neo's confidence boost

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when he talks to the oracle about beating smithy, he says "and if i can't stop him?"
then when he goes to the big machine, he is CERTAIN he wont fail, any ideas where this boost of confidence came from?

erm... he wants to know the worst possible outcome, still he isnt sure if shes giving him the truth..
The Oracle (MARY ALICE) offers Neo her final words of guidance, which he accepts with the knowledge that she is a program and her words could be just another layer of falsehood in the grand scheme of the Matrix.

or maybe he gains some knowledge in the bane confrontation scene

hmm, i think the oracle makes smithy over confident, and he gets too cocky demanding a 1v1

neo goes to the oracle because he's not sure what he's going to do. like the other matrix movies, towards the end, he all of a sudden knows things. he knows what he must do so he has no choice but to claim victory.

the oracle lost her sight (if you've played enter the matrix) so smith must be loopy or lying because even if he takes her over she lost her powers! i just relized that!

not to give much away but that's not entirely true about oracle losing her powers. i just saw the movie and the oracle plays a big role in the movie. There is so much in going on that i couldn't figure out what exactly she has done but hopefully when everyone else sees it, someone will come up with a good explanation.

Well... it seems to me like Neo's confidence boost happened after he talked to the Oracle. Before he honestly wasn't sure, espically taking into account he asked that right after he heard about how he had to understand the choice about Trinity dying - take this in context:

It seems like he made the "What happens if I fail" comment right after hearing about Trinity. He was probably feeling very emotional and confused at the time.

Then after talking to the Merovingian, the Oracle, and the Architect, he begins to realize that saving these people is what he's here to do... which he why he seems certain that he will be able to beat Smith... He realizes that it is his purpose, it is his reason to be here (among other things).

Plus, any number of things could happen in Revolutions before that line in the trailer that would also alter his view of things.

manetheran, i felt like the movie was about purpose too.
the next part is a spolier so beware.

like as soon as neo knows what he has to do, there's no more doubt. it's like he was supposed to go blind so he could see the glowing light of the machine city. he say something about the city being made of light on purpose. meaning machines did that on purpose because they too probably miss the light provided by the sun.

my honest opinon, the matrix revo is really matrix reloaded part 2. i agree with whoever said that it's really one movie split in 2. i think one of the brother said that but who knows..i don't remember

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