How Can IT Be?

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Okay in the first Matrix Trinity tells Neo she loves him true?......
Anyways my question is how do they know what love is??

Wouldn't she be associating the feeling they think is love from the Matrix...

I mean what if love is something totally different in the real world than the Matrix......

How can she say she loves him huh

I have confused myself........

Anyways just a question......if discussed ignore me big grin

Love is a feeling. Not a sense that can be forged by the Matrix. Since the machines show no emotion, they would be unable to simulate the emotion for us. We just feel the emotion in reaction to what they fake in our five senses.

It would be the same love reaction that we would have to something in the real world.

wtf are you talkin bout?

umm machines do show bout in the first one where Smith is supposedly torturing Morpheus and pumping him for info well he shows hate there stick out tongue

I think that he's just doing what he's programmed to do there. Can you picture Smith showing emotions like love or remorse for something?

and thats another question whens hes basically realeased from the matrix why does he not show feelings like those huh

Even if he was overwritten with some of the code from the one... he does not have a real brain anywhere directing him... essentially he is still just a program thats floating around inside of the matrix. He's still a program... not capable of "real" thought or emotion.

The matrix Copies everything in the matrix from humanities past. The real past up to the point when machines took over the world. When the machines developed the matrix they incorperated everything humans knew, one thing humanity claims to know is love, so this feeling was put into the matrix. And besides Does any one know what love is? Love is as loose as faith. There is no scientific explanation for love. It is a feeling many people claim to have the explanation for, but when it comes down to it noone knows what love is, only claim to know

but what about when he is bane... is he programmed to control bane as well?

oh and in reloaded when the kid gives neo the sppon what the hell.......
how did they know about the spoon in the first place huh

Actually Smith has become more Virus like since the end of M1. He is still programmed to get into Zion, and he is still programmed to kill those who hack into the matrix, but, instead of being a regular executable program with a logical flow-chart like process, he is now a corrupted program stuck in a never ending loop that sees anything as an advisary if it is in his way of achieving what his orriginal program is for. That means even the machines themselves would be his advisary if he was not able to get into Zion's Mainframe because of them.

The simple answer to your question is, yes, taking over Bane is part of his programming because he is to do whatever is necessary to achieve the goal of destroying Zion. With the new abilities to copy himself, he used that as a tool to get into Zion.

In M1, one of the orphans at the Oracle's and Neo had an interaction with common ground being the spoon. The scene happens like this: Kid is talking with one of the orphans, who asks him to give Neo something. Though we do not see this, Kid says "Sorry sir, one of the orphanes made me promis to get this to Neo before he left" (or something very close to that), so Kid did not know about the spoon, but one of the orphans from M1 (who was released in the 6 months between M1 and Reloaded) asked him to do this favor.

Opinion. We have absolutely no idea of the emotional capacity of the AI in the Matrix. It is possible that there are AIs who can perfectly understand emotion- the Oracle seems to.

Silver, answer is easy. The machines have not affected how the human mind works, only what it senses. Its capacity for Love is unaffected.

That, and Trinity has been free for rather a while!

well can someone explain to me this one"you have already made the are olnly here to undersyand why?"does this end in M2 or it has bearing in m3.coz if neo is going about kicking agents and smith when already hehas made the choices, mybe the matrix is all about understanding why the matrix is what it is and not to fight for freedom.

Captain REX
Yeah, Agents are programmed to act like humans. They are programs, not machines!

And love is a feeling that is real whether in the Matrix or out, as I read in one of those comics at the official site. The one titled "There are No Flowers in the Real World."

MISTER Anderson.....Welcome back we've missed you.

LoL smile Anyway, to answer your question, Mr Anderson, in short, yes it does carry on to Revo. Mainly in that Revo wouldn't be here if Neo had chosen the other door in the Architects room, which is related to him already making the choice. The Oracle was refering to a simplistic and diluted view of Causality if you want to think of it that way.

But we already understand what it is, and why it is, and not to fight for freedom is to accept defeat that is on the level of death anyway...

I'm to tired to go any further right now.. the next time we all speak, we will have witnessed the revolution!

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