Smith is "The Zero" but Neo is still "The One"

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The whole smith being "the Zero" thing is kinda cool, and yes it makes sence that the system would try to balance out the equation, however this implies that smith is the machiene equivelent of the anomaly or perhaps the end of the equation that is incomplete. this is probable, but u have to still remember that a machiene (or a program) cannot percieve of infinity it ends up as being Zero, so the whole Zero thing fits but never the less zero is still a number and although it is nothing it still has its limits (even though in numeracal terms the limits are zero) this is sort of a contridiction to itself, even if smith is the opposite of Neo, Neo is still the human part of the equation, and so he can percieve of infinity without the use of "Zero" this means that he has no limits, although Zero also has no numerical limits it is still limited to Zero, where as the human anomaly is not. it is very difficult to explain but let me assure you that smith still is limited to his limitless powers where Neo is not. Even though Neo is "the one" this does not mean that the numerical value that he carries is #1 in acttuallity he is "the infinit" (the one is just the term that the humans use in thier proficies) and because he is the infinit" he has no limits at all, smith however does, i think that u just mixed up the fact that neo's numerical value is not one, thats all..

Wow dude... I got confused there for a second trying to read your post. But I see what you mean now. Good point.


ok i just thought of a copmuter, the switch has to be FULLY on for it to be a 1, otherwise it reads as a 0...Smith is multiplying, seemingly is like, .999...repeating infinitely...which is equal to one. Neo is the ONE, sort of like he can concieve of ideas beyond that of a machine, thus, his mind can comprehend an infinite set of 9's, making him the ONE, but Smith, though he tries, cannot multiply enough to make infinity, thus, the system reads him as 0...i know its ludicrous, but i thought i would share...

MC Mike
It's never ludicrous here, Jedi! big grin

Makes sense too...

from c5

keanu: ..inter-relativeness, inter-connectiveness, er, consciousness, evolution, erm, self discovery, choice. and larry wachowski says "the infinite and the finite" and i dont know what he means..

wow toy story does go deep...

The Omega

good job the whole 99999..... think is a perfect example of what i am talking about, your one of the first people to fully get the whole aspect of ZERO VS INFINITY, as for Omega i agree in math terms zero cannot be divided however JediHDM put it well its not the fact that a computer cannot deal with zero, its simply that the human anomaly can percieve an infinite amount of 9's for example where as a machiene would keep trying to calculate a repeating number and the only rational explination is Zero...Get it?

.....................YEAH WE KNEW ALL THAT.. whistle


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