Im doign football next year

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now all my football friends finally talked me into doign football next year i am the schools best golfer and it is kinda stupid not to do golf since i made 3rd varsity my frehmen year and 1st varsity my sophmore year but i think football is a better sport for me i like to run and get like whatch ma call it like when u walk in the gym with the hole school there and they annocue ur name and shit and u wave that is cool and hurting people wont be so bad either

Well Deniro good luck with footballbig grin

But don't hurt to many people okay shifty

but why not big grin i will end up being a linbacker so i will only be hurting the dumbass that is trying to block me from getting to the QB and i will be hurting the QB alot also

Take em out.

Knock a helmet off for me.

cool bra, i bet you'll tear em apart

lol I didnt want to meet ya in a football field mate

laughing out loud

i wondered if you played football deniro. your mad strong so you should be a good player.

football rules!

Heh I love football players...

Have fun!! big grin

football does kick some serious ass i luv playing with friends i ws a awesome QB when we played all the time in 8th grade i was throwing a 50 yard pass and i would be able to clock things perect but not ne more i lost my ability to throw now i am just a fast runner that is good at stopping jukes so i dont think that i will be a bad player or ne thing like that and by next year i should be upwards to 190 pounds so i will be a lil thicker so thats good

soooooo do i get to come see you in your skin-tight football pants???????????

big grin of course u do i cant wait though now i am jsut want to play so fuuckin bad omg u dont even know i am thinking about it for the past week like every second of them day i cant wait for june

good luck DE! stick out tongue

Captain REX
Football, eh? Don't get your teeth knocked out! Knock your opponents teeth out though, it's much better. wink

Ow football is real cool!!! good luck man!

i love playing footy.

me 2 I really like watching it on tele 2

Sir R DeNiro
I gave football ( rugby league ) away at the age of 14, after an injury. I too took up golf for a few years. I took footy up again when I was 21. I'm glad I did. Chicks dig footy players


i dont watch footy that much

we played football today witha bunch of friends omg it was hillarious ok this will be my first year playing and these guys played the last two years well the best thing that happend was when i was thrown a ball and it was short and the guy was about to intercept it but i jump over him like and reached in between his hands and hit the ball in my direction over his head and i caught it and ran for a TD. then everytime someone had sumone in a hold and trying to get them down i would run up to help and hit the other guy and before i could get there the same kid 200 pounds always dropped to the ground on purpose or ran out of bounds it was hillirous. i cant fuuckin wait now i am pumped for it one kid managed to rip my shirt today i was pissed at that though

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