4th "suprise" movie

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Do u think there should be a 4th "suprise" movie?

It could be: The Matrix: Revenge

if they do it will have nothin to do with this story.. because this is the story of neo and their story is told.. beyond that they wont.. and beyond that they should not make a new movie.. the fact is the matrix will live on forever.. the story of neo and crew is told in this movie.. the story of the matrix will never be complete.. the story will be carried on forever in comics and things such as the matrix online which have the wachowskis input.. but movie please NO!

Maybe one day they WILL make that prequal when computer animation gets even more sophisticated... Man living with machine, Man Vs Machine war, scorching the sky, Nuclear holocaust, etc etc. Maybe end the movie with the creation of Zionto show the begining of teh loops.

because they haven't already put that into a movie...*cough* Animatrix *cough*

laughing laughing laughing laughing

i'll watch the 3rd before deciding on this

yea you cant tell if theres even room for a 4th if you havent seen the movie yet. so all this is, is pointless speculation/ guessing

there's room for a 4th, a 5th and so on... you know is not the ppl who decide nor the creators, is the studio and their hunger for munny

No shit , like I didnt know that. The point is... making an actual MOVIE not a bunch of cartoons. Movies themselves are eventually remade.. like they cant remake a friggen animated movie.

cough * cough*

how about

The Matrix Korri kicks Trinity's sorry butt and steals her guy

thats a great name for a film

All i have to say is HELL YES!!!

i think YES. cause, like the matrix reloaded was unixpected.

it shouldnt be
all'll hate this

The Ones
i would like another5 movie to keep me entertained

Alright, for all you nonbelievers, this is Joel Silver himself, chair and all, telling it like it is:

And it really is the final chapter, Silver insisted.

"This is it. The story of 'The Matrix' was a three-part movie, it answers the questions, it ends what they (creators Andy and Larry Wachowski) set out to do," Silver told reporters on a barge docked in Sydney Harbor.

stick out tongue

well, i don't think that there should be, but they probably will, i've heard that movie was a failure, but i haven't watched it for myself, so i don't know, there shouldnt' be another movie, this is the end, everything that has a beginning has an end, this is the end of the movie troligy, it's supposed to be 3 not 4, 5, or 6...

Actually for everybody else except us, Matrix freaks, M2 and M3 is a failure. 2 very bad movies (apart from the special fx). I've said that before. They can't see the magic in it. No I wouldn't want to see another Matrix movie. 3 films are enough.

But, just because the motto says "Every begining has an end" dosn't mean it's acualy the end. They could just pull $150,000,000,000 out of ther ass's, and give us a suprise. like what Sith_Darth_Jay said, "It's just there hunger 4 money"

EDIT: if u see after the credits it will show neo standing up. Giving a hint that somthing is coming...(U crack heads will see what I meen when the DVD comes out.)

If they do make one, i think it would be even further into the future where the machine and humans are at peace but something else is happening where they need a new "One" so there will be a totally different "One"

ive they decided to make another film....i woud have a heart attack!

at what point? confused

Can't take a replacement Neo can you?

Yeah. I can't find a single non-matrix fan who doesn't hate the Matrix.

the brothers set out and made the 1st matrix and if it did well they had plans for a trilogy. 3 parts... as everyone has said but the trick is (if they do it) that technically there has only been two movies. Reloaded and Revolutions was supposed to be one movie... but because of its length split into 2 films. meaning they could trick everyone and make a real 3rd one, but i do not think they will. i enjoyed the 3 i think it was an awesome trilogy

eek! YEAH!



heres two things: 1) if you look at reloaded/revs as ONE movie cut in 2, then yes there could be another movie.
2) where in the end of the credits did it show NEO standing?? i only saw "www.thematrix.com" and that was it, then the blue rating screen. i ono where u even heard that neo is at the end of the credits, i saw it twice in one day, in two theaters, and neither had it.

Gus The PI
What do you mean a "surprise" movie?

"Hey movie fans, instead of seeing Spider-Man 2, as you believed, we're actually showing matrix 4, which managed to prevent any info leaks regarding its existence onto the internet whatsoever! SURPRISE!!!"

Yeah, just look at Star Wars! People didn't think there would be a I II and III, but now (so far) there are, mostly because of modern technology.

I'd like to see a prequel sometime in the near future...

In that case...I'm going to Spiderman 2.

Captain REX
laughing out loud


bound to happen, with the ambiguous ending and the ongoing story via MxO

I love the 2 sequels, there works of modern cinematic art, but I also accept that they are complete cash ins on a unexpected cult smash (IMO the greatest Sci-fi film ever made of course).

"it is inevitable"

Look past the spoilers, and see the truth.

what i ment was...lol...um What I ment was like ahhh, hell...**** this place!

the 5th option is a stupid 1

fair enuff smile

What fifth option?

The only thing that would make sense to me is perhaps a prequel.....Maybe the story of where other characters originated.

they shouldnt and i doubt they will-
they have told the story already just in different mediums

3 films,
several animations,
1 console computer game,

plus the upcoming online game.

What fifth option?

change the name/No

if any1 is saying there shouldnt be a 4th part then how can he argue 4 a changed name? ... huh

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