who r some old actors that should giv up acting

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now i like bert reynolds but he is in all these stupid cammercials now a days i mean just giv it up dude and like i think marlin brando is been doign some movies i mean he should strop also who r some actors u think that should stop acting

I agree with Burt Reynolds....also
Chevy Chase
Bob Barker needs to go away
Jack Nicholson
Hulk Hogan (needs to stop the wrestling thing...he's too old)

Steve Martin and Harrison Ford were both great in their day, but Harrison Ford is too old to make stunts believable, and Steve Martin is too old to stay in touch with the younger crowd (although bringin down the house had some funny parts)

moving to the celebs forum

Chevy Chase as much as it pains me to say....dude that aflac commercial he does breaks my heart.

Burt Reynolds need to be shown the pasture, if you know what i mean...
Chevy Chase
Elizabeth Taylor (gorgeous in the forties, not so much anymore)
i can't think of anyone else, but im sure they're there...

i dont know how any would could say jack nicholson, he is arguably the best actor that keeps producing hits. everyone is entitled to there opinion though

I think whoopie goolberg is past what prime she had. Though he's not old i believe we have seen the best that kevin costner has to offer. steve martin is also washed up. along with steaven seagal, and jean claude van damme

Yeah, Steve Martin and Burt Reynolds should stop. Those Macco commericals that Burt does are just so bad.

Eddie Murphy is starting to slide also. His only recent hits have been kid movies like Shrek and Daddy Day Care, which I thought wasn't very good. Recent flicks like I-Spy, Pluto Nash and Showtime just sucked.

Evil Dead
I agree on Burt Reynolds and Marlon Brando. Chevy Chase should also hang it up.

Steve Martin is still an excellent actor/comedian......he's just picking the wrong movies (much like Eddie Murphy). He needs to stay with what he knows and not try to adapt to the new younger demographic by playing in these teenager directed movies (Bringing Down the House).

Jack Nicholson? He is the greatest. He's just as great now as he's ever been (although I think he made a bad choice by doing Anger Management)............If I see Jack's name in a serious movie, I'm going to watch it. I don't care if it's 20 years from now and it's just his corpse propped up against the wall.........I'll be sitting there front row watching.

eddie murphay has made a succesfull transition to mild family humor. I know I-spy and pluto nashed bombed horribly, but these are two out of a but load of blockbusters. he is still pumping out hits. People still go see his movies on his name alone. I personally dont like eddie murphay, but i cant over look his popularity and succesfull acting trend. I stopped liking eddie after he gave up the vulgar,raw comedy. He has made a great transistion that saved his career, but also limits his acting ability to a 2 dimensional character that is always the same in every movie.

Jack Nicholson?! Are you CRAZY?!

i think jean claude van dam and steven seagul were done years ago...

I can't really think of many Jack's still great! Most of the actors mentioned here r 2 old so yeah.

total metalhead
i know this is gonna piss de niro off, but i think its time Arnie gave it a rest, and concentrate on politics http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/rifle.gif http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/raygun.gif

Sugar Kane
I worship Marlon Brando, but I think that if he is only gonna make movies like The Freshman, The Score, et al, I think he should call it a day and leave me to watch Streetcar for the millionth time.

I wish Orlando Bloom would stop making movies. I know he's not old, but he's just a pretty boy with no talent. Orlando Bloom, yeah, he's too old!

Harrison Ford miffed: he annoys me!

johnny depp hes a bad actor

wacko wacko thumb down no no blink blink miffed miffed Johnny depp is an awsome actor hes beeter than you could ever be and hotter...your just jealous!

Harrison Ford is embarrasing himself with crap movies. totally agree bout Orlando Bloom big grin He's good for nothing at all.
And yeah, Arnie's just about had his time too. Remember Collateral Damage anyone?

how can you say that? orlando bloom is too hot to get rid of!!!! but otherwise steven seagal, harrison ford...

Sugar Kane
But hotness doesn't equal talent, I'm afraid!
And Steven Seagal? I thought he was dead! confused

ditto on Harrison Ford

I think Harrison Ford should just face the fact that he's old and start doing something different (acting wise).
He's a good actor, just hard to believe he can kick but and bang a 20 year old.
Same for Sean Connery.

haha dead? unfrotunately i hav to agree....hotness dus not equal talent sad

yea ok your just another one of the girls that love him because hes "captain jack sparrow!!!" OMG OMG HES SOOO CUTE!!!!

to bad he sucks at acting

its really funny the way you guys bicker. the girls kate jlo with every fiber of their being but love johnny with all their hearts........but then the guys are in love with jlo and hate johnny. the guys think jlo is the hottest chick ever and the girls think johnny is the hottest guy ever. its just funny

im just saying the J-lo thing to piss people off and show them how stupid they look by posting 50 threads about johnny such as

How cool is johnny depp?
whats johnnys best movie?
what movie did johnny do the best in?

and aprently it is working big time on Clavis and NYC girl

look at the Jennifer lopez thread hahaha cool

I think Steve Martin looks like he's wearing make-up in all of his recent movies...I never really liked him neway, specielly in The Jerk.

schizo.. is that nicole kidman in your picture?

funny you should say that cause i just watched the jerk today. i think its one of the funniest movies ever, but you do have to have the right kind of sense of humor to understand it all. i love steve martin in that movie. so so funny.

"someone hates these cans!"

Lets stop this JLO/Johnny Depp argument!

I understood it but I hated the character...he annoyed me to death!

The can part was funny though.... laughing

I'm not sure...I thought so 2 but....I dunno...

A lot of people tend to say Keanu Reeves is a terrible actor. Well, he is pretty bad (especially in Johnny Mnemonic... Ouch!) but overall I just enjoy his presence onscreen. So I say, more power to him.

Sugar Kane
Ok, I confess, maybe I was just hoping he was dead, trying to block out 'Under Siege' from my memory...a kickass chef? Now really! Steven, if you're reading this, retire. I BEG OF YOU! stick out tongue

harrison ford and danny de vito


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