If you were a Jedi... what would your name be and what color light saber?

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My name would be....
And although Im not a darth I would pick a Red light saber...
Or I would customize my own... a black or clear light saber.

Dunno about name, but a white lightsaber for me...

My name would be Heamc Stwic, (my SW name, always liked it...)
Lightsaber color would be blue if i could find the right stone...and i would have a diamond in it also, for extendablility...hehehe

What do you mean your SW name??

look at Kes' thread...

Where's that??

oh, i think its in the general forum, or the off-topic forum...

Darth Vile, and blood red, double-edged lightsabre.

I would be SOOOOO evil... AND UNSTOPABLE!


Darth Revan
My name would be Revan... and contrary to my user name I would be a light sider. My saber would be double-bladed and purple. Or if I could find the right crystal, it would be silver.

probably green lightsaber....as for a name.....er.......

Captain REX
In the RPG, I'm quite an evil guy. Galder Welptet, have a red lightsaber and a blue lightsaber (the blue replaced a destroyed green one), and wield them simultaneously. I'm the most dangerous combat wise out of the players, cause I'm more experienced. I've come up with some excellent ways of executing people this game as well... evil face

Soooooooo many names.... as a jedi myself I would be called Malin Yona and my sabre would be green

Nazetu Blade
Reven I can't believe our trying to pass the name "Reven" off as your own. For those of us who have played Knights Of The Old Republic, we just think you a ***! Reven was the Dark Lord 4000 years before Episode I and he and his apprentice Malak are the ones who found the powerful Rakatan weapon called; Star Forge.

Anyway my name would be Nazetu Blade son of Dwazet Blade, he carries two single bladed Light Sabre's. The one in his right hand is purple, it contains the crystal known as Usuli which gives the blade a very unique glow and humming noise and cut's through almost anything. The Sabre in his left hand is more of a reminder than a useful weapon, it contains a red, Sith crystal obtained from Darth Meshaik who slayed his father to become apprentice to the Dark Lord Bresik. It reminds him that even the best of all Jedi can be tainted by the Dark Side.

Ty-Jo-Con... lightsaber would be 2 orange sabers.

Hmm...I used to RPG as a Jedi Knight, actually...my name was Alaxia and my lightsaber was pale purple.

I would take an orange light saber I have no idea what my name would be

my name would be Ineedgotoduhrestrm and i would hav a brown light saber

Sorry mate, but a black lightsaber is physically impossible. Black is the absence of light. Plus, black sabers look pretty stupid.


For me, my Star Wars name would be Nevaaran Starsmore, which I've always liked, and my lightsaber would have to be orange.

Volundro Ramm
My name would be Volundro Ramm. I wouldnt be a Jedi. They cant have sexual relations, so to hell with that. i'll take a job in bounty hunting.

if i were a jedi, id be devar koon (plo koon's nephew). 2 green sabers.
sith: Darth Cyclone, two double ended dark red sabers.

Captain REX
Hey, cool it, Nazetu. Just because one person was called Revan doesn't mean that there couldn't be another.

And it's Revan, not Reven. One of those things where if you are going to insult someone, spell correctly. stick out tongue

And even if he DID steal it from KOTOR, that's no reason to blow up at him quite like that.

BTW, I forgot my Sith name, which would either be Darth Vengeance or Darth Fury.

I chose my character's name and stuff for a reason. I would be a Firrerreo (If you haven't read The Crystal Star, you wouldn't understand) by the name of Malaan Vo'skai, and I would wield a Blue lightsaber, and carry a green one. o.o

Darth Bandon
I would be Jedi Master Lo Hung Wang and I'd have a Blue Saber.

Darth Revan
What the hell are you talking about, I never said my real name was Revan, it's my username. And if you're talking about the fact that I said it would be my Jedi name, I am perfectly aware that Revan was who you say he was: a jedi who betrayed the order and attacked the Republic. I know that quite a few people here have played KotOR and none of them have ever blatantly attacked me for using the name "Revan." The only reason I said it would be my jedi name is because I think it's a cool name.

Tenel Ka
My name would be Kna-Am, and I'd have two lightsabers, One would have a silver-grey blade with golden flecks running through it, produced by a bright, silvery-clear crystal with golden flecks throughout it. The handle on this saber is made of jet black volcanic stone, and the ignition button on it is a bright red jewel. The other lightsaber has a unique black blade, produced by a black pearl. Its handle is made of a white ivory, with a glittering, deep blue jewel for the ignition button.

Darth Revan
Oh and if I was Sith, my name would be Darth Revan (sorry if that insults you Nazetu) and I would have a dark red saber, still double bladed, just about the color of unoxidized (sp?) blood. I would have Sith tatoos covering the back of my head and my upper back and arms.

Describe.. 'sith tattoes' big grin

Darth Revan
Ever seen a picture of Exar Kun? I think he has a Sith tattoo on his forehead. They vary quite a bit. Exar Kun's tattoo is fairly small and done with dark brown or black ink. Another example is the tattoos Maul has. Mine would be somewhere in between the two--not solid color, but using more of it than Kun's.

They would just be tattoes.. just because they were what they were does not make them what you believe. o.O

(And relatively cool ones at that. =o )

Wouldn't that be a bit glitzy for a Jedi? The Jedi are simple protectors. They don't need to be flashy. =o

Depends on the Jedi, and what system and tradition they hail from. Hell, for all we know, on the planet she comes from, ivory could come from trees and be a lot more plentiful than it is on earth.

Darth Revan
*is confused as hell for the third or fourth time today* .........errr...........could you restate that?

Just because the tattoes were worn by Sith, does not make them Sith tattoes.

Darth Revan
Actually I'm pretty sure the one worn by the older Sith lords: Exar Kun, Naga Sadow, etc were called "sith tattoos." I have a book with all the major SW characters in it and under Naga Sadow's description it says: "With a Sith tattoo of rank newly etched into his forhead..."

Of course, there is always the possibility that the book wrong or that I am interpreting it wrong.

Darth Revan
I think maybe what the book means is that the tattoos are of Sith symbols, which is why I called them "Sith tattoos" either way now you know what I mean

mim cloudwater
Name Mim Cloudwater, Skyblue Saber, with a foresty looking saber(woody leafy look, but still metal).
OK, several people need to study starwars a little bit closer here,
first if you are "Sith" you would be a Sith pre to about 10,100 years, after that Sith became 2 and only 2, master and Apprentice, and every Sith's Name has been recorded. right now Luke has full right to the thrown and noone else may take it, but of course Luke hasnt because hes a lightsider. any darksider user among the time of 10,099 till modern SW time is a Dark Jedi.
also yes you can have a black saber, it would only be vary F***** hard to find the right Gem, it would need to be a translucent, and not opach, but you would need a more powerful energy source do to the fact if u use a normal energy source the blade would be weaker.
just as a side thought, a guy with 2 double bladed, all extending blades, whoa there, that would take years of training, sweet though.
also who the hell siad somthing about a different planet having different resources then Earth. i forgot who but you should be thrown into a blackhole alive. Earth is in a different Galaxy then the SW Galaxy you idoit. ever seen a galaxy far far away in the movies.
also movies are over books, books over, series and mini series, series over comics, comics over games. Knights of the old Rebuplic is a game and has been built to entertain you and has almost no valid realities to SW. i also dont consider Crystal in the Minds Eye, and Crystal Star , non starwars books because they dont portray the Force(or the skywalkers) in an accurate or appropiote manner.
im not going to expose my identity, but if you dis agree with me, bring it on. i like debates. well telling the truth is what i actually do.
also the basic overline of the story of crystal star did take place, but actions and portrayols of things and people are very inaccurate.

mim cloudwater
oh yes sith tatoos do exist, they are written in an ancient Sith language, unfortuanitly Darth Sidius the Late Emporer and Reborn Emporer are the last ones to know the language. although Luke did read the 3 completed volumes of "the Dark Side" which the Reborn emporer was going to ave 1000 of...excpet for the small matter of him dieing by sky...um...accident

too many colors to chose from

It was me. And you, my friend, should read more carefully before you criticize. I was responding to the claim that a gold lightsaber would be "too glitzy" for a Jedi. The reason that seems glitzy to us is because there's not a lot of gold on earth, and therefore it's valuable. But on other planets, like in the Star Wars universe, gold might be VERY plentiful.

My Jedi Knight name would be Dann Redd as a lightsaber I would go with Blue. But since I much prefer the red there is a chance I might go into the dark side evil face

my name would be Threat of Darkness and i would have one Orange saber and one Green saber

threat of darkness.....hmmm.....kinda long

Although, having a name that takes a long time to say could help you in a fight.

"Oh no! It's Threat of AAARRRGH!"

lol....true true....then again it could backfire.
"I am Threat of Dararrrrggggg" *silence*

mim cloudwater
vegeance god, my mistake sry, i misread

Name: Carev Null
Lightsaber: Dual-phase with a purple blade for the normal setting, and blue for the extended one.

I would loosely follow the suggestion of Jolee Bindo (from SW: KOTOR) and try to avoid extremes of good or evil, detachment or uncontrollable passion. I think as a Jedi I would make more of an effort to learn what I could about the galaxy and the Force and how I can best serve life in my own way. I don't think I would be willing to sacrifice my emotions as much as Jedi are tasked to do. I just think my emotions define who I am too much. If I ignore my emotions, than what right do I have to wield the Force? The Force makes life possibly and connects all things. What is life if not a person's feelings about existing? But then, in the Star Wars universe, a person like me could fall to the dark side pretty damn easily. I may do my best to remain safely neutral, but the Sith (or whoever happens to be serving the dark side at the time) will be doing much more to convert me. Just food for thought, I guess.

Lord Ryugen
Name: Yurin Carrn
Lightsabre, Two shorter versions of the double ended lightsabre used by Darth Maul in green, one for each hand.

I would be neither Jedi or Sith, I follow my own path through destiny

My name would be Dark Doom. I would have a double-bladed red sabre and duel red-lightsabres for backup.

Name: Dracanis Valcron
Species: something near human but not entirely preferably a chiss
Lightsaber color: Turquoise

When Episode one came out, there was a recommendation from some site somewhere that your "Star Wars" name could be obtained thusly:

1)To create your first name, take the first three letters of your first name and reverse them...
Example: John (HOJ)

...and the first three letters of your last name and put them on the end.
Example: Smith (SMI). Your first name is Hojsmi.

2) Your last name is the model of the first car you owned (if you don't yet own a car, make it your family's car, I guess).

3) Your planet of origin is the last prescription drug you took.


I am Ramdav Futura from the planet Guafinex. My light sabre is invisible, but emits the scent of tropical flowers when hit, thus creating a more sedate mood in my opponents during our battles.

A similar game is to come up with your "drag-queen" name by using the name of your first pet and the name of the first street you lived on. A girl I worked with at the time became "Coco Sinclair", while I was cursed with the moniker "Sparky Walnut". Doesn't exactly evoke sexiness, does it?

Darth Ownage, Purple Lightsaber stick out tongue

darth scrotum, turquoise lightsaber


name: Darth Maveroth((hell id be a lacky, i dont care)) from planet Peptole-bismole((spiffy that name up a bit)) I enjoy combat but also like to show off hence the akwardly long sabre that emit's black light making it very hard to see your surrounding's wink

oh....well if black's immpossible then this is the alternate

Yeah, black is the absence of light, a black lightsaber would defy all the
laws of physics... it is called a lightsaber, not a "lack of light" saber.

I think I would go with a green light saber like Master Yoda...
...I don't know about name though... maybe I can adopt Hilary's
last name and call myself Master Duff? ...hehehe... laughing out loud

Master Revan would be my name Double bladed saber color blue and two normal ones on my belt for dual sabers color purple

all to gather ill have three lightsabers two standard and a double blade.

Phoenix Jedi
id be known as the Phoenix Jedi, but my true secret name would be Virulentis Aquileo (hidden meaning, see if u can work it out!)
id have a double ended green saber with the Guardian hilt from JK:JA and a staff like Gandalf the White's only with a short lightsaber at the top.
i dont know whether id b a jedi or sith, probly Jedi though.

my name would be collidor my lightsaber would be a ruby green with saphire blue spiraling stripe goin up
i would have to fight gor whoever paid me more

Or my name could be lord Raiden and Darth or master Revan as i said before.

Id have two red curved handels and my name would be bob

I would fight like Asajj Ventress even though im a guy and be a good guy and kick so driod ass

maul is cool but id win in a fight


i'd have a flame-looking saber...and my name would be...


...Revanche. messed

alien My name would be Elric and I would have a light green lightsabre

My name would be Night Wing and I would have a two colored saber half of it green and half of it yellow!!


my name would be blizzard and my lightsaber color would like like shimering ice on a pond.

Sith Master X
Not sure a bout a name, but my saber would be green.


Mr Zero
My name would be Darth Bandit and my sabre would be brown.

And I would have a lisp.

I'd be one of those guys who's not really Jedi, but not a Sith...just a force user with no clear-cut alliances

People would call me Torrent, and my saber would be black big grin

I'd probably stick with my Star Wars RPG character -- her name is Rianna Xi, and she has two lightsabers, one purple and one orange.

my name would be 1-8-7 and my saber would have a jet black handle with a gold covering. the blade will be black.

as for looks go i would be.

5'9 (my regular height)

jet black sith robes and cloak

white eyes.

satans beard.

name- unknown
blade color(s) blue & red (2 sabers)

Jedi Priestess
er......DOH..........Priestess.........and mine would be like Darth Maul's except in a deep shade of purple.....not like Mace's tho, waaaay darker.

Sith Master X
Does the jedi code forbid them from using a red lightsaber? confused



name: Jus Allah
light saber color: Colorless

Jedi Priestess
err not possible....its a LIGHTsaber....no light in black there pal stick out tongue

My name would be Master kono not sure of the last name yet was thinking of Sifu but my color light saber would be the color of a black light and i would be a rouge jedi not evil but not all the way good either and i would hunt the sith down like a bounty hunter but on my own terms

Being the SW fan that I am
a Classic green single bladed lightsaber
black boots, black trousers, black rennaisance styled shirt, black cape and hood, a M1851 Navy Colt revolver rigged to be a blaster.
My Name is Torber Washlee code named COPPERHEAD

I would be called Darth Karma..real name Karma Toreall.. i would go for the darth maul outfit and i would have 1 red saber and 1 silver saber...with eyes like dath maul but instead of red n yellow it would b red n silver juss like the lighsabers...


Jedi dersans
My name is Ebn Dersans I would have to go with a Double-Bladed Blue saber.

Seto Fett
Just going a little bit off-topic but my full stats would be:

Name: Evos Sni
Species: Human
Status: Jedi (Light)
Lightsaber color: Red(Provided I can get the right crystals!)
Lightsaber Hilt: HLT Firebrand

Let's see, my clan name would be Telo-Jax Kenobi, one of the first jedi of the Kenobis. The name that I would use would be Josh Kenobi. I would have a Mandalorian backround. Due to the inbred warrior instincts I'd probably have, staying on the light path would be difficult. Anger from past battles would feed the dark taint within me, which would cause me to drift ever closer to the dark side...i'm a good writer, wouldnt you say? Anyway the name would be Josh Kenobi- of course- and my single bladed lightsaber would be dark blue or dark red depending on my allegiance. The crystals would be of the rarest in the galaxy. My robes would be jedi-like and would have armored reinforcements and- just kidding, i'm done. mad

that was an accident about putting the heart up there. pay no attention to it-it's not what it looks like-STOP LOOKING AT IT!!!!!...*ahem* thank you.

my name would be jamen and my lightsaber would be a double bladed white and black if i could

My name would be po-ne-toska I would be1/4 what yoda is 1/4 calimari 1/4 ewok and 1/4 human I would wield a staff light saber with the same hilt ad anikin, the color would be green.

The reason that siths have a red saber is that they use sinthetic crystels I dought there is a natrel red

John 117
alright, i don't have a Jedi Name
but my lightsabers would be Silver and Purple

New Name: Platinum

Light Saber: Carmen Electra hologrammed around my lightsaber

Ghetto Goblin
i would be darth raider, red lightsaber, of course.

Ghetto Goblin
or darth pennyless, with a crooked and bent saber (not hilt, but the saber part), it would be bronze.

If I were a Jedi my name would be Sanja Skywalker and I'd have a purple lightsaber (like the legendary Mace Windu) love love

My name would be Ka-Shem... Id be a Dark Jedi and id have a red lightsabre... as shall be the case in Star Wars Galaxies.

mumbaki... with a light blue light saber. not carolina blue or powder blue... just enough hue to know it's blue.


Darth Dude-with-a-red-light-sabre

with a green lightsabre....

My name would be : Alp Arslan (Jedi ofcourse)
and my saber would be a greyish beam which turned white as it swirls in air and red as it hits its target, possible green if it hits something neutral smile

I would have a red or black light saber

name: Shadowman
i would wear black

well my name in KOTOR is Aiden Quallest, and I'd probably have a orange double-bladed lightsaber


My name would be Damius, and i'd have a light purple light saber with the side you hold soild gold.

Darth Nizzle
Name: Karl Klax Sith Name: Darth Nizzle
Height: 6,8
eye color : purple
Light sabers: every jedi or sith i kill i would take there lightsabers
Real Lightsabers:My two ones would be One purple and one red lightsabers i would just keep the others for show.
i would be a Dark jedi
master: Darth Vader i left when i thought i was more powerful

Darth Nizzle

Mine would be Dathinko Makuria (dunno, sounds weird/cool/i dunno, random name =/) and my lightsaber color would be silver.

name: dartth knob
lightsaber colour: green and red stripes smile



I am Darth Nefarus and I have two white-bladed lightsabres. One is unique, in that the blade only extends to the size of a dagger. The second has a curved hilt like that of Dooku. The difference however, is that next to the trigger is a switch that shifts the weapons function between sabre and blaster. Although I would not say I am on the darkside, I am certainly aggresive.

My name is Brock Vulturan (a name I came up with a while ago). I would carry two sabers, green and orange, though i rarely use them both at the same time

Clai Keboa
Well Clai Keboa of course............
& the olny way you'd know what colour is was - if you annoyed me!!

Mace Skywalker
Jedi Name: Kai Okin(get it)
Only Jedi, I would never become a dark jedi or sith, never.
I would have one purple saber, just like my dog Mace.
Everybody else has got two or a double now a days, but I'm old school. I only need one. Oh and If anybody knows of an actice rpg i can play, please tell me.

Kraven Kronius
id see what happened after using an onyx crystal for a saber...

Jackie Malfoy
I would be on the dark side acouse and my name would be Jade Stone also I would look like the picture that is under my siggy!
and my lightsavor would be purple!It would be so cool!If only it could happen!
Anyway great idea for a topic!JM smokin'

Roan Trilanger, Correlian Jedi, wears standard brown Jedi robes but with gree trim reflecting his correllian heratige, Wields standard green single bladed lightsaber, is approx. 6 feet and musculat. Takes a direct, but not nessasarily violent approach to situations. He owns ay Yt-2000 modifyed frieghter namded The Spirit of Correllia given to him as a gift from his father after completing his Jedi training.
He now has a padawan Sunda, A headstrong young man withmannarisms not unlike his master. They are currently investigating a series of mysterious pirate attacks with Roans friend Xeth, a genosain Jedi.

Mr Parker
Not sure about name yet but color would be Blue since thats my favorite color.

mc pee pants
this woul dbe a good saber color peepantsflash

Master Blade
My name would be Darth Blade, and my lightsaber would be a double bladed gold + silver

My name would be Morianna, and my blade would be Light Aquamarine in color. big grin

i would NOT be jedi. i would be sith. my name would be Selket. and my saber would be double edged and crimson with wisps of black running through it.

cut your enemy down with style!
but make sure you ....do...cut them....down...

Stealth Agent
My name Densk Shadowtracer i walk neither the path of a cocky jedi Knight but not the horrid way of a sith i follow my own path. I wield a purple lightsaber.

heres a description

Black hair spiked up. A tan complection. He has green eyes. Strong jaw figure. His face looks young although it contains his older looking jaw figure. A small silver loop earing in his left ear. A dark black vest, a dark under robe but the robe is cut short at the shoulder length so Densk arms are completley nude. He has tan muscular strong arms. A tight jet black cuff on his right wrist, that comes up to two to three inches below his elbow. The cuff has rows of Fringe's on it. The cuff often catches ones eye with it's shiny reflection. Densk wears black pance not to loose not to tight. With a black robe belt. His master didn't approve of Densk cloth style but never made him change it. (Somewhat resembles a royal egyptian with his tanned muscular arms, vest and cuff.)
Backround Information: Densk Shaolin has a interesting life. He was born in Tanjon(a poor planet). Early in his life at the Age 2 his Mother passed away of an illness. His father was unable to move on emotionally, He was mentally unstable. One of the last things his father did was commit Densk to the Academey. Somehow he knew Densk would be eligible. Densk was always diferent then his other fellow trainees. Not strength wise, but personailty wise. He was a bit rough around the edges, sometimes. His heart isn't corrupt though he never remebered his Mother and only good things about his father. Densk motives were always for the best. He has a good heart.

mc pee pants
[email protected]! you put some thought in to that. nice.

charlie sims
My name would be Soren Demarra and I would carry a green saber. Preferably I would attempt to master weilding two short sabers, like the one Yoda uses in Episode 2, for double glowing, slicing, dicing, action!

And I must also mention that I agree with the notion that a black or clear saber is impossible. DAMN YOU LAWS OF PHYSICS!

i would be Datrh craka would use a double bladed red saber and i would be zabrak like maul for its the master species actually prolly look a lot like my avatar

Stealth Agent
yea i pulled it from my RPG

heh yea much detail err change my saber to 2 dooku like sabers

I would never become a Jedi, rather a Sith.
Lighsaber-colour: red ofcourse.
And guess??? My name would be Sicky...

I would be Dustin Goodwabas
lightsaber color- blue

edit- sorry for the old thread dig-up

Hmmm...why don't you just use the names you already use here?
Why do you need to have a special name?
Just be satisfied with what you have.
Don't you listen to Yoda's words? I thought you were Jedi's...

Name: Syhamkin Hiranand
Like Anankin, would be confused between good and dark side and would probally lead most of my life in the dark side and then convert back...... Or is that cheatin'

By the way: Shyam was my Grandfathers Name

kin from Anakin

Hira is My Surname

And Anand is my real name but for some reason everyone called me Arnie from the age of 10......


Very interesting...

name scar

afflication jedi master

weapon. black bladed lightsaber.

bio. scar was a frustrated jedi that is confused on whats right and whats wrong. eventually he holds good and dark sides in his heart. very rebelious with the jedi code wich makes the high council believe he's a sith but doing surrten deeds dosent nessesarily make him a sith.

Dude Vader
Hmm...I think I would have to be called Darth Retep and have the classic evil red blade.

It doesn't matter which color light-saber you possess, as long the head will go off!!!

well id be a sith but not the siths that are mindless killin machines id be a sith lord Darth Avatar and a black light saber with a gold handel

Hm....Bluntman....Pink Bong Saber

Actaully hold that, I would be Lord Dark Helmet ( Rick Moranis ) and I would not need no lightsaber I would use the Ring of Castration!

Bluntman with double green bong saber :P

Ardal Kain - Red Dual Saber - splits at the center.

My Name and background is actually that of mystery. I follow my own path inbetween both light and Dark - I was raised with Both Jedi and Sith Training, in a sort of Gray order. the time is 193 years after the battle of Yavin and the New Jedi Order has me and my followers as Outcasts.

This is a story we will tell in a 26 minute fanfilm we are creating

StarWars: Rogue Jedi Order


Kun-ni Habeo
Kun-ni Habeo(you can check your jedi names here:

white(kinda ghosty lookin) or orange saber

if jedistick out tongueik-to-soon,saber=2 blue sabers
if sithbig grinarth Rein,saber=2 single edged red sabers that can connect to form a double edger

The Ones
Name: Darth Torno
Species: Unknown
Planet: Unknown
Affiliation: Sith
Rank: Master
Lightsaber Colour: Red

Darth... Nephitis. No lightsaber. I'd just fry people to death with my tendrils of blue-black force lightning - leaving nothing but hollow husks in my wake.


lord rinew

tidus 35
if i was a jedi i would call myself xu huang and my saber would be blue

Emperor’s Bones
Jedi (Insert my normal name here)

Blade color would either be blue or red.

I wouldn't use those geeky robes. I'd have modified clone trooper uniform. Minus the helmet. And it would be black with a crimson red blood stripe going to the outer side of the legs and arms.

My name would be my name

saber: a single shorter blade (by about 2 inches) and Green blade big grin