Lack of Reviews (and Mixed Reviews at that)

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So far, there are only a very few reviews of M3 on the net.
Most have rated it okay to bad. I have only seen one review that gave it a "good" rating (4.8/5.0). I have only found 5 or 6 reviews, which seems very small given that the movie comes out in less than 48 hours.

I have heard that Ebert & Roper gave it two thumbs up, although not enthusiastically. But, there is nothing on their website at the present time.

Four reviews here:^Matrix+Revolutions,+The+(2003)

Six reviews here, although there may be some overlap.

Even Elf seems to have more reviews.
What gives?

elf is also already on the net.. 3 copies to be exact..

The Omega

MC Mike
Haha... YIPPY! big grin

Go to , and look at their Revolutions section. Compare their "rating" with that for Reloaded.

Things don't look good people

And PLEASE - I'm just the messenger, don't be biting my head off for saying this {wonder which smartass will say "Bites Noola's head off" first. I'm looking at YOU Burlyman!}


MC Mike
(or dave, noola.) stick out tongue

Haha... I knew it. (typed before he posted) stick out tongue

noola, i was just about to type that until i read the brackets >.<

*burns noola at the stake instead*

do not post links that bad-mouth the Matrix! WITCH

The Omega
Oh, who cares about a review that just complains about the lack of special effects, when I've heard from people, who didn't like Revolutions, that the EFFECTS are mind-numbing.

(Looks at time)
It's Tuesday here.
I can say: TOMORROW!

i dont care if every single review i read bad-mouthed it, i would still HAVE to watch it, even just to explain some stuff from m2

Um, I haven't read ANY that said this. In fact, the SFX are one of the few praises the critics have. MOST people are criticising the bad story, the characters etc

Not that I am

i say, to hell with the reviews, im going to go see that movie and enjoy the hell out of it, even if everyone in this forums says its sucks (which it wont) :-D

lol nice sig!!

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