Smeagol and his transformation - PICS

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I have no idea if any of you have seen these and I saw them a while back but thought I would post em here: - Fishing big grin - It's my birthday - Early in his transformation - The grip of the ring is transforming him even more


wow thats really sad...

can't wait till RotK though

The 3rd pic looks as though the CG needs to be added as I think he is in the Shadow World (hence the powerful wind).

poor smeagol/gollum, that was mean that the ring drove him to kill his cousin or brother or whoever deagol, is but still i like smeagol, not gollum, his bad side sad

tiger lilly
is that andy serkis as gollum/smeagol?

Yes it is Andy Serkis as Smeagol smile. Also, Smeagol demanded the ring from Deagol as a birthday present and when Deagol wouldn't give it to him, he murdered him. So he didn't even have the ring and he was an evil ****! Please, please, please stop saying Smeagol is a nice person/hobbit. HE ISN'T!

smeagol could have been a good person. but the ring drove him mad. ( like boromir ) thats why he killed his brother, the ring made him do it, it was his destiny.

Boromir wasint that out of control

I love these pics - they show so good what Gollum felt with the ring. Simply perfect.

wow i hadnt seen that last one...that one is creeeeeepy...but really cool!

The Force
hey smeagol, looks kinda normal

He was - the ring transformed him. He was a type of Hobbit who lived near and loved the water - a Stoor if I remember correctly.

BOPRecruit 16
that last picture of smeagol was hekka scary looking.

yeah it was!!

Poor poor Smeagol. It wasn't his fault that the ring destroyed his entire life.

How were Smeagol and Deagol related? I thought that they were just friends, but then it says a lot of places that they're brothers or cousins. Did they change it in the movie like they did with Bilbo and Frodo?

awww i feel bad for him, he looks like hes in so much pain *sobs for smegeol*

those were creepy, a definate flashback of when smegeol was a hobbit on rotk will be very amazing, and what had happened to him, definetly awesome!

I wonder if we will see the same of it gets closer to mordor, not a full change, but you know what i mean, we can already tell what the ring is doing to him by going a little crazy on sam, and just acting really crazy "they're here" OH MY GOD i loved that, that freaked me out so much, the look in his eyes, the way he said it, i got chills at that part, that was a really really great scene, very powerful and amazing, and the part with him and the ringwraith, and hes holding the ring up, closing his eyes, its like one of those moments, sams rushing to stop him, wow..totally LOVED that scene!

i think its so sad because smeagol was just a normal person, who had dreams and ambitions until this bastard ring used its powers and corrupted him, now he is not accepted anywhere, and yet he is still lovely, frodo and sam are his best friends aww *sob*

It's truely sad that the ring could corrupt someone like that, becuase this isn't a good thing, I feel badly for smeagol and gollum, i truely cried in the theatres by the way he looked. I also was very agry at Sam,becuase he is so rude to him, i mean , he does it to protect him and Frodo, but common, don't be an A$$!!!!

agreed agreed *sob*

Deagol was Smeagol's cousin, in both the book and movie.

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if he wasnt a hobbit/person to start with then exactly wat was he

iv red the books i just forget because i agree with whoever said it about the common misconception

He WAS a hobbit, or at least something "not that different from a hobbit."

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