what do u do for job or school

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i am a sophmore in high school i hate it ok what do u do and if u work how much a year do u make

sophmore too
im a full time band geek tho

im sophomore also. i volunteer at hospital once a week for like 4 hours.

i work as a part time waitress big grin

Tired Hiker
I shoot the news for a local NBC affiliate.

thats really koo
thats really neat TH, where??

im a freshmen and i work on nothing lol

I am an SRT member for the DOE on the west coast..Make 60-80 a year depending on how much ot I take.

Tired Hiker
Salinas, California. My station covers from Big Sur to Santa Cruz. Mainly the Monterey Peninsula if that makes any sense.

ever cover stuff in Long Beach or is that too far south for you all

I'm an electrican

im a freshman in highschool and hating it

8th grade and hatin it

Im in my last year of 6th form... big grin

and Im also *deep breath* a typist (I get audio tapes once a week to finish) , a maths tutor and I also work in a off-license part time.... big grin

im in year 9. that is all i am in.

Tired Hiker
That's way too far south.

I'm a junior in highschool, soon to be in running start for college

Tired Hiker
College was cool. I had a blast. I have no regrets about college. Especially the late night shroom trips.

laughing out loud I don't think I am gonna go to a major university though, just community college. Then I am moving on to ITT Tech to study computers yes

Tired Hiker
Is ITT the Two Towers? Are you going to fight against Sauron?

-sigh- I don't do Lord of the Rings no Never thought much of those movies, no offense TH stick out tongue

ITT Technical Institute I don't know exactly what it stands for

Sir R DeNiro
You wouldn't believe me if I told you. I did the same thing for 16 years and the twits are still paying me to sit at home and play on the computer. They still pay me 62K per annum Australian.

I do absolutely nothing for work or school

i have a crappy paper round which i hate!

Married. Work in IT for a very large company. Its ok...pays good...

have a nice house...life is good.

i done my degree at IC, London... and now some executive at a big company and now i hate my job's... i need a break..

cheers mate!!

Lawyer and working in an insurance company and free-lancer photographer..And I hate the insurance company..it sucks....and I need a loooong break too farway from here..

Sophomore in high school, i love it lol! me and my friends have a blast together there..hallways..classes...outside...dancing in the parking lot....tho sometimes we can scare people embarrasment lol but its great...love havin fun and making people laugh. the classes are fun too (unless their confusing, then they can just go away!) i love band class (no im not a geek thanx! *tosses hair*) and play trumpet, but i think this is all too much informaiton coz i think this is the longest response in this thread! o well hehee i outie! stick out tongue

well gonna be an actress but goin for a waitress job on my bday yay at skool though

Junior in High School, it's Ok...getting better day by day.

I like mimster!!!!!!!!!!

Im a Veterinary Nurse, been doing it for 5 years now.
Pay isnt all that but i like the job. smile

Darth Hater
i sell peanuts at suns,diamondbacks,and coyote games so i can get paid and watch the games for free

I prefer to describe my profession as that of a "Contemporary Anthropological Interactive Observer" because it has just the right amount of flair. Besides, "stalker" is such an ugly word

Darth Hater
rolling on floor laughing

u can stalk me anyday kitty wink

My official title is Tooling/Project Engineer. I'm also a director of the company too.

I'm also studying for a manufacturing degree part time, finish next June though, YAY! big grin

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