Was it worth it?

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Which Matrix Movie is best so far?
The Matrix or The Matrix Reloaded?


m1 (you should know my trilogy theory)



yeh m3, m1, m2
but that wasnt in the choice jedi, thats the problem

i have free choice, you cannot say that my choice is any less correct, just because you say i cannot choose it...it is my PURPOSE to say m3...HAHA, j/k...so far, i would say m2...

m1 for its originality
m3 for well completing the trilogy
m2 for acting as a bridge between m1 and m3. m2 was good action-wise but you have to see it together with m3 to get the whole picture. m2 alone was like a dependent clause.

finally some one that agrees with me big grin

M1 it started it all but after M3 its gonna be just plain M cause its the entire story thats so awesome

M1, in the hundreds of times I have watched it I have never skipped scenes, I love every moment. However, as much as I like M2 their are scenes I skip. Plan and simple M1 is Superior. As for M3 three I will come back and vote after I have seen it.

I absolutely agree with Elite13. I always skip the Zion party! and not only that...

m3 will own everything
m1 had the lobby scene

m1: is the best
m2: not so much
m3: still waiting

m2 + m3: that will be the best one (even better than m1 i hope)

I have to say Reloaded was the typical middle trilogy filler movie. That's why they're there. Had 'Loaded and Revs been a whole movie as it was apparently first going to be before they decided it was cheaper to make it two (and philosophically relative... the power of threeee... *hiss*), 'Loaded would have been the "let me bring you up to speed" half. With special effects. And Keanu gettin' it on heyah. And stuff.


PS. The Matrix was, and still is, fantastic and I love it, although I didn't like the bit when he pulls that drip out of his arm. (Says she who laughed at SecRenI when the human god his face squished together.)

i think jkozzy said this.....

when i see revolutions, i wont think of it as 'what film was the best' , but why the matrix trilogy is the best trilogy of all trilogies

I do agree with Elite13, but I still think Reloaded has better action scenes, therefor, visavis, you know what, I have no idea what the He** I'm talking about. I just thought it would sound cool.

P.S. I'm sorry,priestjim, I've settled down a little bit. There's still the rest of the movie. big grin

I think that the whole point of the Matrices is to show us what a man cand do when he gets pussy-whipped :P

please dont say that

I like M1 better, not cause its just the beginning. When I watched M2, of course, you would be uncertain on some things, or their explanations. Thats why I go back to M1 for reference. They both are great, but still, I just think M1 has a little more of the magic

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