Deadliest mutant power

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For mine, I think Weather Manipulation...

I based this on what happened to toad on X-men 1st movie...

to be honest wovies claws arn't his mutation and i thing the deadliest mutant power would be rogue, she can knock anyone out and is preaty nead dam invunerable! that would work for me

yup! I was also to say that but I checked something on another forum...

Wolverine is not really a mutant, am I right?

Mystique, Iceman & Nightcrawler's powers are not deadly...
I just included them because I cant think of any other deadly mutant power...

Am, does telekinesis really exists in real life?

i agree rogue's power is really deadly but from the list scott's are too, he just looks at someone with out his glasses and that person will die, but i really hate him, he's so pathetic!

how can you tell Cyclops is pathetic?

yeah my friend is a little bit telekenetic and it freeks me out!, wolvie is a real mutant, he has a healing power, your thinking of lady deathstrike, whos a cyborg

Actually his claws are his mutation, its the metal thats not.

sorry but the poll said adumantium not bone and he also has healling

He is a mutant. He has hightened sense of smell, agility, accelerated healing, and of course those claws.

Iceman can freeze you to death. Nightcrawler kicks but and if he grabs someone he can just teleport really high and drop you. Pretty deadly.

Wolverine, One slice with those claws and ur gone

Cyclops is not pathetic no

From the list I would go with Pyro's power.... or Jean's... one thought and you're dead!!!.... damn!!!... I'm undecided......

Magneto, with his powers you could wipeout all life on earth. With his ability to manipulate earths magetic field he to can affect the weather, and the migration habits of many animal, the growth of plants, or knock out power on a global scale, and he could even expose the earth to harmful cosmic rays causing the extintion of life on earth. I'd say that's pretty deadly and he has my vote.

what about pestilence?


What can Pestilence do and who is her/he????

she was originally plague (one of the morlocks) and could make anyone she touched ill. she once almost killed shadowcat that way
then she became pestilence and a horseman for apocalypse.


you're right. i was referring to plague though.

Apocalypse rules!

time out isn't wolverine considered the most dangerous man on earth but i don't really know who to vote for they all could easily kick my butt but i'm gonna say for an assasin would be mystique just flat out letting the powers go off cyclops for just rocking up a bunch of guys wolverine but all i wanna know is why gambit isn't on there he can charge up a hole building ya know that would be like an atomic bomb but i would hafta say cyclops just cuz if he let go the mountains are gonna move!!!

i dont think Gambit has the power to charge a building

the deadliest is Cable or Nate Grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd say Omega Red, Auaora, or Nate Grey. But I voted for Magneto.

yeah gambit has to be one of the deadliest, remember that episode of evo when he charged a whole bus?? that wouldnt tickle if it blew up on ya

I voted for the Laserbeam

I'd have to agree with that. She can take on several mutant abilities all at once.

Q from star trek... LOL ^_^ he can whipe out our whole universal plane of exsistance with the click of his fingers.. lol ^_^

My vote would be tossed, rogue when she learns to control her powers. I mean she is basically every mutant in one. But if i put it up id say the deadliest would be either Magneto, Magma, or Storm, these 3 can cause world wide catastrophes, and gambit if he could charge a building which he cant, the goverment would nuke that city so fast after it started lol, he would be dead before he could do any earthly damage. Cyclops and stuff they can cause damage but not on a wide scale. My 3 picks can just cause total devistation in the blick of an eye.

ANother very deadly person peopel dont think of is Ma'Landra, from the Shi'R empire, she has #!, gladitor to do her every wish. #2 she has the emcron crystal lol that can whipe out the entire universe.. thats pretty deadly,.

Rogue is easily the worst but next prob Nate Grey or Cable or even Jean Grey. I voted for Jean, she could seriously mess you up!

what about rogues powers

What the f**k? Mega Optic Blast..............the man could emit more fire-power than any mutant (maybe except the phoenix) on the entire planet.

"I'm packing two bazookas behind each eyeball, what do you want from me?" Scott to Prof X.

"You want it raw tough guy; then take it- raw!" Cyclops to the Juggernaut

"I can destroy mountains. You had no chance." Marvel Superheroes vs Streetfighter

What the f**k?

What the f**k? Mega Optic Blast..............the man could emit more fire-power than any mutant (maybe except the phoenix) on the entire planet.

"I'm packing two bazookas behind each eyeball, what do you want from me?" Scott to Prof X.

"You want it raw tough guy; then take it- raw!" Cyclops to the Juggernaut (The Stuff of Heroes)

"I can destroy mountains. You had no chance." Marvel Superheroes vs Streetfighter

Wolverine IS A MUTANT!! His mutation is healing, and his hightened sense of smell, etc.


And if he teleports very fast again and again with a person, that person gonna be sick (like Artie in a cutted-out scene from the X2) or loses his consciousness or dies.

I think ur all wrong, u guys are looking at powers on the 1 vs 1 scale, and small little scale, Cyclops is strong in a 1v1 fight, but against a mutant who can do global damage he is nothing, lets say he starts shotting his eyes and blows up newyork, lol wow what a tragedy, ok the UA goverment shoots 3 nuclear warheads and blows long Island off the map hes dead, hehe, same with most mutants, i look for the mutants who can control or have the strength to do serious wordly destruction, AKA magma.. lol she can self detinate every volcano on the planet, that would stop all life instantly, or if not right away u would all freeze to death in the nuclear winter that follows, Magneto can do serious injury on the global scale, o well i said this all above so jus tread that one, I also think Fordge is a deadly mutant
he can create whatever he can imagine, super universal doomsday devise.. or something i dont know but hes upthere also.

Dont scream.Ppl have different tastes and some express them in short, crude (lol) phrases.Deal with it.

I agree with you Cyclops!!!!!

Darth Vicious
i think the deadliest are Magnetos magnetic powers and Storm weather power since both can cause the greatest amount of damage to any town, city, state by themselves!

rogue of course

but if magneto was stuck on a place with no metal, he can't kill or destroy anything... I think storm's power are the deadliest, best example on X-men 1, when she hit toad by her lightning...

At least what I got from the movie was that he can even manipulate earth's magnetic poles or something, so......

Although Mystique's powers really aren't all that deadly, she is able to transform into someone that is! That's why I voted for her. smile

Dude its totaly wolvy u cant kill him for starters prove me wrong and tell me a way how to kill him huh ?????? rock

Wolvie can be killed. In my opinion. Just keep injuring him till he cant cure himself no more big grin
Hell Rogue almost did it in the 1st movie.
But regardless, even if he could not be killed that doesnt make his power the deadliest.

The Force
Weather Manipulation, tornadoes duh!

going bak bout magneto heanit so deadly if hes in a plastic cell *accepting the fack from x2 and mystuique cant use thiere powers

probally the most deadlist is professor xs ex wifes son he was preety deadly

Rogue is definately the mutant with the best ability. She can take anyone elses just by touching them and if you read up on her history she is invonerable! She can even take someones ability permanantly just by holding on a little bit longer than usual.

Professor X was not married to Gabrielle Haller, that's why his sons name is David Haller. Nightcrawler could teleport you and leave you half in a wall and half out that's pretty deadly. Shadowcat could also phase someone into a solid object and let go, that's deadly also. Mystiques powers aren't all that deadly because she can't fool someone with heightened senses or telepaths, and Kes is right Wolverine can be killed only it would take a very powerful telepath like Prof X to do it. Magneto sucked the metal out of Wolverine through his pores and that didn't do it, but I don't think it's wolverines powers that are deadly, I think it's Wolverine who is deadly. A strong telepath will kill you by thinking about and not have to see you. Thats pretty powerful.

She's not so invulnerable that she's not afraid of Wolverines claws. Plus people don't get knocked out right away, plenty of time to GUT HER WHERE SHE STANDS!!!!


I think Storm might be able to "rain" on his parade, heh, heh

you. are. so. cruel....

so what!!!! FIRST we kill storm, and THEN pyro will be the master of the world!!!!!!!! mwahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!

Storm has 2 ave da best power. Weather manipulation she has da power of da Gods. Telekinesis is it real, wel yes it is. I know cuz i ave it a bit i see hings before they happen 2. u might hing this is big its not im not all that gd at it. if any of u are like me tell me its hard being me. i don't know how i do it or why. i don't know if mutants are real but there are people with gifts like me. am i a mutant or somehing else. someone help me. sad

Like Hegemon875 said earlier I think Magnetic powers are the most powerful. Magnetic manipulation can go way beyond just messing around with metal. I belive your body has and need it's magnetic field to live and function. Magnetics I've heard can also have weird affects on your brain (if powerful enough), your body also has metals in it.

However being able to freeze things especially to absolute zero could be very deadly. What if Iceman ever froze the air so cold that your lungs got frost bite and died on you? Get my point.

What if a telepath thought about killing you and you died before you knew you were being attacked? Xavier proved he could stop Magneto whenever he wanted when he turned off his mind leaving him in a vegetative state, he just never had the heart to do it before. Oh and I'm pretty sure that he was wearing the helmet at the time. The movie gave that helmet waaaay too much credit, originally it only prevented telepaths from finding him at great distances offering no protection against psi-blasts. I think Singer merged elements of the Juggernauts helmet with Magnetos. By the way how cool would it be to have the Juggernaut in X3?

my vote goes to rogue! but since she's not on the list i'll vote for storm. big grin

Don't you mean premonition?
Telekineses is a different thing. If you have telekinetic powers you can move things with your mind, not see things before they can happen to someone.

I suppose, however I'm read once that one reason Magneto and Xavior were such good friends and a good team togather was because Magneto could amplifie Xavior's power with his own. Is this true? If it is, could it be possible for Magneto to neutralize Xavior's power enough to prevent taking damage from Xavior?

In the new Ulitmate comics Magento's helment protects him from Xavior totally.

Well I have to wonder if that new comic was influenced by the movie or vice versa. The only example I know of Magneto and Charles combining powers was during the Secret Wars saga when Xavier was useing Maggies latent psionic abilities to agment his own in order to contact Galactus. The link first had to be forged by Xavier but then could not break it when Magneto tried to force Galactus to notice them.

i wonder why the thread started forgot to put mind control on the poll? that beats any other mutant power really. you can stop someone before they even attack you and instantly kill them.

Well i think telepathy is the most deadliest since it can knock out someone from the distance. But in the poll, i would have to say teleportation. All the teleporter needs to do is teleport someone's head off and their dead. And also weather control.

Well Jean is on the list and she is a telepath as well as a telekinetic, but don't worry I've been consistantly pointing out the power of telepaths.

There was an episode where an alien took Storm to his homeworld where nature is on a rampant. Then Storm concentrated and clear skies covered the world, then he made Storm his queen, then long story short, she felt used, she stopped her concentration, she got mad and hell broke loose, and left the world broken, and went back to Earth. Xavier on the other hand is also powerful, as u guys seen in X-men 2, Magma, as the other one already posted can control the Earth's Magma, so she can control all of Earth's volcanoes and trenches or openings. Onslaught is the combination of Magneto and Professor X's power so you know how powerful that is. Jean Grey, The Phoenix, can devour a whole world even galaxies. Grandmaster is immortal, invincible, and can kill and revive someone in an instant. Eternity meanwhile is the Universe, well part of it. he represents life, he's pretty powerful well so is his sister, Death, obviously she represents death. The Beyonder was apparently the most powerful being ever to exist in this universe (although he was not native to this universe), and hence could do virtually anything, The Beyonder could manipulate incalculable amounts of energy and create and rearrange matter on a planetary scale. He proved capable of obliterating an entire galaxy. He once killed Death but molecule man convinced him that existence is meaningless without Death so and so the Beyonder brought Death back into existence by using his power. He also once fought all of the Earth's champions at once and defeated them. He was only killed when he made a machine that would turn himself into human, while retaining his powers, but while he was an infant in the machine, molecule man destroyed the machine.The Machine's destruction unleashed the Beyonder's titanic energy, which the Molecule Man projected into another dimension. There the Beyonder's energy caused the creation of a new universe.

There you go, Beyonder is the most powerful being. And that's that, period.

We were talking about the deadlist MUTANT power. The Beyonder was not a mutant nor were his powers complete. Molecule Man had taken nearly half of it when he got his powers, that's why he was able to go toe to toe with him. Onslaught was not a mutant in and of himself, like you said, he was a psionic being. The Pheonix Force is a entity unto itself and therefore cannot be listed as a mutant power, even if Jeans manipulation of it was because she was a mutant. Also the High Tribunal was just as powerful if not more then the Beyonder.

Lets try and keep this in x-men topic (thats every character from the comic aside from cameos).

(sry for bad spelling ahead of time)

Deadliest is like strongest, and it's a relative thing.

To answer this, you have to ask yourself who can kill wolverine? then who can kill apoloypse? Both are pretty good examples of who are difficult to take out throughout the series. There are others as well so you gotta think, who could kill everybody?

Nightcrawler can if he has a space suit (he can teleport the person into the sun but it'd probably kill him) Teleportation beats even psyhic to some degree, or at least can fight against it. The problem is that throughout the series most the teleporters were pretty limited. Nightcrawler is said to only be able to go two miles and that is a stretch.

Rogue is a good one as well as any energy absorber. Rogue had the weakness she had to touch you. I wish she would have dated another energy absorber as they should have negated each other out. (or did and I don't know about it)

Phoenix can eat a star. But Jean Grey can't... Jean Grey actually sucks pretty much. But Phoenix's power level is why she is so deadly, not her abilities.

Magneto actually could mess with people's minds through the iron in their blood and mess with energies through magnetism that weren't limited to metals (that's an explaination given to why he was able to block cyclops and others energy beams). Magneto really deserved in my opinion the ability to control gravity as well. He also shoulda worked with sinister for all I can tell. Overall not really deadly but he can beat both above.

I don't think anyone can beat everybody, that's really not a good thing to do in a comic or any story. Everyone needs a weakness.

Magneto.. the guy can pick up a tin can on the other side of the planet and smack you up with it.

Honorable mention to Omega Red`s death sopres.

Deathstrike ain't a mutant.

[email protected] laserbeam


Magneto hands down. If he wanted to he could stop the rotation of the earth or tear down the magnetic shield that protects the earth from the solar radiation. He could kill everyone on earth instantly from any position with almost no warning if he wanted to. Dangerous.

Endless Mike
Mad Jim Jaspers

Deadliest power = punctuation.

ffs, people, try using a comma once i a while; I nearly died on 4 separate occasions while reading through these comments. Giant run-on sentences are very formidable.

In seriousness, based on pure destructive power, I'd have to go with Magnus. The dude could literally eff up the ground you stand on.

Originally posted by srankmissingnin
Magneto hands down. If he wanted to he could stop the rotation of the earth or tear down the magnetic shield that protects the earth from the solar radiation. He could kill everyone on earth instantly from any position with almost no warning if he wanted to. Dangerous. thumb up

Mystique could topple governments, inlcuding magnetos if she wanted to.

Going by exactly what is in the poll(Metal Manipulation rather than what should be Magneto's control of EM spectrum) I'll say Telekinesis.

There was a teenager Wolverine was sent to kill, his power was literally killing people. His entire town died in I think a single afternoon when his powers manifested. They sent Logan because his HF and skeleton kept him alive, but the only thing left in the whole town was clothes.


I think it is Gambit. if he like charge your clothes you whould get pretty blown up

Wolverines Adamantium Claws

Darth Jello
Magneto controls a fundamental force. In theory, he could annihilate all tangible material in the universe.

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