Whats the point of neo touching the miror in M1

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???? confused

well, in that moment, the nab members discovers the location him

is this???

No. Neo see's it as a curiosity. The cracked mirror becomes whole again. As it began to take over his body he started into cardiac arrest because the trace program (the red pill) was being counter acted by the Matrix.

So Neo's point of touching the mirror would be curiosity after he saw it become whole again...

I thought it was the mirror taking in his first RSI. So that means he's had 3 RSIs? The one taken in by the mirror, the one he loses when he becomes the anomaly, and the one he has as the anomaly? Whoa.


The Wachowski bros said the mirror is an illusion, a hallucination of Neo's.

I think the mirror was just giving us a physical representation of the first time he left the matrix. Simply a tool to help them trace him as he left the first time.

But I wonder what the illusion meant?

Think of Lewis Caroll's "Alice in Wonderland"...

The mirror scene shows us that the red pill is starting to affect Neo's perception in the Matrix. You will notice that no one else sees what Neo is seeing.
Think of it as the Tracing Program's (red pill) side effect of distorting the Matrix program.

Yes, it is just his perception breaking down.

Its eye candy, for shock value. The first time you saw it you were saying WTF is going on here? and thats all they wanted.

cowboy> no, not at all, everything has a purpose, nothing is for naught...but you already knew i would say that, didn't you?

No jedi I dont thinks thats true. In the first Matrix, aside from all the Deep story line (which was awsome) the movie was kept on the level with the veiwer. It wasnt until REloaded came out that the W Bros decided to throw in all this Philosophy and Religious Twists. They said after Matrix 1, lets go off our rocker and really confuse some folks. I think the mirror was to put the Viewer in the spot of neo and make you say WTF in happening here. and its eye candy!

Not true, Cowboy. It just depends how far down the rabbithole you're willing to go. The philosophy is there, but it's a lot more hidden than the blatantcies of Reloaded.


Morpheus: Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?
Neo: This can't be...
Morpheus: Be what? Be real?

All im saying is the first one was kept simple, Heres the good guys, Here are the Bad guys, They fight, the good guys win. After the first one there was no discussion of MWAM, or Platos Cave, All we didnt know was the conclusion. After reloaded Nobody knew who was what, or what the hell was going on. It was alot more Cryptic.

Again, that's just because the philosophy in Reloaded was a lot more blatantly obvious, the philosophy and whatnot in The Matrix was always a lot more subtle, but people still wrote books on the stuff. It just became a lot more popular when the 'Year of the Matrix' came about. Go figure.


Agreed. yes

Just mere curiosity I think! It's a way for them to start proving to Neo that not everything is as it seems..and part of the method to pin-point his location in the pods.

Here's a thought, then... if they, in the unlikely situation, kidnapped someone, forced them the red pill and stuck them in front of the mirror, would it still melt? Hmm.

Some more name stuff, could the 'Thomas' be linked to the New Testament's "Doubting Thomas"?


The mirror is basically a part of the matrix just like the room they are in and the bodies they are using. Neo and the people surrounding him are not in the same physical location, ergo the tracer. Since the red pill is interupting his signals to and from the matrix which is his brain signals recieving and sending input to the Matrix, his distortion of it bends and warps, similar to the corruption of a computer program or image. The difference is that he is alive and his panic engenders a crash in the interaction he is getting from the matrix. This will result in either his death by cardiac arrest or initial release if they find him. deeeeeeeeeep.

Chunky A
This mirror explanation sounds great to me. I dont think its put there just for eye candy. There is nothing in the first movie that I can recall that is put there just for fun, everything has a purpose:

Neo dodging bullets: very cool, but shows how he can bend the rule of the Matrix

Shootout in the lobby of the building: extra, extra cool, but shows how Neo and Trinity can now just brush aside regular armed humans.
And lets face it, every mirror scene in every movie is put there to ask the same questions about identity and self-awareness, internal conflict, etc. Its the same thing with this scene.

Captain REX
Also, the mirror idea is out of "Alice in Wonderland", where Morpheus pulls a lot of ideas and lines from. "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There" is another one, and the source of the Alice reference mirror.

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