obie vs anakin...confirmed...

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Darth Hater
hayden said the final fight scene,between anakin and obie,will we the longest duel ever committed to film(in film history)

thanks for confirming that, but i have knowen about Obi-Wan vs Anakin duel for a long time.

Darth Hater
i wasn't confirming that they're gonna fight einstein,i was confirming that the duel will be the longest out of both trilogies which was a RUMOR that was floating around...

and now its confirmed


Ops! Ops! I need Ops NOW!

What the f**k?

sorry if this makes no sense I'm just releasing some anger that's all.

Darth Hater
you are very strange

Darth Revan
Currently the record holder for longest duel scene is a film called ... Well I forget what its called its an old swashbuckling film starts with an "S" i think I don' t have time to find it now I'm gettin yelled at

How long is...well...long??

Darth Hater
u took the words right out of my mouth stick out tongue

Ah, well, we did know that already- Nick Gilliard had talked about the rehearshal schedule for it before. But thanks for the update.

Darth Hater
but you know how people are in this board...

they wont believe anything until they see it or its really confirmed

it's been confirmed since 1983 wink

this is gonna be funbig grin

Darth Hater
the lenth of the fight?????

no, the fight and it being long and big and such

all fan-hopes of course wink

Darth Hater

maybe people are confused,but this thread is about the lenth of the fight...not that they're actually going to fight because we knew that already...

and we didnt know that the fight is going to be the longest ever committed to film...well,even so,at least it's confirmed smile

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