The ask DeNiro for fitness advice thread

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if u want to know ne thing bout fitness i will help u make exercise plans for u tell you how to lift how much to lift and then i will make diets out for people depending on what they want to accomplish and also giv ne other type of help i can giv i love sharing my knowledge about fitness with people so shoot away if u want to

yo bro i need some advice since i have had a cast on my leg (the whole football incident) i have gained a few pounds im looking to loose about 5 pounds you know any daily rutines i could do once my cast gets off next week?

my advice to u is not to loose ne of the weight u gained. this is ur off season know so u should be gaining as much weight as u can this is called bulking where ue at alot and take in a lot of calories and u eat half good but also u can indulge in some bad foods also. also u should be lifting heavy cause u r bulkying and looking to become stronger do alot of eavy sets but sets that u can manage no max sets ok like make sure u can do the weight for at least 4 or 3 reps watch out for ur knee u can easliy hurt sumthing in it now so take it slow till u r totally recovered wich u will never be but u will get to a point where it is safe to do weights that r heavy. u should be doing this for legs though here i will giv u a list of excersises how mnay sets u should do and how many reps and then i am going to guess what ur weight should be on it squats 5 sets weight 135 135 185 185 200 and dont use the weights i giv u but i am guessing but this is how ur sets shouldl look like keep adding weiht and stick with a certain weight till u can get a heavier weight for 7 reps leg press 4 sets 200 ,300 400 500
hack sqauts 4 sets i dont know the weight just start small and keep going up
stiff legged dead lifts 4 sets
leg extionsions
hamstring curls
and lunges with some dumbells in ur hands

ok to break it down easier giv me a sec

ok and another question

are ankle weights a good idea? will they give me better moves on the field? (make me move my feet quicker for juking, spinning, ect.)

eat alot take in about 4000 to 5000 calories a day make sure u r lifting so they dont turn to bad calories
lift heaiver in the off season to become stronger to eat and lift heavier for a certain amount of time is called "bulking" i am doing that right now for the next five months before my show
do magagable weights though weights u can do for at least 3 to 4 reps with a good spotter always have a spotter
becareful with the knee it will be hurt easier now since u broke it
once ur season starts in the summer training stop eating as much as u were and start doing cardio but also training heavy still cardio will make u loos ur fat weight and alo make u faster and will teach u how to manage ur new weight

the best thing i could tell u about ankel weights that they r pointless. ok here is how weighs work u use a weight that is heaiy enough where u will stop after about 15 reps at the maximum ok well ankel weights will never get heavy enough to make u stronger sure they might do sumthing the first few times u use them but highly doubt it ankel weights are for old people infact just to make there bones stronger there all u have to do is practice ur movements more and u will be able to juke or stop a juke ten times better then using ankel weights i say put a few cones up and runn around them sides ways like off to the side as if u where blocking a guy then u will become a more dominate player on the field

Sir R DeNiro
I have been battling with a rotator cuff injury in my left shoulder for the last couple of months. Prior to the injury I was making really good gains. I wasn't taking any juice, just a bit of Creatine Monohydrate, and trying to up the protein intake, increasing my red meat intake and trying to drink a bit more low fat milk with skim milk powder added for additional protein.

At 5'9", pre-injury, I was tipping the scales at 88 kg, with my guns, pretty close to 19" flexed.

I'm worried that I'm going to lose a bit of the cannonball shape in my delts if I stop training them altogether. At the moment, my delts and guns are my best asset, along with pretty good legs due to a lot of sprinting in my younger days.

Should I just cut my loses, and just rest my shoulder, maybe with a bit of priority training on guns or legs. Or should I tuffen up, and just try and train through the injury.

Note, this is the third time I've injured the same shoulder, same injury in the past 3 years. I probably need a reco, but at my age, it's probably not really worth it, because I'm not planning on playing footy again.

What do you recommend?

hey DeNiro, cud i ask 4 ur advice? im 17 and i have been lifting regularly for a few months. i weigh 60Kg and have 13" biceps. id like to increase my muscle size but i dont think i can without gaining a lot of weight. do u have any dietary and excersice tips for me?

well for my lost bro Sir R DeNiro i am going to say if it is bothering u to the point where u cant even lift with it just go get it checked out but if not then take it easy dont lift with it for at least 2 weeks and then get back into the gym but do lighter weights with the same amount of reps u where doing like 8 to 10 then this will keep it stronger through out ur recovery but if it still hurts get it checked out and ask the doc

ok matrix mang all i got to tell u if u want to gain more muscel mass then weight ultimitly comes with it. u want to put on more weight unless u r doing a sport or activety such as wrestling that requires u at a lower weight. i wish i knew kg casue i would be able to help u better if u can transfer that into pounds it would be great but ne way just start circut traing and u will see some good results in the next five months of doing it if u want to get even bigger do circut training for 2 months straigh four days a week for about 2 hours a night and then start on a body part a night my week consist of this ill post my scheduel on the bottom of the page but i got to tell u something start eating and alot bro this will help u lift better not to mention get u more developed and faster.

Sunday- chest

now i did this for about two years now i change my days up to better impact my muscel and stimulate tehm more this is my lifitn week now

thursday-shoulders and triceps
friday-back and biceps

if u got ne more qesutions or u feel i didnt help u tell me again with a nother post

hey Deniro
whats a good ab workout
im 15 BTW

i got a great one ok u might need some of the machines to do it but it is pretty basic shit

the best ab workout for u is the straight legged kicks where u either are on the machine where u r in the air and u can bring ur legs straight and forward or u can lay on the ground and bring ur legs staight up into the air but here is my typical ab workout

curnhces for 100 fronts then i go on my side and do 100 to the right side and 100 to the left side

move over to the floor or machine and do the staright legged lifts for about 200 reps i spread the way i do them also front side to side and then lay on the floor and keep ur feet in the air about a foot and keep making ur feet og up and down this will work out the section of ur abs wich is by ur waist this is the hardest place to get abs since it retains water and make sure u do only abs 3 days a week other wise if u do more then all u will have is a flat stomach and not a cut one

ok thanks DeNiro

yeah abs r hard to explain it is better so see picture exampels u should check out some good websites with ab routines so u can see some pics on what i am talking about

hey thanks a lot DeNiro mate. i weigh about 60kg at the moment, but i'll start eating more and hopefully will get the results. thanks bro

hey matrix mang u r neo version 7 haha whats up bro havent talked to u in a while why did u change ur name i like both of them and ncie sig by the way

ok disclude that last post but ok bringing back some old threads baby stick out tongue

is butter and bacon-fat a good diet if ya want to shead pounds fast?

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