Favourite Bond Soundtrack

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We all know the famous theme tune that accompanies each Bond film,even if a small sound byte of this landmark tune was played to a non Bond Fan chances are they will recognise and tell what film franchise it belongs too.Like Bond himself the tune has gone over a series of changes/modifications but each time it has maintained its distinctive basis.

However each Bond film is also accompanied by a theme song to match that particular film,usually the song is done by an artist popular in that particualr time era and have ranged from Guns 'N' Roses (Live and Let Die) to Garbage (The World is Not Enough) and of course Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger,Moonraker,Diamond are Forever & You Only Live Twice) so what is your personal favourite Bond tune and why?

Heres a list of who sang what:

1. Dr No (The original 'James Bond Theme') - John Barry & Orchestra
2. From Russia With Love - Matt Monro
3. Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey
4. Thunderball - Tom Jones
5. You Only Live Twice - Nancy Sinartra
6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Louis Armstrong
7. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - The John Barry Orchestra
8. Diamonds Are Forever - Shirley Bassey
9. Live And Let Die - Paul McCartney and Wings & Guns 'N' Roses
10.Man With The Golden Gun - Lulu
11.The Spy Who Loved Me (or 'Nobody Does It Better') - Carly Simon
12.Moonraker - Shirley Bassey
13.For Your Eyes Only - Sheena Easton
14.Octopussy (or 'All Time High') - Rita Coolidge
15.A View To A Kill - Duran Duran
16.The Living Daylights - A-Ha
17.A License To Kill - Gladys Knight
18.Goldeneye - Tina Turner
19.Tommorow Never Dies - Sheryl Crow
20.The World Is Not Enough - Garbage
21.Die Another Day - Madonna

I really liked Goldeneye, but not anymore for some reason

The World is Not Enough was my favorite, I love that Garbage song rock

Live And Let Die - Paul McCartney and Wings

Although the Guns version really sucked!

just heard "For your eyes only"
think I heard it the most of all messed

A View to A Kill

I have the Original sountrack music, that is all of the Classical pieces, such as the Bond themes from each movie... the music that is played in the opening scenes dun, dudu dundun...man it is hard to hum online laughing out loud

Dirty Vader
A view to a kill and goldeneye

live and let die is awesome.. ive seen paul do it live!

favorite bond songs is a toss up between A LOT of them
The World Is Not Enough by Garbage
Surrender by kd Lang
Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey
The James Bond Theme by Monty Norman cool
Live And Let Die by Paul McCartney and Wings
A View To A Kill by Duran Duran
Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon

and i think thats it big grin

My favorite bond song was Die Another Day by Madonna.

die another day is an all right song. it could have been a lot better i think.

Die Another Day, Live and let Die, and Goldeneye

Alias Neo
A View To A Kill - Duran Duran
Die Another Day - Madonna

Tomorrow Never Dies
The World is not Enough

Tomorrow Never Dies - Sherly Crow

It's just so addicitive, to begin with I didn't like it but ended up did - crazy story huh.

Living Daylights and View To A Kill

Mr Parker
For your eyes only by Sheena Easton is my favorite
then Nobody does it better by Carly Simon from The Spy who loved Me would be next.

The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day

Living daylights and The Spy who loved me

The Redeemer
After Rita Coolidge's excellent ALL TIME HIGH the Bond title tracks seem to get sadder and sadder. Not in terms of emotion, they're just varying degrees of pathetic, forgettable crap. sad

Nothing in that lot can even shine the shoes of Shirley Bassey's signiture tunes, Barry's tremendous theme for OHMSS or even Paul McCartney's LALD. roll eyes (sarcastic)

I thought Goldeneye of Turner was goos messed


well, perhaps if rumors are true, P!nk will do it for the new movie, making it already my fav happy

The Redeemer
Pink? Yeah, she'd fit nicely into the Rosa Klebb/Irma Bunt/Mayday school of things! stick out tongue

the song, not the girl stick out tongue

Absolutely, and the title sequence was stunning too. cool

The Redeemer
I think she'd be quite adept in both catagories? wink

I would like to test that out myself shifty

The Redeemer
Hey Y...check out my quote in the Whose Line Is It Anyway? section...your post beat it to mine by maybe a few seconds so it'll be a nice surprise for you...and an EASY one too!!! whistle

I'll run in

is it wrong that i really like the die another day song?

nah, you get spared stick out tongue

I don't mind the song that much

i quite like the TND theme/opening sequence but the music does have a habit of getting jammed in my head and looping round and round!

Serves me right for being a damn machine I suppose!!

The Redeemer
Nah! Madonna is a great artist. She's reinvented herself more times than 007. Away to go baby!!! rolling on floor laughing

don't yell too loud, she might return for a new song wink

The Redeemer
Could be worse...could be Pink...watch out 007! confused

wish I had to watch out sad

The Redeemer
Pink would make a great villain. She'd beat Rosa Klebb, Irma Bunt and Mayday no problem...and that's just with one hand...keeping the other "to take care of" 007. evil face wink

those three aren't exactly nice looking adversaries... are you implying something? stick out tongue

well, let her stick to the singing than

The Redeemer
Um, she swings both ways like the other three, dosen't she? wink smokin'

I think that's a good thing wink

The Redeemer
Oh, matron!!!!!!!!!!!! angel

seriously, she could do a good song I reckon

The Redeemer
I agree. But she needs to get a good, memorable song to sing. Too many of the recent Bonds - GOLDENEYE excepted - have been forgettable pap.

God, anything Shirley Bassey did sticks in the mind forever. cool

Ohh, which of them was Shirley Bassey's? I like her a lot big grin

Red Superfly
The thing is, there aren't any Tina Turner-type famous singers these days. Who could you use?

I prefer those old style sassy Bond themes like Goldeneye and Diamonds Are Forever, or the classic sounds of For Your Eyes Only and Live and Let Die. I thought Die Another Day was the least suited to a Bond movie in the history of the series.

Even though its not a true Bond theme in that it doesn't appear at the start of any movie, I really have to mention the Moby remix of the classic Bond theme, I love that tune.

well, that's they wanted something new as Pierce himself said.
New song, new age and the time that's used for the song now actually SHOWS something!
but they just fell back on the old ingredients

The Redeemer
Hey Y, just saw your favourite gal Pink out of concert and not in a pop video! Boy, is she small!!! Think Kylie Minogue small!!! Maybe she would'nt make such a great villain after all...unless that is she appears as Nick Nack's lost sister! laughing out loud

I'm sure they can find a new weird name for that wink

Hey, things have changed from Live and Let Die and Diamonds are forever. You cannot possibly expect everything to stay same. I liked the song a lot.

Red Superfly
I know they evolve and change, but look at The World Is Not Enough and Tomorrow Never Dies on how to do a "proper" modern Bond song.

The thing I really liked was how they incorporated the story into the opening credit song. That was a smart move.

Another thing about DaD was that (at the start) it showed Bond as totally human, that he put up with all that, and still managed to stroll into a hotel as if nothing happened. That was a really cool touch.

It all went pear shaped wth that car though. The theme tune and the car, and the shape-shifting nonsense. As if.

If you want to see that kind of silliness, go watch one of those Action Man videos or something. DaD at times reminded me of those corny Action Man adverts (especially that surfing bit).

I liked him casually visiting that hotel in his PJ's big grin

Are you kidding? What does Action Man have to do with it? blink Action Man is a doll for boys (my brother used to have that and I organised weddings with Barbies stick out tongue off-topic embarrasment ) I don't think it's all that unbelievable, except for the disappearing car.
Theme song was great, but that's MY opinion, and I think liking/disliking a song is subjective.
Also, about the surfers: Like it's the FIRST time a JB movie included something that cannot be done IRL roll eyes (sarcastic) Suuuure, people can jump from airplanes, get shot multiple times, knock out ALL the bad guys without any injure AND stay alive... No-one ever claimed JB is realistic no2

of course not, but it has to uphold a certain credibility ... and with that car, it went over the top

Yeah well, I never claimed to like the car idea either.

good, you're learning laughing out loud


Beatle stick out tongue

Originally posted by yerssot
I thought Goldeneye of Turner was goos messed I like the song from Goldeneye big grin

goos? good I ment messed

great to see you again Kal smile

"For your eyes only"
I think that it is best of all, but I like also all the other song of Bond!

Licence to Kill
The World Is Not Enough
Casino Royale

Rampant ox
'The Man With The Golden Gun' is definatly the best. Although 'Die Another Day' is certainly up there.

Didnt much care for the Casino Royale soundtrack. erm

Mr Parker
Dont know if I have a favorite but the ones I really really love are Live and Let Die with Paul McCartney and wings,The Spy who loved me with Shirley Bassey,For your eyes only with Sheena Easton and You Only Live Twice with Nancy Sinatra.Those I can watch the opening themse song over and over again because I love them so much.

I like all of them except die another dia by madonna in die another day and the one from casino royale. But probably my favourite one is goldfinger by shirley bassey.

Mr Parker
Really? I would have guessed Live and let Die. wink

That is the second one, mainly because paul macartney and george martin are on it. So , your guess is almost exact.

For your eyes only
Casino Royale

Mr Parker
Nobody does it better from spy who loved me was my fave.

Tomorrow never dies
Golden Eyes
Live and let die
A view to a kill
For your eyes only

A View to a Kill
The Living Daylights


I'm a big fan of Live and Let Die as a song.

Live And Let Die - Paul McCartney and Wings & Guns 'N' Roses. best one!!

Sorry, I a huge fan of
License To Kill - Gladys Knight
Goldeneye - Tina Turner
Tommorow Never Dies - Sheryl Crow
The World Is Not Enough - Garbage
Die Another Day

each has a very special meaning, especially how bond never ages can you believe it. He as youthful as a spring chicken, well beast...������

Diamonds Are Forever - Shirley Bassey
Adele - Skyfall
Chris Cornell - You know my name

Daisy Roberts
Tomorrow Never Dies

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