Original Trilogy Changes

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Apparently Lucas was so unhappy with the Cantina scene from "A New Hope" that he's changed it again! Now Greedo shoots first, and then has a heart attack instead

Someone is being a mite satirical there, hmm?

roll eyes (sarcastic)

Satirical is one way of putting it, yeah. I mean, C'MON! Han was always the bad boy. And now he's just lucky.

Erm, sorry to flare up old wounds. I'll be quiet now

From what I have heard, in 2007 when the Star Wars Ultimate Edition arrives. We'll be getting these fixes :

The Phantom Menace :

CGI Yoda.

A New Hope :

CGI clouds over the tatooine binary sunsets.
CGI fixed Jabba the Hutt.
CGI fixed lightsabers colors.
A totally re-done Obi-Wan vs Vader duel, the old live action and CGI.

Empire Strikes Back :

New CGI ATAT's in a re-done battle on Hoth.
Emperor's hologram is now Palpatine.
CGI Yoda.

Return of the Jedi :

Original Ewok's song ending.

But in October 2004 we should be seeing the release of Star Wars Special Edition on DVD, in a boxset similar to the Indiana Jones trilogy. (3 films & bonus disk)

Wrong forum...

where did you here all that?

Different sources & from people who I trust for inside movie info. When you put all of seperate bit's & pieces together it all adds up.

From what I understand, Lucasfilm are currently working on the CGI to re-film the OB1/Vader duel of ANH.

Ditto for the DVD release dates....

Well, unless you can prove it it is no good to us; as I say, vibe is right now that there is no change.

laughing out loud
everything cgi and apperently not bothering to get the rancor-scene to work? big grin

Yeah I can't prove any of the spoilers that I posted, but it's worth keeping just in case for the future.

I doubt that there will be any new changes for the DVD release of the Special Editions in 2004, but I'm sure that Lucas will fix alot of the crap in the original trilogy that he can for the 6 film DVD boxset.

good call yerssot!

Dirty Vader

you'd cuddle the SE Sarlacc? wow. you in prison? wink
I totally agree about the Vader seen in ESB. They took out my favorite line where he's all "Bring my shuttle" it was perfect in its short bluntness in showing that he was more than a little disappointed in how the whole Luke situation went. There are a lot of little lines that were changed since they were using takes with better picture quality in some cases. Like when Artoo is spit out on Dagobah, Luke said "you're lucky you don't taste very good" and the SE version he says "you were lucky to get out of there". Not a major infraction, but I thought the old line was funny. As for Han, Lucas said he didn't want him to seem like a cold blooded killer. Sure Lucas, a smuggler who tends to work for the most ruthless crime boss in the galaxy is gonna be a Carebear! That was pretty much the one change that I just can not get used to at all. the others kinda suck, but that ones hard to over look.

Dirty Vader
Also, at the sarlaac pit when Han shoots the saarlac tenticle and Lando worries, they changed Han's line. In the OT he says "I'ts all right trust
me", but in The special Edition, he says "Its all right, I can see a lot better now" which makes the line less suspenseful and fun.

oh yeah he does. that sucks. that's also why Leia's blaster sounds like a .45 when Luke and her swing across the Death Star Chasm.

Dirty Vader
Yeah, the sound of her blaster is crap; doesent sound like a blaster at
all. sad

Darth Revan

Dirty Vader
Yeah, there's plenty of things he shouldnt of changed in the originals.
They were better before the SE.

the only change that I really love is the look and expanded shots of Bespin. that's the only kind of stuff that should have been added. Ralph McQuarrie did so many concept paintings and are now wasted save for being neat behind the scenes info in books. He did full paintings of Coruscant (which they used in II), Alderaan, and the FRONT entrance to Jabba's Palace which was really beautiful. The only changes should be asthetic so they LOOK like the new movies but still have they're OT feel.

Dirty Vader
I liked the biggs/Luke scene but the one where Solo runs after the squad
of stormtroopers and then has to turn back, realising that there's a whole rally of them in that big hangar was pointless. It is to exagerated
and the rally looks fake. They should of kept the original scene.
And yeah, Ralph Mcquarrie makes amazing star wars paintings.

Darth Revan
There were a few things in SE that were worth changing, like the windows in cloud city. But a lot of other things really did not need to be modified, for example in ANH when Han is walking out to the Falcon--in the SE, they have a really crappy digital Jabba walking out there with him. Furthermore, the fact that Jabba let him get off of Tattooine without paying his debts really goes against the whole Hutt image. Especially if he already sent a bounty hunter after him. And this thing about Greedo dying of a heart attack? WTF!!!! Like you said, at this point in the story Han is a criminal, not a GOD DAMN PET RABBIT!!!!


Aside from Han shooting first (which is one of GL's funny little 'things', like the reason for there being no hyperspace effects in the prequels) I rather like the SE.

Anyway, like I say, still no proof- and indeed, vibe to the contrary- that there will be any more changes to the films so no need to worry yet.

Darth Revan
I don't *really* mind the SE except for a couple of things besides the ones I already discussed. What I was bitching at in my first post was the changes someone else said GL is going to make. I don't think I'm even going to buy it.

I agree with all that you said, but for the love of god tell me you're joking. I was being satirical, not serious!

Darth Jello
there are still things in the SE that lucas should have changed but didn't, the english lettering and numbering in ANH is one along with the lightsaber screwups. plus palpatine in ep 5. and even though the new ending to jedi is better, it's still lame and anticlamactic...unless he makes sequals, which is a bad idea in itself since all six films are about anakin.

what English lettering and numbering?

Dirty Vader
Permit me to answer this for you Jello. In ANH, when Obi Wan deactivates the tractor beam power output, underneath the handels
"tractor beam 1" is written or something similar which is plain English.

But as you may know, in the star wars universe the most common human language is Basic, English doesent exist. So what Jello said is that Lucas should of transformed the english letters into basic letters.

When Luke, Han and Vader talk, the language they speak is English, but this just a translation for earthlings that see the film. The language the caracters realy speak, is actually Basic. But what earthlings see visually is real so English is not supposed to be seen in the films even though
it is heard.

Darth Revan
Don't worry. I was just playing off of what you said.

english word yes not letters or number, use the same letters and numbers around most of the western world wink

Darth Jello
the countdown on the x-wing screen too

Darth Jello
it would also be nice to see the rebel display in the death star battle to resemble the battle display the seperatists have in episode 2 with all the holograms

he he there is the technology for ya

Darth Revan
Well I think that they decided not to use the same hologram thingy on Geonosis because the hologram's graphics in the OT kinda suck.

Lucas himself kind of said so in an interview that even if the PT is set to be before OT the PT technology might come out as more advanced due to the development in film tricks and such

Dirty Vader
He's right, though I think that the entire OT made with The PT computer graphics and film tricks would suck. I think The OT looks more realistic than the PT because there are far less computer graphics.

I know!!! While we're at it, why not have Lucas digitally insert Jar Jar into the original trilogy! He could train with Yoda! He could defeat the emperor single handedly in a hilarious syle by tripping him over!

Who cares about Han's bad boy image? Let's insert a shot of him delivering toys to underpriveliged kids!

And why stop there? With the power of CGI you can now muddy up all those perfectly good looking shots with such OBVIOUS CG ones that the fans will be up in arms for decades!


Thanks - I needed that

Dirty Vader
You're welcome, mate.

Darth Revan
And there you have it. laughing

Went a bit mad there, didn't I? Soz

General Kaliero
You know what should be done about the DVD's? They should include both the original theatrical versions, and the new "definitive" versions, which will most likely be the SE with whatever other cut scenes GL intends to stick in there.

I say that the DVD's will include the SE versions, because I think we all know that GL is concerned in "finishing" his movies ("Films are never finished, only abandoned."wink

And on this part I have a certain sympathy for him. I would very much like to see a "finished" version that includes all the scenes filmed, as those scenes make the movies what they were meant to be.

I think SOME people here are forgetting that the theatrical versions were edited versions, and not the whole movies.

Now, onto the movie problems themselves...

A New Hope

The letters and numbers
The tractor beam power generator. The countdown screen on the Death Star. The Rebels' targeting computers.

These always REALLY aggravated me. It should not be too hard to replace the lettering and numerals with Arubesh (I know the spelling is incorrect).

Confrontation on the skills of stormtroopers

Not really a problem, but at the wrecked Sandcrawler on Tattooine, Obi-Wan is speaking of the blast points. "Only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise."

Someone tell me, what is with this?! In every trooper confrontation, they can't hit the broad side of a barn!

Han and Greedo's confrontation
There's been a ton of argument on this, and I simply do not get why. Sorry to speak so plainly, but who really gives a damn about who shot first? The point is, Greedo missed. Han didn't.

Han and Jabba
This scene could use a bit of work. Jabba needs to be retextured, very badly. And is it just me, or does he seem a bit... small, compared to the RotJ version?

Oh, and Han's parting words. "Jabba, you're a wonderful human being." Unless this is meant to be an insult, this needs to be reworded.

The Rebel's hologram
The AotC hologram is much better, but there is a good excuse. First of all, the galaxy's been on a decline ever since the Empire took over. Buaety and looks are abandoned for military efficiency and amount of units.

Then, think about it. The Rebels have a makeshift base inside an ancient temple. Most likely, it was put together rather hastily, and from bits and pieces that several people acquired. Come on, it's not like an illegal group of a few squadrons is gonna have the best equipment in the galaxy!

Ahh, I watched ANH today, so those are what I can remember. I'll watch ESB tomorrow and come back with more.

nonono! they can't change the "jabba, you're a wonderful human being"-line!!! that's hilarious :d

good call yerssot, that's supposed to be a JOKE. You know a joke? funny? not meant to be serious? the wording MAKES it funny.

Dirty Vader
Yup, yup. But I disagree with your point of view about the Han and Greedo scene. Han was supposed to have the situation under control
but he very nearly died unless he knew Greedo was going to miss.
Otherwise he's a lucky b*****d not a top notch smuggler.

greedo wasn't going to hit him! han still owes jabba a lot of money!

Darth Revan
Noola, if you want to take out all your smothered rage on Lucas himself, there is a website where you can send a letter to him.

Darth Revan
I agree with both points. In addition to the stormtroopers always missing when they shoot at the main characters, I have read stuff about how the imperial stormtroopers are trained to be totally obedient and suchwhat. In the movies, though, it seems like they do some things that are really stupid, notably the scene where the Falcon is trapped on the Death Star and it shows the two guards outside. You hear Han say something like "little help here" and the two stupid guards go inside to help without orders from an officer. Then they get shot.

Jabba definitely needs to be redone. The fact that he looks so corny was probably due to it having been done in the early days of digital animation. It took them a whole year just for that one scene!

Since I first saw the SE, I have wondered about Han's "parting words" as you put it. If you watch the little intro to the ANH SE, it talks about how they originally thought that Jabba was going to be a very different kind of creature, more like Chewbacca. So they first filmed the scene using an actor to stand in for whatever they designed. By the time they were done with the movie, they still didn't know what Jabba was going to look like, so they ommited it. They just had Han call him a "human being," and thought it would work out okay. So, mephisto, it was not meant to be a joke. They did it because it was either that or getting rid of the scene entirely. Also, in the SE, they show Han stepping on Jabba's tail (once again, you can see why they did that if you watch the SE intro). I think that was a bad idea. He's a Hutt. He would theoretically get really pissed off if someone stepped on his tail.

Darth Jello
jabba looks less like jabba and more like those things we leave coiled in the john. The rebel hangar looks like a movie set in a parking garage-this can be fixed with a few lighting effects. Luke screams: CARRIE instead of leia, that is just bad. also, all three films need some major reorchestration and or remixing at various times. sorry to be reduntant but the ANH soundtrack bugs me. I just hope lucas doesn't remove the trooper who bashes his head, that ties in to jango doing the same in ep2. also, what do you think of having temura morrison revoice all the troopers. they all sound the same anyway so is this really necesary to keep up the clone image?

Dirty Vader
Even though people always say that stormtroopers are clones, EU has
said that stormtroopers are normal men (who train at the Imperial training Academy of Carida).So I hope there's no contradiction between EU and the prequels here.
So I dont think, they should sound exactly the same or else there would be a problem.
Jabba from ANH and Jabba from ROTJ are completely different. One looks fatter and the other looks like a friendly caracter.

so... does that imply then to you that all the clonetroopers get killed and get replaced by persons who turn into stormtroopers?

Why all the "New Hope Jabba" bashing? Maybe he went on the Atkins diet but later gave up? big grin

Dirty Vader
Well there are 1.2 million clone troopers, which is not a lot, so they could get killed. Otherwise some would be 50- 60 years old in ANH due to the growth acceleration which is quite old for a stormtrooper.

they can always replace them by new batalions like Taun We said with
"and remember, if you need more units (?), it will take more time to grow them"
it means they can making some afterwards, possibly even without the host being around all the time

General Kaliero
I know this, as well. What I'm saying is, it should be pretty simple for GL to give Mr. Ford a call and say, "Hey, Harrison, I'd like to do a little rerecording for the Star Wars DVD."

Here's an easy solution: "Jabba, you're a wonderful PERSON." Or something like that.

Dirty Vader
Yersot_That's the point, theyre going to stop develloping clones, and replace them by normal men. They don't want clones anymore. And if
there are some left, they'll become old during ANH, so no use for them.
BYE-BYE CLONES! *waves at the clones*

why don't they want clones anymore? they're doing fine imho
just keep them and draft "normal" humans into service too

Dirty Vader
Because they rule nearly the whole galaxy and can recruit from The Worlds they control (Worlds containing humans).

At the time, the republic only used clones because they didnt have a choice. They didnt even know that clones had been developped and
only used them because they needed an army and the clones were there to be used. It was not always intended that the army would be made of clones: it just happened. Some senators didnt even know that the army would be made of clones before they gave the chancellor emergency powers.

And Palpatine doesent like aliens and women in his service so I dont
think he'd like clones.

Thus at the end of the clone wars, clones have stopped being develloped
(I dont know why for sure but EU and stormie voices seem to point in that direction) and those who have not died during the war would eventualy become to old. And I dont think mixing normal men and clones would be a wise idea. Imagine having 50 guys that look exactly the same in the same barracks as you. It would cause discontent because off-duty stormtroopers take their helmets off and interact with others.

The only imperial clones that appear are the ones used By Thrawn in
Dark Force Rising/Last Command. According to EU, these Spaarti Clone Cylinders were a remnant of the clone wars, so they have to be the ones produced by the kaminoans.

So it means that those cylinders were without a doubt a last resort and therefore never used in the empire before.

those cylinders are EU, Kamino can easily continue to keep producing clone troopers if necessary

Dirty Vader
What do you mean? That EU is irelevant yet again?

yes, EU is ALWAYS irrelevant

Darth Jello
well, according to some of the ep3 rumors, there may be clone factories all over coruscant and the republic. however there are countless planets so how about we agree to disagree, using growth acceleration and jango's decaying DNA as a proof and say that most stormtroopers are clones but many are conscripted civilians from caridia. The scouts are all civillians thus explaining their disorganized behavior in ROJ. Most civillian troopers are scouts or commanding stormtroopers. civillians can advance in rank. clones cannot. The Special forces or ARC Troopers are trained with force pikes and double bladed sabers and then become the imperial guard (i base this on infinities which featured the roya guard using double bladed sabers). how's that for a theory?

i agree, once the clones were brought in, i didn't think it messed with EU, just means some are clones, some aren't. The fact that they have different armor may also be evidence of this. New kinds of troopers, new clones. Plus, i think you run into the same problem with clones that you do with droids, similar minds, minimized critical thinking...Sometimes you need some individuals in a crowd to properly lead when the bantha poodoo hits the repulsor drive.

Darth Jello
the ARCs are the coolest though

Darth Revan
When does he scream "Carrie?"

Darth Revan
heehee bantha poodoo heehee

Darth Jello
maybe lucas should add some scenes of carrie fisher toking on jabba's hooku. come on, you know why he's always eating those frogs. "Ho Ho HO (My hand is so big) Ho Ho HO Ho Ho"

Famous one that. When getting out of his X-Wing at the end of ANH.

brilliant one

he does not, god people just want to find flaws in perfection. he screams heeey! and it came out as two syllables because he was supposed to sound terribly excited. There is no way in hell he would allow a take of him yelling carrie in the film. It sounds like Vader says F*** in Empire when luke kicks him off the freezing platform in Bespin, but I must say I'm pretty sure he's not really saying that. Somebody started that a long time ago and everyone has jumped on the band wagon. You can make it sound like that if you want to, if you're already thinking he said it. But the sad truth is he just yells Heeey! and it comes out in two syllables that makes it sound simlar to if someone yelled carrie.

and Jello: The ARC's are the mother$%^#ing $#!+ !!!!! They are so friggin' cool. Temura Morrison is on the cast list, and since the clones have already been shown without helmets and they don't look like him, I think an ARC might get some screen time, might be the clone Obi-wan has befriended in all the rumours. The ARC's are direct clones of Jango, so they will look exactly like him. Which, for Obi-wan I would think would take some getting used to after his little beef wtih Jango. Have you seen those things in action in the cartoon? Damn they can move. The first time they showed them in the Battle of Kamino in the comics made my hair stand on end. Those are my favorite Clone Wars era EU characters, here's hoping they're canon by summer 2005!

I also don't hear him say that messed

Darth Jello
i've heard a lot of BS about star wars bloopers, "carrie" being one of them and another involves a potato in the asteroids in ESB. And I thought they all looked like Jango. the only difference is that the ARCs were Personally trained by jango, not in simulations. thats why they are the prime candidates for the royal guard. BTW, have you seen the helmetless boba in ESB infinities? What the hell happened to his face?

no way you can get heeey to sound like carrie though.

perhaps it's because you want to believe it's carrie?

exactly yerssot. You could yell "Hay-ee" (as he did). And that, in all the rumble, could be heard as Cariee.

Darth Jello-It says in the Battle of Kamino comics that the ARC's were DIRECT clones with NO MANIPULATION. If you think the clones look that much like Jango, go watch the scene in II where they show some clones eating, put a good well lit pic of Jango up next to the screen (do I need to ad with his mask off?) and look well. They look like they could be related. But they aren't the same actor. This is to show the affects of the genetic manipulation. ARC's are direct clones, so they look just like him.
I like the idea of the ARC's being the royal guard, but I always thought of them a Sith disciples, not force users per se, but down with the Sith order.

as for boba's face, what happened to it you ask?

His job.

Well now, this shows a certain want of knowledge from some fans! The issue is more complex than just denying its possible truth.

In the Insider's Guide, it clearly says that George Lucas himself admitted that Mark Hamill did indeed say "Carrie."

I know Ben Burtt and even Mark Hamill disagree but I believe GL.

Ben, after all, says it is a result of sound processing, but GL was there to hear it, and Mark Hamill only says he MEANT to say something but it came out wrong, so one way or another I am pretty sure that what he said sounded like "Carrie" even if he didn't mean to say that.

Darth Jello
just because someone can use a double bladed saber and a force pike doesn't make them a force disciple. In one cut scene from ROJ vader actually threatens a guard with the force and chokes him. I think a force disciple would be able to avoid such a fate. As for Boba's face. He looks just like jango except unshaven. what i'm reffering to is that he has a huge disgusting scar running diagnolly across his face. It looks like half of it was torn away at some point. again this info comes from infinities.

a force disciple doesn't mean force user. it means one who would be like a groupie to the Emperor but (hopefully) without the sexual favors.

and AGAIN:
His job. Does it matter? its just showing he's been through hell, we knew that, and they're just showing it. Its just supposed to be cool. There's no storyline for it, it was just the artists decision to make him look hardcore. A lot of the art in the comics is off a bit. They use images from the movies, sometimes when they don't even make a lot of sense, simply to make it feel like the movies. The art for Jedi Vs. Sith is awfull (the designs, the actions fine).

and if ben burtt (the professional sound guy) says no, that's good enough for me.

Dirty Vader
Especialy if Mark Hamill says no, after all he said the line not Lucas. Why would he say Carrie in a film shoot? and why did they keep the scene if he realy said that?

Episode IV: A New Hope
01. The Imperial March has been added to Darth Vader's first appearance on Princess Leia's ship.
02. When Obi-Wan is talking to Luke about his father Anakin's Theme plays in the background and then it turns into the Imperial March as he talks about Vader.
03. The lightsaber effects have been redone and the frame jumps of lightsabers being turned on has been removed.
04. There's a new scene which has been shot during the filming of Episode III in which the Emperor dissolves the Senate.
05. In the Cantina, the Duros (green aliens guys) have been replaced with Neimoidians and some aliens from the prequels have been added.
06. The bleeding arm on the floor in the Cantina has been replaced with a non-bleeding arm because it's now canon that lightsabers cauterize wounds.
07. The original shooting scene between Han and Greedo has been restored.
08. Jabba the Hutt has been given a makeover and Han no longer steps on his tale.
09. In place of R2 wobbling down the stairs to the Falcon's hangar, a CG R2 navigating the stairs like he does in Attack of the Clones was added.
10. The white boxes around space ships have been removed and new CG shots have been added.
11. The scene of the Falcon being chased by the two Star Destroyers was modified. The Falcon now does spinning moves, avoiding the Star Destroyers' fire.
12. When the Death Star destroys Alderaan there's a new scene of Yoda's reaction to the disturbance in the Force that is created by all those deaths and then it cuts to Obi-Wan reacting to it as well.
13. The Dianoga has gotten a CG makeover and were are now able to see more of the creature.
14. The Death Star's paneling and computers have been slightly altered to show similar displays to those in the prequels.
15. The words "Tractor Beam" with Aurebesh lettering.
16. More stormtroopers have been added to the Death Star.
17. Temuera Morrison's voice is being recorded for use with all the stormtroopers.
18. The Obi-Wan/Vader duel has been spruced up. It is much more epic and there is much more movement. A modified version of Duel of the Fates is being considered for the scene.
19. The Death Star plans that are taken from R2 have been updated. When the Rebels are reviewing the Death Star plans they look similar to the plans we see in Attack of the Clones.
20. The Death Star battle is much more epic with more Tie Fighters and more Rebels being blown to bits. We get to see old Naboo starfighters being used by the Rebels.
21. There's a new scene (shot during Episode III) where Darth Vader goes to Coruscant and lands his ship in the same building Count Dooku does at the end of Attack of the Clones. Except now the building is all fixed up and it is now Palpatine's palace. He meets with Palpatine to ask for forgiveness for his failure and inform him of a new potential who is strong in the Force.
22. Chewbacca now gets a medal.
Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
01. The taun-tauns are now CG.
02. The battle of Hoth is much more epic. We see the Imperial ships land on Hoth and release AT-ATs. The AT-ATs have been sped up a bit. There's a ground battle between the Rebel soldiers and stormtroopers featuring new ships and vehicles.
03. Temuera Morrison's voice is being recorded for the older Boba Fett and all the stormtroopers.
04. The white boxes around space ships have been removed.
05. The slug monster is CG.
06. Ian McDiarmid has refilmed scenes as the Emperor. The conversations between Vader and Palpatine is now longer and features a few connections to the prequels.
07. Yoda's face is now animated in CG allowing more expression of emotions yet his movements remain the same. Also two deleted scenes featuring Yoda instructing Luke have been restored.
08. A new scene was shot in which the stormtroopers, after they capture Han, Leia and Chewie, bring Vader the box containing C-3PO in pieces. Vader orders the stormtroopers to bring the broken droid to Chewbacca's cell so that he can fix him.
09. The lightsaber effects have been redone in certain parts.
10. Luke's fall from Cloud City has been reshot against bluescreen using a stuntman.

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
01. Jabba the Hutt is now a combination of the puppet and CG.
02. The Rancor is CG and looks disgusting as ever.
03. Yoda is CG. Yoda disappears leaving his clothes behind like Obi-Wan now.
04. The ewoks are now mostly CG and there are a lot more of them.
05. The plan is to insert the love theme Across the Stars when Luke is talking with Leia about their mother.
06. Temuera Morrison's like before is now the voice for Boba Fett and all the stormtroopers.
07. In the battle of Endor there are thousands of Ewoks and they are more vicious than there midgets-in-suits counterparts. More bite the dust now.
08. White boxes around ships removed.
09. The black blotches around Palpatine's face are gone.
10. Some of the lightsaber effects have been redone. The shadows that the lightsabers made on the floor are gone.
11. During Anakin's death scene it starts with a sad rendition of the Imperial March and slowly evolves into Anakin's Theme.
12. Sebastion Shaw who played Anakin when he was unmasked has been replaced with Hayden Christenson in make-up to make him look older. Anakin has much more dialogue. He apologizes for the destruction he caused, he thanks his son for turning him back to the light, he tells his son to rebuild the Jedi and he says he loves him and his sister. Just before he dies he says, "It is finished...".
13. We see more planets celebrating at the end of the movie. We see an aged Jar Jar, who is now the leader of the Gungans, on Naboo celebrating with the people of Naboo and the Gungans. We see an old Watto, who is now unable to fly, sitting in a hover chair cheering on Tatooine. During these scenes Across the Stars plays transitioning to the victory celebration music at the Ewok tree village.
14. Anakin's spirit is now played by Hayden Christenson with make-up to make him look his age. He looks on proudly at his son Luke with the spirit of Padme by his side.

This is from TFN...these MAY be changes in the OT Ultimate Edition

I for one want to see most of these.

Take them as you will but remember these are NOT confirmed as of yet.

Mark says he didn't MEAN to say it, very different thing.

And ANH was shot rather more roughly than the others; stuff like that got left in.

Hmm that does indeed look highly speculative, Lance.

jeez those are awesome, I really love the music changes and the ROJ new Anakin would be a dream, as would the new celebration scenes. I hope he has time to do all of them.

Removing lightsabre shadows is unlikely- seeing as they deliberately put them in the Prequel films. They've always cast shadows

Darth Jello
i heard that in recent special screenings they already fixed the lightsabers in ANH, also, it would be cool to see boba flirting with that one alien wthout his helmet and then only throw it on when leia/boush pulled out the detonator.

Dirty Vader
No, dont change the OT, keep it as IT IS. Lance wants to change the OT so that we can see all the films in their episode numbering (Ep1,2,3,4,5,6) instead of (Ep4,5,6,1,2,3). Doing prequels after sequels is a classic and should not be changed, especialy since most fans prefer The OT than the PT.

The OT is brilliant, the PT isnt. So you cant put something bad into something good, or else it wont be as good. But you can put something good into something bad, so that it gets better. If changes are to be made so that the two trilogies can fit very well together, than the PT should of had the adjustments since it came out later and isnt as good as the OT.

I'd hate to see Lucas mess up the OT with all those computer graphics and enhanced scenes, because it would ruin them and bring us too close to the PT. What makes the OT great is the ability to do scenes without all those computer graphics which are extremely over-used in the PT.

Lance_ Jar Jar in the OT, are you kidding me? That would realy ruin them. Plus I think he'll die in Episode III.

The only things they should change in the OT is the "tractor beam" and the targeting computer countdown.

Dirty Vader
Though, I do agree that some changes that Lance mentioned would be good. Its just that in order for them to be made, there would have to be
a lot of computer graphics which would bring us terribly close to the PT, which is completely made of them and are its weakest point.

General Kaliero
Are you KIDDING?! I LOVE that slow harp strain of the March when he dies! You can't change that part! blink

@ Dirty Vader:

I can understand where you are coming from on the CG overload in the PT. And the OT's stregth is indeed the ability to do what they did without CG help.

But the two trilogies really ARE meant to be veiwed in cronological order. I know I've taken this stand before, and I know I've been shot down, but that IS just how they are MEANT to work.

Dirty Vader
I just feel that the PT should of had the adjustements to make a good chronological order and fit weel with the OT not the other way round.
The OT is perfect, whereas the PT sadly is a long way from perfection.
Therefore it is it, that should be remade.

I loved that low harp strain too, it brought a tear to my eye the first time I saw ROTJ.

Originally posted by General Kaliero
Are you KIDDING?! I LOVE that slow harp strain of the March when he dies! You can't change that part! blink

I AGREE!! Happy Dance

Though I adore how the Imperial March is expertly incorporated into Anakin's theme, NOTHING can replace that piece of music when he dies.

Darth Jello
i agree also with the good general. however since the music at the end is still a little lame I think they could fit in anakin's theme and across the stars there. also would anyone else like to see these planets added to the fireworks show?-naboo(theed and gungan city), kamino, geonosis, Munnilist, Mon Calamari, Utapau, and Kashyyk (the clone wars and PT planets). Oh and the only problem with the PT is that all the scenes with discours and character development were cut. if they were added back in, the films would be pretty close in quality to the originals

Tired Hiker
Those are real shadows, I do believe. From watching the special features on TPM's DVD, they show them fighting with lightsabres that have a broom stick type of poll coming out of the handles. They may modify the shadows a bit with CG, but they use the real shadows for reference, and the scale length polls as well for reference and for locomotion purposes.

Darth Jello
One more thing that should be added. Third shooting script of ANH had a quote from the journal of the whills that said ""... and in the time of greatest despair,
there shall come a savior, and he shall
be known as The Son of The Suns."

I'm guessing that this is the prophecy that predicted the coming of the chosen one. This should be included on the archival DVD releases prior to "A long time ago..." in episode 1. The son of suns is significant. suns are stars. the earth has two stars. one is our sun which many worshipped as a god and life-bringer the son of the sun would be christ. the second is venus, the evening star, known in latin as lucifer. So the son of suns is anakin skywalker and darth vader. nightmare and hope. the tragic fallen christ.

I write this as a scholar, not a missionary. I've lost all my beliefs, take this for its symbols

then it should be in TPM as Anakin and not Vader or Luke is the One

I know the shadows are real- but instead of removing them, they actually intentionally tided them up with the cgi- the sabres are clealry meant to be casting shadows.

Captain REX
I like those theories, Lance.

Darth Jello
that's what i meant

lance didn't say anything about taking out the string Imperial march when anakin dies, the thing said they would fade the end of the "sad imperial march" (ie-the string imperial march) INTO Anakins theme for transition. It won't be taken out, just added to. I would love this to add to the feeling that Anakin was redeemed.

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