What was complete nonsense then?

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I haven't seen the film yet.

(Woman scream, strong men faint)

Yeah yeah, it clashed with fireworks night, what can I say? It was hard to organise it for opening day. I shall see it tomorrow.

Which means I cannot read all the new threads talking about what happened. But what about what DIDN'T happen?

I think it would be nice if people list in here things that there 'spoilered' or theorised that absolutely did not happen! And maybe we can chuckle at a few in retrospect.

NO SPOILERS! Other than "this didn't happen" spoilers. Thanks. Once enough people have seen the film- say, in a week- spoilers will be fine.

something that didnt happen: the twins >.<

also MWAM

sadI miss them!
I agree Ush, a friendly thread for the Revolutions-Deprived would be nice! smile

trinity wasnt pregnant.. some crazies out there really thought there was a fetus

The Omega


hey mikey i think he likes it

Captain REX
laughing out loud

C'mon, there has to have been more nonsense than that...

smith doesnt like cookies

Does Zion fall, and does Neo die?

persephone was looked at way too much.. shes really not important

Damn... sad

this is more then non-sense so USH and other do NOT read this one if you dont wanna know..
zion does not fall.. but gets ****ed up. Neo dies... but whether he is truly dead or not is up to debate

What about some of the wilder things? C'mon, let's line 'em up to be laughed at (and PLEASE let me not embarrass myself here by them being true...)

Like the Kid being the One, whom Morpheus indirectly found?

So I take it everyone likes it?? wink Regardless of the stupid critics?? roll eyes (sarcastic)

The Omega

the kid is not the one or anyone too special, sati is also not the one
trinity is not the mother

The Omega


no silly mofo ending like it was all a dream or anything like that ush

it's a sane and decent ending, which explains most of what needs to be explained

I really liked the start smile

The Omega
And of course, one of the best nonsense-guessing, which I totally forgot.

The end of M1 is THE end of M1 and not the end of Revolutions!

LOL. my friend and i thought it would be funny if all of it was a dream.
"Neo, you've been sleeping for six hours,wake up!"
"Oh. I had this dream about this guy named morpheus andbeing stuck in the matrix and this guy named Agent Smith, and i killed him and..."
"Yeah well i'll just go to my computer."
*Sees the words follow the white Rabbit*
* At the scene of the Oracle*
I know you're going to give me a cookie and sya it will make me feel better."
"How'd you know that?You can take over my job. i'm going on a vacation!"

The Unknown
- Sati or Persephone is the mother of the Matrix.
- Neo resets the Matrix.
- (The following I read somewhere else but believed could be true)
- Neo is killed by Smith and wakes up as Thomas Anderson. Agent Smith of the FBI breaks in and arrests him for computer hacking.
- Neo is a machine and he's jacked into a Matrix made by humans to convince him to help them (Like in Matriculated).

mhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhhmhmhmmh confused confused confused confused

LOL the train station is just a loop program for trapping people that the Merovingian uses

**who would've thought of that**

The orange "tentacles" are upgrading Neo

Fantastic, I had forgotten that nonsense too.

"Nuff said"

oh, almost forgot...
Morpheus killing Bane (although we knew this)
Rama jumping in front of train

Ahhh, but man it sure was a Great time guessing

OOpps, can't forget...

Neo's Avatar changing in the train station

The Unknown
Neo's clothing does change in the train station.

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