Orphans in M1, spoon in M2?

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I dont play video games and cant stand the animation of Animatrix, maybe thats why I have no answer to this.

In M1, Neo met the bald kidd where he was taught how to properly bend a spoon. In M2, the doofy azzkissing dweeb ran a spoon to Neo before he left and said it was from the orphan.

Once it was established that the Oracle was some kind of program, I assumed the childen were programs too. I remember it was mentioned that the kids were 'potentials?" as if they were POTENTIAL "ones"... in training.

Now were these real children plugged into the matrix from the real world? OR.. were these children STILL plugged/trapped in the matrix? OR.. were they programs?

The only sensible answer to the kidd sending Neo a spoon is that he was plugged into the Matrix from the real world for training purposes.

Please tell me if Im missing info from ETM or other source.


I believe the orphan was plugged into the Matrix for testing in M1. He sent him the spoon via Michael.

no this children had been freed and were taken to the oracle as potential ones. morpheus says to neo in M1 that they usually do not wait so long to free some one, so i'm assuming they free them when they are young (but i thought around mouse's or kid's age)

I bring up this old tread because it has not been resolved.
It makes sense to bring freed children to the Oracle. As far as we know most of the podborn are brought to the Oracle.
These children must be freed podborns.
But where are their escorts? The other Capts?
Was that not shown because the WBros didnt want to introduce other characters for plot/budget reasons?
And possible write themselves into a corner?

This has always bugged me.

Read the comics for the answer to your question.

The Omega
The comics can be found here, btw




Ok. So children are brought to the oracle before they are freed. By either the Oracles servants or by Zion rebels.
Am I understanding that correctly?

Hmm.I wonder if to the casual observer in the matrix a Zion rebel looks like a child kidnapper. Grab a kid off the street, tell them the world isnt real and then take them to an old lady in a housing tenement.
Do they stake out the materiny section of the hospital, grabbing infants?

Yes exactly. They are brought to the Oracle before being freed.

Mechaban> I think that sounds the most possible of all explanations.

I never really thought about it, and I still don't understand it, but I don't think it's something I should ponder over....

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