Horror Directors

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Wes Craven: best known for bloody killer movies and remade classics with more gore. These movies are good for a night with some buddies who like to be scared, well more like startled.

Alfred Hitchcock: Defined the genre as we know it. Although, watching some of the films now, some people might not be able to appreciate the simplistic elements of pure human terror that Hitchcock used in his movies. All the movies were based on various human emotions being tested in extreme situations, which played off of the phobias and deep fears that exist in every human being.
#2--M. Night Shamalayan- intense dramatic and spooky movies (Unbreakable, 6th Sense). Best known for the use of hidden clues and messages through consistant symbolism. Aka, the color red in the 6th sense and bright colors in Unbreakable symbolize intense emotions or climatic elements in the plot or subplot.


#1- Rob Zombie- I waited for the year where they would release House of 1000 Corpses, religiously counting down the days, scouring the internet for more details about the movie. I had my hopes crushed after every cancelled release date, and had my confidence in Zombie lifted when he found new studio supporters and a new date. I was basically the equivalent of a Red Soxs fan, only for House of 1000 Corpses..."This is the year!!!". I waited for 5 years.

It was 5 years of wasted anticipation. I guess after all the hoopla that followed Zombie on his path through spineless producers and studios built up my expectations. After everything I had read about H1C, I really expected to be frightened beyond the repair of therapy, and sent home from the movies puking from the gore. Rob Zombie has let me down, both as a writer and a director. I was really expecting more from the dark lord of the undead.

George Romero .

Evil Dead
M. Night Shamalayan

Does he have more movies that I don't know about? I only know of the big 3. Sixth Sense is considered "horror" by some people......I however do not see why unless that it has a paranormal aspect. Unbreakable is an suspense/drama......nothing horrific there. Signs is a sci-fi movie about aliens and God...........

Out of his three movies there, only one I can see as being a horror film....that is ofcourse Signs. Sure it's in the Sci-Fi genre.......but I scream and become faint at the mere mention of it's name.....boy was it bad.

M. Night Shamalayan was my #2 because of the cinematography techniques he used. Whether or not certain movies were deserving of it is besides the point. lol. signs was kind of off, i was wondering what the hell he was doing with that.
the whole bs with hearing aliens through a baby monitor is funny tho..i used to do that to my neighbors...the talkies would intercept and i would do weird sh!t. lol.
I could picture a parody of that movie. The baby monitors from the neighbor's house intercept with Mel Gibson's. They're making noises into it from next door laughing at him..

Kid One: Oh my god he can hear us over there! *giggle* let me see it!! let me see it! *grabs baby monitor* *makes alien noises* OH MY GOD!! He's freaking out!! Look at him!!
*Hysterical laughter*
Kid Two: My turn!! *makes alien noises* oh my god the kid is climbing on the car now!!! Duuuuuude!! This is the funniest sh!t I've ever seen!!!

Evil Dead
I was really wondering why you posted about him in a thread about horror directors........because he isn't one.

If you read the thing i wrote about him, i said he was more into the intense drama and spooky themes...i didn't say he was horror. Talking about the Alfred hitchcock movies, just made me think of some of the stuff he had done, and i just threw it in before i forgot it. lol.

Evil Dead
House of 1000 Corpses did indeed suck.........

I don't really think there is any doubt its Romero, I also like John Carpenter. You have to understand he has had some stinkers there's no argument about that, but I think his good movies for outwieght the bad. The Thing, Halloween, Christine, The Fog.

I heard that Romero was making a vampire movie, is this true? Also, does anyone know if Romero did an episode of Tales from the Darkside? I was told by a friend that he did. If anyone knows the answer or the name of the episode I would appreciate the info.

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