The Matrix Revolutions

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Two of my friends have seen Revolutions and i didn't ask them to ruin it for me but they didn't like it and gave it a 4/10.

I was surprised at this and my explanation is that they just don't really appriciate the matrix trilogy. If you didn't liek the 2nd than you probabaly won't like the 3rd is basically what they said.

I'm still gonna see it and i bet it will be awesome

well, i liked the first and i felt that by the time u fully understand everything about the second, u hav seen the movie to much and u dont appreciate it. That's how I feel about Reloaded, and from what I've heard, there isnt as much to take in as Reloaded had. There are more plain scenes where people speak english. My friend saw it in LA at a private screening, and like an idiot, i told him to tell me everything. If u want to know the truth, look at the unknown's spoiler, cus that is pretty much it, and The Wachowski Bros blew it man. This trilogy is deadthumb down

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well my friends told me that more questions will be asked, than will be answered and i pretty much knew that already but it makes sense that'll end on a unsatifactory note, cause didn' the WBs say they wanted to continue the story in other media formats and shit

ya, but now people wont appreciate the first movie when it is actually a masterpiece. And to tell the truth, Reloaded was not bad at all, but you cant just come up with genious in 6 months like they did with the original matrix. I would say they should have stopped with M1, but the movie was created to have sequals, so wut can i say, this is one of those trilogies where the people get screwed hardno

The first was just excellent. It looked more real than the next 2. The second was ok. I should of rented it than buy without seeing it. The Matrix Revolutions was good and had a good ending. I would say it was better than the 2nd but not better than the 1st.

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Dude, you have to see it for yourself...


some people like 2nd but not 3rd
i dont know y

I thought Revos was okay but like you peoples said, there are still many questions left unturned. That's why it's our job to unravel them in our own theories here in the forum. But...I can see why people are complaining.
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I thought Revolutions was the best of the 3 in it's own way. My friends think I'm a freak for liking these kind of movies (I guess its too much for their brains to process) but I personally adore the love of the movie. I say it on every forum I post on and I'm sure your sick of hearing it, but its true, you don't fully respect and appreaciate the movie if all you want is action.

I never listen to other people, m3 is sheer proof of that, I loved it, and apparently, everyone else in the world didn't...

okay I finally watched revolutions...and i really liked it..I even bought it.I'm surprised cause i didn't like reloaded

thats funny..b/c most people liked reloaded but hated revolutions...

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"The Matrix" was an excellent start.
"The Matrix: Reloaded" was an excellent middle.
"The Matrix: Revolutions" was an excellent ending.

End of war.

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i saw it and it SUCKED! it's all about (im not giving anythin away by sayin this so just read it) those things that attack the ship!!! seriously theres like 30 mins of a random bit at the start, then an hr and a half of the ship attackers and the other 30 is neo fighting SUX ASS!

The beginning of the movie is very necessary to the plot, as it shows what happened to Neo and allows for the rest of the movie to take place...and it's not just about the Sentinels...i'm not exactly sure where you are getting that from...

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