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who else thinks that this guy absolutly rocks?
i defenitly do.
andy serkis has done a great job. and weta digital, of course.
but gollum is so extraordinary cool, like hes teasing sam, gesturing... anything great!!
what do you guys think of it?

He's -- hm I dunno any word but I definitely DO think that he rocks (though there has been another thread about it)

Mein... mein Schatzzzz!




andy serkis rocks indeed!!!

every time i meet him he comes out with extra-ordinay things! very kind man!! very genuin and....a bloke!!

and gollum...well!1 he plays the part fantasticslly!!

I saw Two Towers before the Fellowship so I saw much more of smeagol and got a better impression of him. I think he's absoluty spiffy.

mmmmmm gollum.....the only thing that makes me a little confused is that in the book he says "Rock and pool is nice and cool, so good for feet" and it's in the dead marshes and when he's in the forbidden pool he says "Rock and pool is nice and cool so juicy sweet"....how can a rock be juicy and sweet.....lol

hes talking about the fish smile

Hi Newbie here
I met Andy Serkis at a convention he is so funny and so cool.
cool laughing out loud big grin roll eyes (sarcastic) Happy Dance angel

Tired Hiker
Andy is classic in the making of Sean Astin's short film on the TT special features disc. He's a real trooper!

i like gollum he's cool... funny too, like when he was in the forbidden pool with the fish singing

I like the scene in the film when he sings that song that is originally heard in the barrowdowns-song...

Cold be hand and heart and bone,
and cold be sleep under stone:
never mare to wake on stony bed,
never, till the Sun fails and the Moon is dead.
In the black wind the stars shall die,
and still on gold here let them lie,
till the dark lord lifts his hand
over dead sea and withered land.

in the film
Cold be heart and hand and bone,
and cold be travellers far from home.
They do not see what lies ahead,
when sun has failed and moon is dead.

I just Gollum's split personalities. I don't know which side i like best the Good or The Bad?
What's your fav side??
lotrfreek confused Happy Dance alien


Is it just me, or do I just find striking similarities between Gollum and Kreacher from the Harry Potter books?

Ugh... Kreacher... there are really similarities but on the other hand they're totally different again.

My fav. part in the movie is when Gollum is talking to himself. I think they did a real good job on that, cause the first time I watched the TT I thought there were 2 diff. gollums

Well in the 3rd movie we will see both sides of Gollum talking to each other and agreeing big grin


Yes, that was a taster of what's to come - I can guarantee that his schizo acting is gonna be FAR better then that big grin

What I meant by striking similarities, is that, they not only talk to themselves constantly, but also both of them gives off the aura that they are not to be trusted, but some where along the line we don't mind them anymore, and then BAM, both of them plans to kill off their master with the bad guys.
Hey, does any one of you realize that both of them are missing when they are plotting the plan, and it really shows in the book, and we all wonder where on earth could they have gone at such a crucial hour (for instance Gollum disappears when they really need him in that dark tunnel, and Kreacher disappears during the Christmas when they really need him in the kitchen)? And you have to agree, that they DO look a lot alike.

They do look alike but Gollum is far cuter big grin

The main difference is imo that Gollum works for his own good and Kreacher wants to help his master in some way.
And Gollum longs for something his master has...

Gollum shouldv given some riddles in lotr:ttt...that wouldv bin great

Having fun with those smilies, there lotrfreek, anyway cool, welcome...

Anyway, Andy Serkis has the perfect gollum/smeagol voice, it's awesome, hopefully he doesn't have that voice in real like though, that would be creepy, lol, i'm sure that's not his own voice... wink

I can't wait 4 the 3rd film i wonder if Gollum is patiant enough to wait 4 precious 2 kill Frodo and the Chubby Hobbit

I cant wait to see the final scenes of Mount Orodruin... MY PRECIOUS!

yeah, tolkien had a good end to gollum/smeagol, well by that time gollum had taken over, so yea, bad gollum

who can talk like gollum??
i do. i want to meet another person who can talk like gollum .

Lucas Sucks!
Humm.... I do...

A box without hinges, key or lid.
Yet golden treasure inside is hid.
What is it ?
Lotrfreek cool laughing out loud eek!

I also do laughing out loud and I drive all my friends crazy doing it...
But if I talk like that to much, I get a sore throat big grin thats the problem.

Dirty Vader

Dirty Vader
By the way I can talk like Gollum too, but I sound more like ET or a strangled cat.

Interesting point
Right somehow...

But not the greatest power, Sauron was only a Maia

And what's power good for if you cant use it?

I love smiles
Is it true that Andrew Loyd Webber is going to make Lotr into a musical??
lotrfreek Happy Dance laughing out loud confused cool wink embarrasment

Yes it is true
I think there was a thread about it

Sauron was only a Maiar, but he was the greatest being still in Middle Earth. Of course, the story is in a Miltonic Monotheistic theodicy, so the greatest power of all would be Eru.

Melkor barred the other Valar from helping in the affairs of the Earth directly, as a revenge action on his return to creation. They could not get at him, for he hid in Utumno (I wouldn't fancy having to root around for him there! devil )

Therefore the other archangels cannot be included in Middle Earth. angel

The Ring could theoretically be used to a certain extent by anyone who already had a great power, but really, it would be a case of the Ring using them, as only Sauron could use it properly.


my cousin can talk like gollum, and it scares me too, i'm like shut up... she spooks me out, especially if we're ever in teh dark.... confused

big grin big grin

I love talking like gollum especially movie quotes (yessss, cookiesss need love too)

I think we can all agree without Gollum lotr wouldn't b as great as it is.

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Miss Smeagol
SMEAGOL ROX MY SOX!!!!!!!!!!!! rock Happy Dance (see username, im also new here)

Not only would LotR not be a good without Gollum, it would be completely different, because first of all Deagol would have had the ring, and without Gollum Frodo and Sam never would make to Mordor because they didn't know anywhere except for the Black Gate. And of course, at the end, but I won't say anything for those of you who haven't read the books. Yay for Gollum!

Gollum, even before Gandalf and Frodo is a greatly described, wonderfully dialouged, overall very fantastic character in the land of Literature. He is a metaphor for Drug users who get hooked and can't stop.

I've read the book which do you prefer the book or the film?
Send ya comments!!!!!!!!!!
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I always thought Tolkien badly botched Gollum's end.

Here we have a character, influenced in no small measure by Scott's Bois Guilbert, and we have an end even more unsatisfying.

If you are intersted in the idea of redemption, and Tolkien undoubtedly was, then how can you so badly botch a character like Gollum.

yes, he could never have given the precious up, fair enough, but


to have him grab the ring and simply fall **yawn**.

to grab the ring and REALISE he's falling and let himself go anyway even if its just to prevent anyone taking the precious again - OK

Anyway thats what i thought, and i hope PJ felt the same way.

well tolkien is big about redemption, but he also plays the aspect that redemption isnt something that everybody receives (mostly due to themselves) such as sauron after the first age was asked to return to valinor for redemption and he also failed.

Tired Hiker
I love how Gollum bites off Frodo's finger at the end. Like Sauron, Frodo is missing a finger. Way to make the story come full circle! I can't wait to see this part in the movie.

yeah, i agree with u. Gollum really isnt gross hes cute, specially when he was talking 2 himself.

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All I know is...Andy Serkis rocked!!http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/punk.gif

Cute, cute, cute - he aint bloody cute - He is a mean, lean, cold blooded killing machine - Gollum = Smeagol and vice-versa - they aren't 2 different people, just one separating himself into 2 personalities.

He's to stupid to be a killing machine
And he is cute love

Stupid? Is he really? Hrmmm, interesting. Stupid enough to outwit both Aragorn and Gandalf though.


Cute, no....Interestingly terrible, yes.....

Fair point, but then again, the cases of Smeagol and Sauron are light years apart.

Sauron is (and i admit i'm simplifying it a little here, but only a little) your standard 'black hat' bad guy demon.
There is no internal struggle with Sauron, he's BAD thats it.

The case of Smeagol is light years away from that,
Yes, he has fallen in to temptation
Yes, he's a murderer
but to a large extent the effect has been imposed.
What's more he still has some good in him, there IS a struggle of conscience.
Admittedly did a terrible thing RIGHT at the start of possession of the ring, but after that he's had 500 years of it poisoning and tormenting him.
Goodness knows, Frodo and Bilbo had a bad enough time letting go after the relatively short times they held it for.

I therefore still maintain that Tolkien's version of the end of Gollum/Smeagol is weak, and feels out of character, both for Gollum/Smeagol and Tolkien's own writing.

Turin btw,
which do you like best?
Turambar and the Faoloke
Narn i hin Hurin
Of Turin Turambar?


I don't know but what i do know is as soon as the return of the king comes out it will smash the box office and Andy Serkis will declare his love for me. Oh I really should wake up now.
Ps I love smilies.
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The Jarjar binks of LOTR!

What does that mean?
eek! rolling on floor laughing Happy Dance laughing

Well, he puts very annoying comical relief in place where its not needed and he's basically like a cartoon since he's all 3D just like Jarjar.

Newtype: Have you read the books? If not, please do, and try to restrain from criticising something you obviously don't fully understand. If you have, then there is nothing I can do to help you - well, I may be able to smile

Gollum is a wierd charecter.

Hey don't dis the Serkis Mister
He rocks and so does Smegal/Gollum.
Read the books before you critise
mad mad mad mad

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