What's the best Sci Fi film ever made?

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It doesn't have to be a SW film, but of course mine is: The Empire Strikes Back, the second and third best in my opinion would have to be Metropolis and 2001 A Space Odyssey.

well, Star Wars obvioulsy. But other than SW I really like Stargate and AI was the best movie I've seen in a VERY long time.

Most definatly SW. Other than that I would have to say Close Encounters of the Third Kind

King Jedi
4 Star Wars Movies
Terminator 2
Galaxy Quest
Dark City
Starship Troopers
Twelve Monkeys

and lots of others I can't think of just now.

The worst is The Fifth Element

Star Treks....I II IV VI VIII

King Jedi
Alien 1,2, and 3. Contact, Deep Impact.

2001 and Blade Runner once we get past SW, I think

King Jedi
I've never been able to watch Blade Runner all the way through. I'd really like to but it bores me a bit.

To be sure, Blade Runner is not a thrill a minute, but it is really, really good.

If your going to see it King Jedi, make sure you see the directors cut, it's much better.

Jurassic Park.

King Jedi
Would you class that as Sci-Fi? I suppose it is when you think
about it.

Can you get the directors cut of Blade Runner on DVD?

The DVD is the directors cut. It is one of the worst DVD's in my collection, the quality is very poor, and theres really no special features, it's a really bad! It was one of the first DVD's the studio released. It's double sided one side is wide screen and the other full screen, but the DVD still sucks major booty sad

King Jedi
Do all DVD players have a widescreen/ normal option?

It's not up to your DVD player, it's up to the actual DVD. Most DVD's are in the widescreen format, with the black bars on the top and bottom, very few DVD's let you choose full screen, so far I have only 2 of them, Bladerunner and Toy Story 2. The wide screen is much better anyways.

King Jedi
Not if you don't have a widescreen T.V. All DVD's should have the option.

Hm, Blade Runner (director's cut) is the best sci-fi movie ever in my oppinion. That final scene on the roof, in the rain, was just wonderful. Sure, ESB is very enjoyable and has immense sentimental value for me. But still, when one tries to look objectively at it...it's not really as good as Blade Runner, or a few other great sci-fi movies. (I realize this is probably not the smartest place to make a statement like this, but it's my integrity at stake, dammit!)

King Jedi
ESB is the best movie I have ever seen.

It's #3 on my list smokin'

Someone mentioned Vanilla Sky was a sci-fi.

Mine is similar to Ush... but I don't have SW as my # 1.

2001 and Blade Runner thumb up

I seem to be stuck on Contact and 12 Monkeys at the moment eek!

2001 A Space Oddessy, Clockwork Orange, Star Wars

hmm, im thinking, wut would be the best sci fi thriller?

What's the best Sci Fi film ever made? Empire strikes back

In your opinion, what is the best science fiction movie of these ones? i love the three , but i preffer star wars because it was more entertainnig. But 2001 and blade runner are two masterpieces. your opinion?

"2001", I feel, is sorely overrated. It's just a slow movie, with nice visuals, but it's only real appeal is in HAL. The rest is just filler. 2010 was much more entertaining.

"Blade Runner", I couldn't get through, personally. I may revisit it someday.

I did chose "Star Wars". It just appeals to so many people on so many levels. Inventive special efffects, unique characters, elaborate costumes and set design, and a simple story with a great message. It just works, and it's always bee na big part of my life.

That's a very small poll. Personally I have a ton of Sci-Fi favorites. So is kinda hard to pick one above all.

Agent Elrond
The Matrix (first one), although I'm sure there are several better ones, I just haven't seen them

Star Wras

Dr. Strangelove
Alien or Aliens

2001 was one of the most boring movies I've ever seen and I wasn't too thrilled with Blade Runner either so I say Star Wars (between those three that is).

Ditto. If I have to pick from those. Sci Fi is my genre, so picking favorites is like deciding which of my kids I love more.

Not that I have kids, but, you know.

I am so glad to be in the presence of people who share my opinion on 2001. This was one of the slowest paced movies out there. It was an hour to long. When the movie is over the only thing your left with is Why did i sit through this, for a metaphor?

As for the best sci-fi movie. I think you owuld be hard pressed to find a better written and executed movie or movies than the original star wars trilogy. those movies have everything from diverse characters to envoking a number of your emotions.

Blade runner is another flick that i had a hard time accepting. Growimg up i would always watch the movie, though i loved the concept and acting i couldnt help but be bored by the pace of the movie. A great Sci-fi flick none the less

My personal favorite Sci-fi movie without argument is Aliens. This has it all,, for you sci-fi lovers. some of the best characters out there, Great one-liners and near perfect story set up. It still reins to be one of the most suspensfull movies for me if not the most. After aliens goes to the matrix

Dude.. all of you Dune hands down eek! any of you that says otherwise dude.... i pitty you.....

The book is amazing but the movie is long and slaughters the original story. You seriously believe that the film Dune is a greater peice of cinematic entertainment than star wars? I think i would have to pity that opinion

I just want to point out that Special Effects aren't need to make a great Sci-Fi movie. For example there is a film called Stalker and it has none whatsoever Special Effects, but the storyline and the dialogues are superb!

Take away all the Special effects from some of the most overrated Sci-Fi films and you get a very empty film. Please take note of also that eXistenZ doesn't have over the top Special Effects, but it delivers a real good Sci-Fi Thriller.

wtf.. where is terminator

Extrodinarily true big grin but Star wars is not really very original story wise. It just steals stories and peices them together and its effects and the spectical is the only thing it has... Dune the movie still retains most of the books essence and its story is beyond original..... and come one it doesn't really rely on special effects laughing out loud

How can you say that Star wars isnt original. At the time there was nothing like it. Indeed the story was inspired by many different genres and tales, but inspired is the key word. Any film or story is inspired by somthing, somthing that you can say that it was stolen from.Even Dune was inspired by somthing, though i would say that the original story is one of if not the most riginal stories, but i think star wars gives us a more personal experience. Star Wars at the time was a special effects killer., but it is the story that makes it one of the most memorable and engrossing movies out there. Today the star war effects can be duplicated by spending 50$ at a dollar store, yet it is the story that gives it such an impact. I agree with dancer as im sure most people do on the point that it is a story that makes a good movie not just a sci-fi story. Unfortunately when it comes to sci-fi movies, all the best stories dont get made because they cant get a mind boggling budget for special effects.

Well I have to go with Star Wars. Although really I would choose Aliens if it were in the poll. It builds upon the first but doesnt ruin it. It expands the multiple alien concept that the first did'nt consider (Not to mention I love the Alien.)

And giving respect to the classics in thrid would be Metropolis, an old silent movie directed by Fritz Lang. Extremly engrossing considering it is a silent movie.

I'm reminded of another poll I saw recently.

Would you rather:

a) receive a cookie and five dollars

b) have your head chopped off

c) have your head chopped off and set on fire

Red Superfly
The Original Star Wars movies.

Star wars

Jedi Priestess
Without a doubt Star Wars and I see I am not alone.

Mr Zero

Chrinicles of Riddickhystericalhystericalhysterical

Star Wars, definitley.

you know, thats not funny because there are actually people out there who believe Riddick is the greatest thing since sliced bread. thats just...sad laughing out loud mad Happy Dance smokin'


unfortunatley i know people that believe pitch black are just amazing, amazing movies over one's such as aliens, predator, blade runner, back to the future, etc..etc...Obviously people liked this movie bcause the movie did well, and is going to most likely get a third.As much as i like vin diesle. I think he should stay away from science fiction.

hey, is Gattaca counted as sci-fi?

they...r..gonna..have...a..third...movie.... thats stupid cuz mostly evry1 thinks chronicles of riddick sucked so what the point of making a third one?

The first Matrix by far, 2001 was pretty sweet also.

Primitive Screwhead #1
Well, if these are the choices... then I'll stick with Blade Runner. Throw Aliens and Empire Strikes Back in there, however, and then I've got a problem...

Dario Argento

The Dark Lady
How about Stargate: The movie? Or Eight-Legged Freaks? Just throwing out a few more suggestions... Cuz My dad made me sit through BOTH Space Oddesy movies and the entire time the knives in the kitchen were lookin' real good to me! And I haven't seen the other one... But Star Wars was classic, so I'd have to go with that.

rock rock devil geek pirate

I wouldnt consider eight legged freaks a movie worth mentioning at ALL no matter what genre you want to throw it in. Stargate started out really well, but turned into a sloppy B movie. (decent concept though)

"Pitch Black", in my humble opinion, is indeed a fantastic Sci Fi movie and Twohy deserves alot of credit for his direction. You can check my reviews as to why I say that. I big part of it has to do with the direction and extremely innovative cinematography.

As for "Chronicles of Riddick". I love the Riddick character, as well the singular franchise. While nominal Sci Fi franchises just wither away in theatres nowadays, it sure was nice seeing epic Science Fiction back on the big screen.

It's a rather under-appreciated movie, much like "Underworld". Unfortunately, it's all because of some ignorant prejudice towards Vin Diesel's acting capabilities.

I never said i diddnt like pitch black.I think it is a great flick, but nothing special. I was pointing out the fact that i know people who put this movie over the greats. I diddnt however like chronicles of Riddick, i know it is an original sequal, because it is just a sequal on a character and not a particular story, i just dont think it worked out very well and found myself bored more times than not. I dont think it is the worst thing out there, but defiantly not in contention with the greats. Vin diesel isnt a bad actor, every generation needs a sterotyped action star. I believe diesel fits this job perfectly, oh yeah he can also act out his characters very well, even if they are simple. I think he is talented actor for his avenue in the business, just as long as he doesnt try and diversify like everyone in hollywood ends up doing. I think he is far better than the rock, infact i hope the Rock dies of a terrible horrible painful brain stroke

He's done drama, animation, Sci Fi, action, etc. May want to check his credentials on IMDB.com. People forget his two best dramatic roles in "Knockaround Guys" and "A Man Apart".

His best dramatic roles? Pretty much his only dramatic roles. And even then, they're his best, still poor by the standards of good actors.

I'll go ahead and vote for 2001. I think it deserves all the recognition it gets simply because of it's unique storytelling devices and simply amazing visual effects that were about 20+ years ahead of their time.

No, i dont forget aobut those, infact a man apart is my favorite movie of his. However, i dont consider those dramatic roles for him. Knockaround guys was a comedy/drama. I wouldnt give diesel credit for a dramatic role in that movie. He just happend to fall in a kind of dramatic movie. He still gave a thug performance with reason and loyalty. As for man apart, yeah he did some dramatic acting in the movie, but it was still in an action hero way. I would consider these two characters an elaborated version of what we got from him in fast and the furious. when i say drama i mean movies that require a total make over from the action star presence, like so many action stars transfer to.

I love 2001 so much.

Oh I agree with that so much. I was blown away when I saw it on the big screen, oooooo all the different colours!! I remember thinking that all the way through when first watching it.

Cinematography/art direction is lovely.

I don't care what anyone says, one of my all time favourite sci fi movies is Barbarella.

big grin Fabulous.

Out of those, Blade Runner definitely, although the novel's better. I hate Star Wars and 2001 does (no disrespect to Kubrick) go up its own ass at the end.

Darth Revan
Star Wars. 2001 was boring as hell.

One word, Alien

as much as i love alien and blade runner, star wars is the best

Some of my favs are:
- all the Star Wars movies
- Galaxy Quest
- Aliens
- Predator
- Predator 2
- AvP (but mainly because there are Predators in it)

Old Stars War trilogy
The Matrix

Planet of the Apes, reminds us the true value of Sci-fi, deep meaningful plots rather than special effects.

Real Sci Fi was around long before POTA. "The Day the Earth Stood Still", "War of the Worlds" and "Forbidden Planet" all from the 50's, all used special effects (what was available to them. anyway), and it's still going to be a Sci Fi constant. The story usually plays seconds fiddle to the visuals and extravagant characters.

word to all the Blade Runner fans...that would be my number one, followed by the Matrix trilogy and Soylent Green, of course. Maybe Invasion of the Body Snatchers too. Emperor Strikes Back would be like number 4 on my list or so.

does anyone else agree with me that lately sci-fi movies have gone down the crapper? I don't think I've seen a good one in a long time. maybe I'm forgetting something though

Sci Fi doesn't have a draw in mainstream cinema anymore. "The Matrix" was fresh in 1999, but since then, there's been nothing. "Chronicles of Riddick" was Sci Fi getting back to it's roots. Vast universes, interesting characters, etc, etc.

I don't even count "Star Wars", because the movies have been pathetic and it's draw is it's namesake.

Personally, I couldn't put "Blade Runner" above "Alien", "Aliens", "Terminator", "Terminator 2", "Planet of the Apes", "Star Wars", "The Empire Strikes Back", "The Matrix", "Pitch Black", "Predator" "The Day the Earth Stood Still", "The Time Machine"..etc etc etc...the inspirations for new Sci Fi.

empire strikes back or the return of the jedi...

MC Mike
The Empire Strikes Back
Return Of The Jedi
A New Hope
2001: A Space Odyssey
Terminator 2

big grin

Darth Sauron
A new hope beats ROTJ yes

ESB is the best

Red Superfly
Wow, I saw this question, and instinctively, immediately, the first words in my head were "Star Wars".

Star Wars series smile

i don't really take Clockwork Orange as a sci fi movie

I sometimes think I'm the ONLY one here who likes Star Trek. roll eyes (sarcastic) At any rate, Star Trek:First Contact would be up there at the top of my list.

If Back to the Future counts as sci fi, it's a close 2nd if not 1st place.

Other favorites are Stargate, AI, The Matrix, Galaxy Quest.

Others I like pretty well are T2, Planet of the Apes, Signs, Contact, 12 Monkeys, Dark City.

The Redeemer
Fear not...there's a transporter beam here! Just bought season one of ST-TOS on disc...now there's a way to do a box set! I'm not a fan of the later spin offs. TNG has grown on me...but there's only one ST for me...

I thought ST NEMESES was a poorly rendered ripoff of the excellent BALANCE OF TERROR. Now, why they could'nt have chosen a classic, EMMY award winning episode like CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER or THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE is beyond me...

I was extremely disappointed in Nemesis. I like all the other ST movies. I should probably have included ST4: The Journey Home on my list as well, as it is the movie that pulled me into the whole Star Trek Universe to start with. Then I had to go back & watch 1-3. I started watching the tv series, too. I haven't seen all of TOS, but I've seen all of TNG & Voyager. I haven't been able to watch much of Enterprise, so I've not kept up with it. But I do like all the movies. I just would've done something completely different than what they did with Nemesis.


The Redeemer
NEMESES would have made a watchable hour long episode on one of the ST spin-offs IMO...dragged out to almost two hours it became a very, very predicable bore...

It was almost as if the makers had run out of imagination...which they probably had...a hefty dose of HELLRAISER, a dash of THE ROAD WARRIOR and a bit of BALANCE OF TERROR...

And no Whorf nude at that wedding in the end...??? Very, very disappointing!!! Never mind a certain Ms Troi being in the same predicament!


Jedi Priestess
Empire Strikes Back
ANH & ROTJ (tie)
ATOC & TPM (tie)
Star Trek The Wrath of Kahn
Close Encounters
Logans Run
Blade Runner
the first Terminator

another trekkie here stick out tongue

Hated the latest trek films. Loved First Contact and Generations(cept kirk dieing sad) TNG was a great series. The others didn't have as good of characters =\

As far as some of my favorite sci-fi movies:

Starwars OT
Star Treks
The Abyss
Event Horizon

i think to many star trek movies have been made for them to be fun to watch sad

You may be right, although I would enjoy just one with the Voyager crew.

I thought of a couple more sci fi films that I liked: The 13th Floor & ExistenZ.

some are good .. i couldnt watch all of them... sad

Mr Parker
1. Star Wars.A New Hope
2.Empire Strikes Back.
3.The Terminater
4.Terminater 2
5.star trek 4.
6.star trek 3
7.star trek 5.
8.star trek 1
9star trek 6
10.star trek 2

Mr Parker
just think of them as two hour long tv shows instead of movies and they are tv episodes. big grin

Silver Stardust
Star Wars is my favorite, for sure...with ESB being my favorite SW movie yes After that I'd have to say 2001. There's a few others but those ones are the ones that came to mind.

The Redeemer
Despite it's twenty year plus age tag, BLADE RUNNER has to be THE GREATEST science fiction film ever...the combination of humanity, *futuristic* ideas and design and hard edged *action* has never been equaled since...

So unlike "BINnortiy Report".


MF D00m
Agree 100%

Any of the star war movies


i think (if anyones ever heard of it) roswell is the best altho it was on t.v. i still think it was the best
yes yes yes

starwars star wars star wars star wars star wars star wars star wars star wars star wars star wars ya best movie ever

dudes star wars rock my sci-fi world

Not really a Movie per-se but I say the Red Dwarf series. The funniest series in the history of... words. SMEGHEADS. Hehe.

If I have to take just one, it's 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was the film that finally made Sci-Fi a respected genre. And Star Wars would quantum-leap it's popularity nine years later.

i agree with the ladys grim there are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many ST movies starwars

Being someone who enjoys cinematography and mood over action and storyline, I'd have to go with 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The poll on here is a joke. But most people, like myself, will continue to read the thread to maybe get lucky and find someone mention a sci-fi gem that they might not have seen already. Im not proclaiming any of these are the greatest of all time, just some of my personal favorites:

In no particular order:

The One
Thirteenth Floor
The Matrix
Event Horizon
Terminator 1,2
The Abyss
Minority Report
Chronicals of Riddick

id be interested in some recommendations .. any good SciFi imports ?

Originally posted by Zilverz
The One
I'm surprised you named that. I quite enjoyed The One, it was a short fun action flick. People tend to compare it with Jet Li's other films and look down on it though.

My favourite at the moment would be "Gattaca".

Originally posted by Wolfie
I'm surprised you named that. I quite enjoyed The One, it was a short fun action flick. People tend to compare it with Jet Li's other films and look down on it though.

it is my fav jet li film .. i like the whole "yourself dying in another dimension strengths the remaining versions of yourself" great acting .. great special effects great soundtrack

Recently ive been really into the alien trilogy so at the moment my favourite sci fi film is Aliens smile

While both 2001: a space odyssey and Star Wars are visually stunning and musically-inspiring films, 2001 wins. Why?
1. Star Wars is pure fantasy. 2001 was a realistic/could-happen depiction of the future (from 1968's POV).
2. In Star Wars, aliens were a dime-a-dozen (ho-hum). 2001 still depicts the most realistic version of a First Contact--you never even see the aliens, allowing the viewer's imagination to step in.
3. Overall, Star Wars presents as simpler and childlike (Not childish), which no doubt accounts for much of its popularity...it's basically easier to grasp. 2001 requires more intelligence to understand, thus adding to its mystery and realism.
When Star Wars grows up, it'll be 2001 (no offense to SW fans).

If you count Star Wars then duh...I personally think Star wars is more fantasy than SciFi. If you're not counting SW, then...

1. Matrix
2. Terminator 2
3. I, Robot
4. Terminator 1
5. Chronicles of Riddick

I'm sure its been mentioned, but I really love Total Recall.

enemy mine can't really think of anything else it's really well written.

star wars is the best movie ever made starwars

Originally posted by Myth
I'm sure its been mentioned, but I really love Total Recall.

Total recall is an awesome SCiFi.. one of my personal favorites Arnold has a lot of good 80s stuff

The Thing cant be left out

Originally posted by Zilverz
it is my fav jet li film .. i like the whole "yourself dying in another dimension strengths the remaining versions of yourself" great acting .. great special effects great soundtrack

I concur.

How about Dune? Way better book than movie, but still one of my favorites.

I have an affinity to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. (But of course you'll could probably tell that by my sig). I think it's the best of all the Star Trek's, and one of the best Sci-Fi film's ever made. Great story, great acting, a great villain, and a theme that hits very close to home. It was absolutely beautiful how they made a topic like the cold war, and everything it entails, fit so perfectly within the star trek universe.

Quiero Mota
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1953)

The Alpha
Terminator 2
Star Wars
The Matrix

ALIEN my number one film. thumbup

eXistenZ is up there with the best IMO.

2001 Space Odyssey
Star Wars ESB, ANH
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
War of the World (1953)
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Blade Runner
THX 1138
Planet of the Apes (1968)
The Matrix
Soylent Green
Logan's Run
Terminator 2
The Time Machine (1960)

These would be my top sci fi films

Star Wars Is The Best Hands Down

Dr. Zaius
Althought I love the first 3 Star Wars Films, I don't think I classify them as Sci-Fi. They actually more ressemble fantasy, I think, since the movies adhere to a pretty strict myth-hero archetype. If you discount Star Wars, the best Sci-Films are:

1) 2001

2) Blade Runner (Director's Cut)

3) Twelve Monkeys

star wars


Forbidden Planet

The Day the Earth Stood Still

2001 & 2010

The Omega Man

Soylent Green

The Andromeda Strain


The Thing (John Carpenter's version)



And all the Alien films, just a few of a long list.

I thought the thing was a good early 80's movie and it is underrated also.

Terminator 2 and 3
The Thing was good, pretty weird.
Chronicles of Riddick
Men In Black
The Matrix
Matrix: Reloaded

Star Wars always struck me more as science fantasy, whereas 2001: a space odyssey is "hard" science fiction, very realistic. As such, I don't know if Star Wars and 2001 are fair comparisons: each have their own strengths.

But, strictly speaking, the best science fiction movie is 2001. Indeed, it is considered by critics to be one of the best movies--regardless of genre--ever made.

has anyone read STAR WARS rise of a dark lord, its a really good book becouse there is no more star wars movies. i know have to resort to reading the star wars books reading

The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Final Countdown
Aliens 2
All three Back to the Future movies



The Machine
Star Wars

Top 3:
1. Star Wars 1-6
2. Lord of the Rings 1-3
3. The Shawshank Redemption

Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are one class better than all other movies.

Wasn't Vanilla Sky about someone who had fantasies? I don't think you should consider it Sci-Fi. Of course it was at time hard to follow, as I only saw it once did I miss something?

As much as i am a huge SW original trilogy fan id go for THE ORIGINAL 1968 PLANET OF THE APES.

2001&gt;Gattaca&gt;Blade Runner

office jesus
Originally posted by Hypernova
Someone mentioned Vanilla Sky was a sci-fi.

Then that someone is an idiot.

2001. Hands down. Best Sci-Fi flick..ever.

office jesus
Originally posted by pulsar
Wasn't Vanilla Sky about someone who had fantasies? I don't think you should consider it Sci-Fi. Of course it was at time hard to follow, as I only saw it once did I miss something?

Vanilla Sky was a horrible movie with and even more horrid plot.

office jesus
Originally posted by Solo
2001&gt;Gattaca&gt;Blade Runner

I quite literally fell asleep during Gattaca.

Blade Runner was better than Gattaca.

Aliens, thats all there is to it. MOVIE ROCKS

My best Sci-fi movies are Star Wars, Transformers and Matrix...

Back to the future

Star Wars is not really sci-fi.... so it gets kinda tricky to chose. BTTF is a good one, but I think Twelve Monkeys ranks high, as well as 2001.

Originally posted by queeq
Star Wars is not really sci-fi.... so it gets kinda tricky to chose. BTTF is a good one, but I think Twelve Monkeys ranks high, as well as 2001.

the term sci-fi can mean different things to different people.

I agree that star wars is not a sci-fi it is a sci-fi fantasy

but tweleve monkies definatly is not a sci-fi

i guess for me sci-fi for the most part has to take place in space

BTTF i wouldn't classify that as sci-fi that is just an adventure.

how in the hell is shawshank redemtion and LOTR a sci-fi?

sci-fi movies
star trek
pitch black
total recall
aliens and predator
blade runner

scifi but not in the normal sence

Blade Runner takes place on earth. Lost out on your own definition there. If that's sci-fi then so is 12 monkeys.

Sci-fi is basically a futuristic view of how technology influences people in x years from now. 12 monkeys, terminator, BTTF in a way, Matrix .... they all fit that description. They're all sci-fi.
SW is a fairy tale, a space fantasy but hardly sci-fi.

Originally posted by queeq
Blade Runner takes place on earth. Lost out on your own definition there. If that's sci-fi then so is 12 monkeys.

Sci-fi is basically a futuristic view of how technology influences people in x years from now. 12 monkeys, terminator, BTTF in a way, Matrix .... they all fit that description. They're all sci-fi.
SW is a fairy tale, a space fantasy but hardly sci-fi.

That's not the definition of sci-fi. Science fiction can take place in an ancient time with ancient technology. Sci-fi is the aspect of a story that is related to some form of technology not present in real world history. A sci fi story can deal with the origin of Egyptian hieroglyphics being alien. Star Wars is sci -fi because it's based on a universe largely dependent on advanced technology. It's not by any means hard science fiction, but it's sci-fi nonetheless.

Who put Shawshank Redemption...