the inevitable poll

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please dont vote if u aint watched revos.... smile

i don't know why i voted for reloaded (M1 is the best), but M2 had a lil' something (that right now i don't know why it is)that left me with a better feeling, maybe cuz of the cliffhanger

The Omega
Can't say.
I loved "The Matrix" for the novelty, the plot and the entire mix of Hong-Kong kung-fu, philosophy and the setup.
I loved Reloaded for the way it twisted the entire story.
And I loved Revolutions for the perfect ending to the trilogy.
So there ... smile

Matrix for me. Stand out movie and a true sci-fi classic. I can see why Reloaded will also get votes. Revolutions, not sure at the moment, maybe it will grow on me in time but right now i think its the weakest of the trio.

i vote the trilogy Happy Dance

The Omega
Yep. Should've had the option, too, Dave.
I can make that if you want me to wink

Surely that defeats the purpose of the poll?

I think most people will have a favourite. Star Wars - ESB, Indy - Raiders, etc

The Omega
Why? There are people, like me, who like all of them equally well. Shouldn't we have the... choice? big grin

Well duh! I can't vote for ONE! They r all different, necessary, and unique! I can't have one w/out the other!!!!!!! blink

i voted for reloaded. it had more kung fu fighting in it. but rev. was a great ending to the trilogy. i liked 2 and 3 about the same.

m1 was best, in my opinion

The Omega - ... and maybe there are people who dislike them equally. Not me, just a point. stick out tongue

All were very different in my opion with their own unique qualities....matrix was new and mind-blowing ideas...reloaded had the best action...and revolutions took me through the most its hard to say

Just looked at the current score and that would be my order: 1-2-3.

Going slighty off-topic here but can anyone think of any trilogys where the third and last movie was the best.

Off-hand and imho:

Star Wars - 2 ESB
Indy - 1 Raiders
Godfather - 2
Jurassic Park - 1 or 2 but defitnely not 3.
Rocky - 1

So, in otherwords i can't think of any. Anyone?

i agree, it should go 1 2 3....
but i may change my mind after i watch revo again

Sorry for going OT again, but dave123, are you the same dave123 (can there be more than one?) who runs jpngames?

Just wondering.

M1 was the definite, the ultimate. M2 was filler, but with some substance and some awesome fights, and M3... makes you feel glad to be alive.


The Force
welll they were all good, so i voted for reloaded


Hmmm... There is more than one of you then. smile

I liked RELOADED the best of the 3, cause it had everything, it had action, excitment, philosophy and the best fight scenes ever. i think that revolutions had a very edited feel to it it felt like they got rid of alot of stuff that should have been in the movie, also i think that Neo should have had one more fight in the movie, possibly agenst the twins, that would have been good. basically revolutions was good but it left alot of gaps in the end (also i think there should have been more matrix action, less real world, although the dock scene was amazing)

EVERYTHING THAT HAS A BEGINNING HAS AN END..............................
....AND THE END WE HAVE SEEN.....................OR HAVE WE?

it would have been cool if instead of a pair of w*nkers in the car park to hel, they had the twins! that would have been sweet....
and the twins are all red/black and so are their dreads, and the 3 have to fight them..... f*ckin excellent.... but no sad

im stuck...i cant pick

Mr Anderson votes trilogy

matrix one, it seems, is kickin ass smile

i like all 3

First is definitely the best, because of the ground breaking Bullet Time.
then comes Rev, because of the amazing zion battle and closure!
reloaded was good, amazing car chase (obviously) but let itself down in the over-use of obviously computer generated neo.

they covered that up a bit with the rain in rev - good move.

although i voted for revolutions.. M1 had the "whoa"

you didn't know what was going on.. rewatch M1 and see again and look at it as if you hadn't seen it before. the shock of what's going on is amazing.

but i voted for reloaded. because of the fights in the matrix. seeing waht neo can do was just the coolest

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