Why Neo SHOULDNT be the one

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first off i sincerely apologize if this has been posted before...
ok, if the machines want there to be a ONE to keep people happy, why did smith kill him? he didnt know neo could overcome that. who would have been "the one" then? also, the oracle told neo he wasnt the one. once again, if the machines want "the one" why not tell him he is the one to make sure the program works right? it just doesnt make since that they would actually kill him if they wanted him to be the one.

it was Smiths PURPOSE to kill neo, in order that Neo become the one...and if the oracle had told neo that he was the one, one of two things would have happened, either Neo wouldn't have gone to save Morpheus, or Neo would've disbelieved it, and gotten himself killed, because "you dont believe in that fate crap". the oracle KNEW that neo would have to die before he understood that he was the one, and she TOLD HIM AS MUCH, although he didn't understand it...And the machines do not want the one, any more than they want anomalies in the coding of the matrix. They, however, make use of the anomaly, to get what THEY want, for the matrix to continue...NEO is the ONE, no doubting that...

Neo should be the one!! im gonna kick ur @$$ now!!

Korri, be-have

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but wait, how did the oracle know trint loved neo? she didnt know she was gonna be there to kiss him after he got shot

the oracle told hewr that she will fall in love with THE ONE, and trin realized she love neo when he was shot, thus makin neo the one.
it doesn't matter if trin was there when he got shot or not, plus trin was in the same ship with morpheus and neo, so....

the oracle told neo he wasnt the One so he would go and save morpheus, then he would realise he IS the one.

further proof he is: he went to the archie, plus the keymaker could only give that key to the one

PLUS trinity would fal in love with the One

the oracle led neo to believe he wasnt really the one. but if you remember, she didnt actually say "Neo, you are not the one"

The oracle led me to believe that Neo was the one... and in Reloaded, Neo says something like "Why do I have to do this?" and she replies "Because you are the one Neo." and goes on about him having "the sight", etc...

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