couple of simple questions

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ok, im not a matrix buff to the extent most of u seem to be, so can someone answer a question? i dont think theyve been answered previously.

on the idea of choice vs causality... neo has a choice in choosing which door to go through while in the articitechs room... doesnt this go against the whole idea of causality and control within the matrix? also another thing in this scene is that the conditioning by the architect (making neo fall in love to save trinity as one of the 25 people) doesnt work as neo chooses what the architect doesnt want. again doesnt this go aginst the whole notion of control and causality?

i might by answering my own question and someone shoot me down if i am but the only reason i can think is that neo is the annomily (sp) and the rules of the matrix the control causality etc dont apply to him? however if this is correct.. everything neo affects therefore must be unpredictable... and uncontrolled, so its a paradox still.

No, it does not bugger up the CONCEPT of control and causality. Neo had already made the choice before he got there. But it was not the choice the Architect apparently wanted- Trinity had messed that up. it was not part of the control plan for Neo to fall in love.

So your confusion is in thinking it was part of the plan for Neo to love Trinity. On the contrary, that was the difference between Neo and the earlier ones.

ok ty.. still a little unsure but that would make sense.

You ask the right questions.

They have been debated by many in this forum and others. One of the central themes of the movies is do you have free choice or is your future predetemined (destiny)? Is it you who are living your life and making choices or is someone else pulling your strings (like a marienette) and pushing you down a certain path (causality).

Did Neo take a door that the Achitiect wanted him to take? Did the Architect already know which door he would take? Was the Architect ready, and willing to accept Neo's decision? Watch the seen again. There is no clear answer (which is the way the entire movie works).

You are on the right path. Unfortunately, every answer produces two questions. It is rather maddening, and a long trip down the rabbit hole.

Neo did not make the choice every other ONE did, but he still made the choice that was in regards to his purpose...Neo's purpose is to stop the control, to bring the humans and machines together in "harmony". He makes the right choice, even if it is not the choice the Architect thought he would make (or is it...?)

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