interesting quotes!

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Keanu Reeves: "What is neos part to play.. is i think quite suprising"
"Neo isnt searching for truth anymore, because he knows it"

Carrie anne moss: "i cried when i read the script, it told this story of this huge war, but also had LOVE"

jada pinket: "hardcore matrix fans will be extremely fullfilled"

Laurence fishburn: "the first 2 movie you could just watch without having to really look at all the deep meaning, the third one will challenge you not to."

some quotes from interveiws i found interesting.. what u guys think?

i think that, watching the first two movies WITHOUT looking at the deeper meaning is like...i dunno what its like, but its bad...its why some people dont like em, cause they dont understand them...

same here, Jedi...I think you really do have to understand the first 2 movies to really like the movie. Thats why some of my friends dont like it that much cause they dont get what the heck the stories trying to say.

A friend of mine does not like M2 for the same reason. You know, Matrix is not for mortals. smile

but I try to bring more people into watching the M1 first, before reloaded. I know many people who watch the M2 before M1, and that makes em all huh. So...just trying to bring in more fans big grin

i cant wait to see it!!!


It's like trying to cook spaghetti without water, all you have left is stiff, burned, and stale!! You have to look at the deeper meaning! Unfortunately there's no one I know that is a big matrix fan around where I live. :/ Most of them are lucky if they can start a computer though so....laughing

I've still been forced underground - Now I'm just trying to build a resistance so I can revolt against the unbelievers!! eek!


I think the quotes are interesting. I think Revolutions will blow our minds like the concepts behind the first one did. I think that there are going to be a little brain-fried after seeing the last one too!!

I'm prepping to watch a Matrix-athon watching all of the footage I have on all the movies (documentaries and interviews included) starting the day before Revolutions. big grin - just FYI

yes, i think MANY people will be like What the f**k? when they revolutions...and i hope i can laugh at all the little Lemmings and say HA, you are IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!

yea i agree with you guys but what i like is that he says you dont have to look at all that with M1 and M2 but you do with M3.. well look at how deep those go.. if M3 goes deeper that is really damn awesome

yeah, may be that, the ending has two meanings, one for the mindless puddles that call themselves people, and a deeper meaning for the intelligent ones...

hhehe that would be cool did u read priests spoiler jedi?

yeah, why...? whistle

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