Bridging the Gap: The Purpose of Episode III

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One of the most anticipated movies to come, without a doubt, is Star Wars episode III. This movie will be the glue of the entire Star Wars saga, and possibly more. Hopefully, it will answer all the unanswered questions and bring to a close the mysteries that are on everyones mind.
And now I ask you, the readers, to voice what is the unanswered...

- Please reply with questions about Star Wars that you think will be answered in episode III. (Because to tell you the truth, I can't think of any.) ((Then again I'm no hardcore Star Wars fan.)) (((Star Trek Rules!))) ((((Don't get me wrong, I do like Star Wars.))))

Dirty Vader
What has made anakin succumb to the dark side.
How did the Empire come to a rise.

Dirty Vader
What happened during the Jedi purge.
Who is Darth Sidious(I think we already know)

How Anakin turns...
How the twins are born ((as in circumstances, obviously we know how)) What happens to Padme...

"What happened during the Jedi purge."


Most answers so far are already known.

How Yoda and Obi Wan Escaped Vaders Wrath. What happened to Padime? Why does Leah remeber her mother in ROTJ? Why did Lucas even bother making the first three? All question I want answered

According to some of the stuff on this website, the movie may start at the end of the clone wars, which I find disappointing. I was looking forward to some extended battle scenes.

But nevermind, all I want from the film is some scenes about Sidious becoming the Emporer, Anakin turning into Vader, Luke and Leia being taken away and loads of Jedi getting whooped.

BTW has anyone else noticed that SLJ says the movie has loads of hardcore stuff that older fans will like but McCallum says its PG13 like the others? confused

how Anakin kicks the ass over over 1000 jedi, now that i need to know, surly they could have grouped together!!!!!

I'm hoping that they show Anakin being conflicted by the dark side first, before crossing. Weighing up both sides. If he begins the movie already pretty much crossed over, Its only really stating the obvious. We know what he does, we want to know what makes him do it.

I want to see ani and obi fight...and most of all I want to see the vader suit and hear the voice/breathing. Mostly, I'm hoping that Lucas will truly concentrate and focus on making the movie that should be made. Mostly. But then again I'm just a hopeless romantic.

Will Anikan fall onto the path of darkness forever dominating his fate?
Will the Jedi survive this most heinous war started by one of their former own?
Is Chancellor Palpatine really a dark Lord of the Sith?
Who is Darth Sidious?

Stay tuned for the answer to all these questions AND MORE!! on the next episode of StarWars
Same Holonet broadcast frequency
Same intergalactic standardized nonspatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future.


shadow link
is it possible to make a flawless defintive end to the whole thing after the last two movies were said to be going off track to the main strawars theme. is it possible to mkae a comback - as opposed to the matrix trilogy

what's wrong with the matrix trilogy?

bad storyline

people will like it once the hypes dies down and people realize what its really about and that everything that happened happened for a purpose and the original themes brought into the series in the first one were in fact built upon and expanded in the finally and not forgotten, I think most people don't like it because they didn't expect the ending they got, but its the ending I suspected and allowed thought to be carried out to its logical outcome before I'd ever seen a trailer for Reloaded.

i think the same will go for the PT too.

just saw reloaded wont se revelution until it comes out on dvd

which is supposedly quick, since they claim on this site that its loosing money, and yet its staying in the top two or three movies every weekend. Episode 3 should top some charts, seeing how even the people who didn't like 1 and 2 will at least go to see the fight.

every weekend, how many weekends has it been out?

Rogue Jedi
the matrix....excuse me.....RALPH....

i don't know, 3? not enough to really judge whether or not its loosing money, it probably just isn't doing as well as reloaded. but the first matrix didn't start making serious money for a couple weeks, until word got out that it was really intelligent and not some dumb action movie as the ads implied. From the people I've talked to, the only people who didn't like it were the ones who didn't get it.

Rogue Jedi
matrix.....RALPH.....ooohhhhhhhhh, my stomach

we get it. you don't like it. a lot of people do, but fewer trully get it.

Rogue Jedi
just kidding is ok, just not my fave thing. there are A lot of things i dont understand about it.

How could someone not get the Matrix. This is off-topic. Go back to talking about SW.

it has a lot of eastern concepts (like star wars) that are sometimes misinterpreted by the western world since its an entirely different school of thought. Thats why I love both SW and the Matrix is for all the deep philosophy in each that just gives it that something extra. I feel like my mind has been enriched by both of those series. I've looked into a lot more philosophy and buddhist texts as a result.

and with both matrix and sw, even some people who think they get don't fully understand it. i went and saw revolutions with a group, and only a couple of us picked up on why Neo saw the real world the way he did and what it was implying. Its the same with the "cave" in Empire, you can watch that scene a dozen times and pick something new up with each viewing.

You could've just edited your post. And you are right.

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