clearing that. cool


Here's an idea, pretty silly but yeah...

Vader breathing
Black screen, text:
A Jedi will become a General...((fades away)) then a shot of Obi-Wan leading the Jedi into battle.
Vader breathing
Black screen, text:
A Senator will become a Mother..((fades away)) then a shot of Padme, in pain from labour or something.
Vader breathing
Black screen, text:
A good man will turn to evil...((lightsaber cuts across the screen)) the a shot of Anakin in an uncontrollable fit of rage.
Silence, cuts to shot of Palpatine with a stern/evil look on his face saying "Anakin..." ((Cuts to next shot))
Padme at window or something, whispering sadly "Anakin..." ((Cuts to next shot))
Obi-Wan pacing, saying "Anakin..." ((All these shots are pretty fast))
Vader breathing
"That name means nothing to me...I am no longer, Anakin..."
((Cuts quickly to several action sequences; Obi/Ani dueling, Padme running or something, Clones etc...))
Then the EPISODE III comes up...

Lame I know, no where near as good as everyone elses but yeah, that's my attempt...

Lyn thats pretty good!

Darth Hater
thumb up thumb up

i especially like the ending, tying it to ROTJ...nice!

Thanx SOO much people thumb up happy

Stuart Larkins
That is awesome. I think it would be cool if in my idea, that where I said he says something to take good from being a jedi, when we see him in black someone says Anakin, and then he says that name no longer has meaning to me. Or something, or maybe he says it when Obi-Wan or something ask, he says that...would be cool. and maybe a picture of him and Obi-Wan fighting after the titile, then them fight a scream goes to black then vader smile your idea rocks.

Stuart Larkins
I don't think that's a silly idea, it kicks butt!!!!

I totally agree, I always liked the trailor for Episode I, and its somewhat along that pattern, Don't sell yourself short Lyn, it's cool!

Thanx Stuart, KOkid thumb up Happy Dance
Means a lot happy
This is SUCH a great thread, nice idea Stuart thumb up

Nice idea Lyn, gave me chills. Its up on the top of my list with the original one posted. Good job ya'll!!

Thanx thumb up

Darth Jello
ok, I've got Ideas for a series of character driven teasers similar to the ones for episodes 1 and 2. they each begin with the 20th century fox logo followed by the lucasfilm logo, this time it turns from silver to gold, to a shiny mettalic black.

Teaser 1: black screen and mechanical breathing. A clip from the opening space battle is shown as an unfamiliar voice says "some wounds heal with time". another clip shows a dark form riding a hailfire droid. "some nightmares fade with age". a metallic boot is shown. "I am a metal nightmare" A close up of shak-ti screaming is shown. "I am the kind of wound that never closes" Two eyes light up the screen "I AM GREVIOUS!" grevious' head is shown as four lightsabers simultaneously slash the screen. the title for ep 3 is shown on a black background.

Darth Jello
trailor 2:

a meadow is shown on naboo. Padme voice over:"My husband, the hero" anakin is shown kissing padme. "returned a hero from terrible wars". anakin is shown fighting dooku. "betrayed by his friends or traitor to them" anakin stands behind palpatine. "his seed planted in me, a child we shall cherish forever" scene of padme on mustafar screaming "ANAKIN NO!!" black hand extends towards her as a single mechanical breath is heard. title of the movie and release date is shown.

I really really like yours Darth Jello!! Especially your last one!! I like the structure of the first one!! Nice one thumb up

Darth Jello
well you encouraged me:

Sith chant/palpatine's theme plays. shot of palpatine speaking to the senate "I love democracy" shot of Palpatine chained to a chair as Anakin duels dooku. "I will not let this republic which has stood for a thousand years be torn in half!" shot of palpatine with anakin standing behind him. "It is with great urgency that I inform the senate, the crisis is far from over" short scene of anakin fighting Mace. "an attempt has been made on my life" shot of luminara Unduli and barris offee leading clone troopers to battle. slow closeup of palpatine "I love democracy". clone troopers stop. turn toward luminara and barris, and simultaneously open fire. movie title. release date.

Darth Jello
I'll pull one for sidious and anakin out of my tuchis tomorrow and that'll be the end of it, now I need some sleep

I just want to see a close up of Anakins face with his eyes closed. Then he opens them and they're Sith yellow. Then we see the glow from his red lightsabre being ignited. Cut to Lucasfilm logo.

I love your last idea Darth Jello!! thumb up
Sith yellow eyes...oOoOoOo...nice touch amity!! thumb up

Dirty Vader
Lyn's was pretty good! Well done.

The Ones
Vader Breathing(it voice overs the next bit)

Obi Wan standing with the council

A galaxy Will Become divided...

Nobody can stop it....except them

a shot of anakin punching obi wan with a clear view of sidious in the backround

a shot of anakin fighting mace

a shot of anakin putting his helmet on

a shot of the jedi council being blown up

a shot of sidious taking down his hoodbut his face is blaked out by a white light that ends up spelling: Star Wars Episode III. Revenge Of The Sith during this shot we hear sidious laughing in the backround

a shot of text saying: 2005


so how'd i do?

The Ones
oh ive found a trailer for what i think looks like episode 3. should i post it?

Dirty Vader
Please do. taht's

Here's a really simple one.

Vader's breathing accompanying brief shots from the movie of the characters in distress. At the end, we fade to black and here Vader say "The circle is complete."

they already did the Vader breathing thing though...

but let's face it, does that ever really get old? smile

But that suggestion would be exactly like the other one and thats not good. They shouldn't give us anything, audio or visual, of Vader until the last like 2 or 3 seconds of the trailer. And you know thats what they're gonna do. they know the can hype the hell out of this one because people will watch it just for THE FIGHT even if they haven't liked the last 2 prequels.

Darth Jello
once the movie has been out for a week, it would be cool to see a tv ad ending with yoda and sidious' lightsabers clashing

Thanx Dirty Vader thumb up

Your's is GREAT The Ones!! thumb up

VengeanceGOD...your's is good too!! Nice one!! thumb up

I agree mephisto...

Hehe. Thanks Lyn.

The way I see it, you've GOTTA have some Vader line from the OT.

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