Proposal About Spoilers

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Look, we've all seen {and been slightly pissed} at the post that dddd wrote. For thos of you who haven't read it, I'll keep shtum - but just bear in mind that there have been other people recently {E.g over at AICN} who have claimed to have seen the movie and THEIR version is completely different from dddd's {E.g some support MWAM, others don't}. So why don't we all keep an open mind and take these spoiler posts with a gallon of salt until a reputable source E.g a mag gives us a proper version of events.


The Omega
Noola> Some forumites are TERRIFIED, that one of the spoilers MIGHT be real. Because now the press-showings have begun, and that makes it possible, that one spoiler among the legion of hoaxes is IT.
And no one wants to have their movie spoiled.

noola> i totally agree with Omega on this one. despite, perhaps because of the fact that there are so many spoilers out there, there is the off chance that one is correct...and when you have been here for months, and seen TONS of spoilers, your patience wears thin...We ALL LOVE this movie, and to have it ruined for us is, quite naturally, the bane of our existence.

I concur... eh-hrmmm, I mean I agree. Although I have to admit my curiosity is tearing me apart... **must resist**

*hiding behind a table, the REAL spoilers are coming!!!!!!*

yes, the possibility of having one of these spoilers true, will ruin your movie experience and that sucks...bad. sad

Why do people, after seeing a press showing, decide to ruin the movie for everyone else? I don't understand what they get from it...

*goes and hides with dave, and shudders*
*tear begins to slide down face slowly*
I see spoilers.... they're everywhere.

maybe, they just want the attention that we wont give laughing out loud

-the chubchubs are comiiiing!
-I see the spoilers spreading...I see death!

The Omega

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.