MetaGamex Game Console only 199.99!!!

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No not really. But I want to believe I am really on to something and would appreciate all of your help. Enough with the banter about bashing forum members and lets plug back into the matrix. If you want to learn something keep reading.

Ok so we go the Metacortechs site. Buildings look familiar, site has a green tone. The site looks like shit for such "big" company (sorry I am a graphic-design major and thats my opinion). We have all been over this topic before. But Im bored and have no life so I choose to look deeper. I see they have a game console (yeah like that stands a chance...) So I search their console.... nothing. Except for a Matrix forum based in Spain saying the site is fake and started by the Brothers... Just like us here. I choose to look up Steve Walsh (google search = "Steve Walsh" + The Matrix.... for google newb " " narrow the search and + looks for text in a site that has whats in the " " connected to it). Nothing for Steve walsh. Google search Beth McConnel.. AH HAH!!!

I get this site:

Which I notice is created my metacortex, and is hosted on the same server...

There is a link to this site

The URL above is "Beth's" "personal" "site" (think dr. evils "laser"wink. Here is a quote from her site

and this

When you look at the MetaDex site there are 3 random quotes that replace one another on the page.

Here they are

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

-Aldous Huxley

"Only the spoon knows what is stirring in the pot."

-Sicilian Proverb

"Assumptions allow the best in life to pass you by."

-John Sales


Huxley was a writer of philospohical and fictional books that were much like the matrix. Here is a quote from a Huxley bio site

Like the England of his day, Huxley's Utopia possesses a rigid class structure, one even stronger than England's because it is biologically and chemically engineered and psychologically conditioned. And the members of Brave New World's ruling class certainly believe they possess the right to make everyone happy by denying them love and freedom.

and this

The range of Huxley's interests can be seen from his note that his "preliminary research" for Island included "Greek history, Polynesian anthropology, translations from Sanskrit and Chinese of Buddhist texts, scientific papers on pharmacology, neurophysiology, psychology and education, together with novels, poems, critical essays, travel books, political commentaries and conversations with all kinds of people, from philosophers to actresses, from patients in mental hospitals to tycoons in Rolls-Royces...." He used similar, though probably fewer, sources for Brave New World .

check this link out later ( )... leads us right back to the matrix...

The next is a Sicilian Proverb... which I shouldn't explain...

Finally we have John Sales. I searched and searched to finding nothing but this seemingly popular quote. His claim to fame? The only thing I could find was his work at the George Orwell Bookstore (hmmmm....) but no descriptions. All of his work is out of print......

link to G.O.B.S. w/ John Sales work:

For those who do not know Steve is the CEO and Beth is the employee of the month at Metacortex.

What is Metacortex

Metacortex is the company Thomas A. Anderson working for in the first Matrix movie. The site for the company launched Oct 1 2003. With a resemblance to the Matrix movie.

I noticed Beths user name was emc2 on the Metadex site. I was wasting time trying to crack her password to no avail. So I google searched em2 +matrix and came up with this

reminds me of the "haunted" house from the Animatrix.

the site above is also on the same server as beths site, metacortex site, and the metadex site.

finally after many posts talking to myself and 1 newb i give you my last sight (just found it) its obviously another fake site on the same server and is mentioned in the news section on the Metacortex site (this site as the same news update only minus the metacortex name.... Im pissed that I wasted hours looking for this site when it was on the M.C site the whole time)...



dragonpisces272 you went deeper to the metacortex thing, huh? That building is just a "matrix freebie", but good to see your keeping in touch with the people actually working there. laughing out loud. I lost you on that last post you made...big grin

there is already a post about this. it must have been before i joined this forum. thats what my last post was about. what do you mean... you lost me with the "freebie" and keeping in touch....

ohh...i didnt see it. Or maybe never even bothered to enter it big grin. I dunno if this is true, but isnt the metacortex building mainly popular because of the matrix?? And the keeping in touch, forget about that. By the way, your icon's hilarious laughing out loud

Teach me oh master!


spydar> go here:
they have a listing of everything that has been figured out so far...

Ahhhhhh I see..... thank very much Jedi... ARG huh? After being really really upset early this morning. I was begining to think they were setting up sites that would be necessary to visit/find for the online matrix game. almost like a dectective story or something... do you know if there is any point to this other than for bored matrix fans? any info on the movies or anything?

not that i can see, but it may be uncovered later on whether or not there really IS any point...

there must be SOME point.. thats a good bit of work to go through.. although they do love confusing us and making us think... still i must believe it has some relivance

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