Did you find the blairwitch project scary?

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Dirty Vader
I've recently seen the blairwitch project and I dont understand why its
known as a scary movie.

There are no horror scenes and we dont really know who the blairwitch
is because we never see her during the film. We don't even know if it is
the blairwitch itself who is freaking the caracters out.

Don't give me wrong though, I liked the film a lot because its mysterious and stuff but I don't understand why people rate it as scary.

The thing that makes it scary to some people is the sense of mystery we feel, in that we don't ever see what is causing the terror in the movie. It's like when we were young, and we'd see a wierd, terrifying shadow on the wall...it's terrifying before we actually know what is causing the shadow. Imagination is often scarier then what's actually there.

This is the same technique used in many great horror films: TCM, Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer for example. Both films show us only segments of a violent act which killed someone, but forces us to finish them in our head.

I personally don't think Blair Witch is scary, I rarely find movies scary. But I can see how many people found it creepy.

Tired Hiker
Plus if you saw it in a dark theatre with good sound then it is likely to be more scary than watching it at home with the lights on.

Who tought the 2nd one was better than the 1st. Dun get me wrong, i didn't like niether, but if i had to pick one, i think i wuld have picked the 2nd one.

i didn't find it scary but interesting.

I only it found it suspenseful but not scary

Dirty Vader
In England it appeared in the top ten scariest films. But then again,
the wizard of oz appeared in the top 20. Thats England for you.

I liked BWP, but the question was did I find it scary? Thats a hard one...I guess in a way I did. It was the unknown plus at the time It got away from the hollywood prototype scary and that for me at the time was a well needed thing. Nowadays i see movies like 28 Days Later which are way better and still have a fresh look into the genre. Ill have to post on 28 days later sometime I got this whole thing about the violence/non violence feel it gave me------back on topic--->When I saw BWP it was at this old classic theatre and it gave it a even more creepy feel which has left a place for that movie in my mind. Scary? Yes, if you take it in context.

I didn't find it scary, the end was a little chilling but not scary.

i didn't find it scary at all, it was well shot but not scary

Dirty Vader
I liked the ending

Yeah it had a cool ending and no like bf i rarely get scared during a movie.

Chilling is definately a good word to describe it.

i'd deffainlty say bliarwhitch is one of the most original horror movies. I dont know if i found it scary, but what it did come across to me as is deffaintly related to scary.I loved the relationship it created between you and the cast. ive only seen about 4 horror movies where the acting convinces me these people are actually scared. It just about every horror film people will be scared untill they reach a point of security, where in real life youd be going insane with fear. The hills have eyes is probably one of the best examples of this and blairwhitch being the best and most convincing

I liked watching the making of TBWP, there wasn't any strict script and those kids were actually sleeping out there with the directors doing mad stuff to freak them out. cool

eerie or chilling would be the word for blair witch. I liked the atmosphere alot, especially when they were yelling for josh cuz they heard someone crying out in the pitch black. great stuff. 2 was just a pile of crap hehe. Yea I agree with bf on the 'what you dont see scares you more' viewpoint.

it's acturly very scary, bet if you watched the movie in the theater, you would be scared to go in the woods in the dark and set camp

i thought that the moive sucks. The only good part in it was the end where the girl runs down into that basment and u see the guy standing with his back to her by the wall and then boom she gets kncoked the **** out cause u know how they said the killer used to have one victim turn there face to the wall then kill the other one i thought that was very good and was this really a true story

the ending was a bit creepy but for me that was about it

It's supposed to be pschological but it sucked.The second one seemed kind of like soft core porn.Didn't care for either one.

it was scary if you saw it when it was real, what i mean is the 1st month before the film came out they did a biography with fake interviews with the parents saying why they are releasing there childrens documentary. they even had fake newspaper articles online for people to see. so when you went into that theatre the 1st week or 2 it was scary because it was real... i remember walking out never wanting to go out into the woods, but sure enough 1 by 1 the actor's and actress starting showing up on leno... ahh disgust and i saw it again and i liked it but no longer was i scared.

I didn't find it scary at all. I didn't get why it's said to be so scary.

I did find the blair witch project scary, but I think that is because I love horror films and I wanted to be scared. It was an original idea ( well apart from the Last Broadcast which they ripped off) and also the marketing was good, I could see it for what it was , but as I said I wanted to be scared. It was very real, and was scary, I think you have to imagine yourself in the situation, and not be cynical. But of course not everyone is scared by the same things, personally I thought that the exorcist was frightening and extrememly powerful , but there were neds in the cinema who were laughing. I think it depends how you regard the themes in a piece of work, how they affect you and how you percieve and understand the ideas.

Yeah i found it scary, especially after spending sometime thinking about it. I think they should make a third installment even tho the second one was shabite there are still some good ideas and unanswered questions id like to see explored.

It was original, that's the only nice thing I can say about this piece of trash movie.

it wasn't original actually, it borrowed its much praised style from Cannibal Holocaust and Man Bites Dog.

i wouldnt call it scary but its certainly creepy.

i like the scene where the mother is talking about the witch and her daughter keeps trying to stop her talking.
i like the scenes where the campers are getting freaked out at night or finding weird things.
i like the ending.

i think a lot of people dont like it cos it isnt a big jump-fest or violent film. it relies more on audience thought and atmosphere.

as for the second one, its a shameless cash in but i though it had some good bits, even if it was a completely different experience from the first.

Call me crazy but i thought it was funny hehehe i blair witch 1 and the blair witch 2 haha

I agree with this. It isn't a film to make you jump out of your seat but it does start to chill you when you dwell on it. Also, nice use of backslang there Zombieman.

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